I need to know what it would cost to repair the transmission on my car. The torque converter went out.

Car doesn't always start up.

occured today

I have been told I need bushings. I don't know what those are, and no one seems to be able to tell me except that in order to get them repaired it will cost me over $1,000. The car runs fine.

Two weeks ago I had a complete tune-up to the tune of $457.00. The Service Engine Soon ("SES") light was on at the time when I brought it in for the tune-up. I was told at the time that the light might come back on but I should bring it back and they would reset it.
So, today I brought it back as the SES light is back on. I was now told that the code that comes up is P1870 and that it has nothing to do with the tune-up but that it's a transmission problem.
What does P1870 mean with regard to my car? And what is the estimated cost of whatever fix it needs.
This is upsetting to me because I thought if the light came back on it simply had something to do with the tune-up which is how it was phrased in a way -- you know, "If it comes back on, just bring it back and we'll reset it." It made me think it had to do with the tune-up. Now, I'm told it's a transmission problem. I've dealt with this guy before and never had a problem, so now I don't know what to think.
Another question. Should I bring it to the Chevy repair people instead here in town? Do you think that would be better?

anybody know the best way to replace the turn signal,wiper switch in the steering column

what is the shop time for the replacemnt of the gasket for the intake manifold & the approximate price of the replacement parts?

How do i replace the Air Conditioner in my 93 lumina?

every timer i use the directional


what is the recommended tire pressure for outdoor weather 80 degrees?

my 93 lumina idles good but as soon as you put it in drive and start to go you cant do over 10 mph or the car stsrts to jump and sputter like its not getting enough fuel or to much anyone got any ideas what it could be?

noise is steady and gets louder when you accelaerate

I need an estimate for parts and labor to ensure I am not overcharged.

My car sometimes smokes a lot when I start it and it is leaking transmission fluid. The smoke is coming out of the muffler. Ive checked the oil and it doesnt need oil. Do I need to just change seals or is this a major transmission overhaul problem.

Recently, my 1997 Chevrolet Lumina's a/c has been running noisy when I turn it on. The noise exists for all fan speeds, but doesn't really seem to get louder as I increase the fan speed. When I turn off the a/c but leave the fan on, the noise disappears. Also, the air isn't very cool anymore, even after 30 minutes of driving it. What is causing this problem, and how can I fix it?

I need to replace the serpentine belt on my 1997 Lumina. Can you tell me where I can find a diagram of the placement of the belt so that I can put it in the right position?

This has been occuring for about a month, and before the clicking noise there was a grinding coming from the left, this problem occurs whenever I try to make a right hand turn.. at all. There is a horrible clicking noise that is very loud whenever I turn to the right, not just one click, a continous stream of clicking, turns like, into the driveway and such.. along with a squeak when i tap the breaks or let it coast and a grinding coming from the rear brakes which were just serviced.

Yesterday I tried to unlock the driver's side door with the key, and when I turned it the mechanism felt loose and the door would not unlock. I could get inside through the passenger door, but when I did I discovered that the power lock button unlocked all the doors BUT the driver's door. The internal lock handle does not work, either. The fuse is good. How can I fix this problem?

How To Remove Airbag From steering wheel On 1998 Chevy Lumina

replaced alternator on car because was bad now when i try to drive it tries to cut out and slow down escp on inclines but once that passess it will run good like on the interstate

a friend used diagnostic computer and the diagnois was mass airflow sensor,not a mechnaic,have book need more location information

how do i replace the drivers door power window regulator assembly?

my lumina seem like it want's to cut off after reaching freeway speeds of 55to65 mph ther is some type of surge also car shakes after 60to65 mph

my lumina seems to stall everytime i stop or decellerate. it always restarts and i can go on. my frind says to clean the throttle body with carb cleaner. will this work?

just recently i've experienced problems with my lumina stalling everytime i stop or even sometimes just letting off the accelerator. can anybody help?

First of all my a/c is not very cold and it probably needs to be recharged but the bigger issue is that any time I accelerate or when I go up an incline, my air stops blowing. Once I reach the desired speed or start descending the incline, then the air starts blowing again. I have not been able to determine if the air just stops blowing or if it actually starts blowing warm.

Advance Auto Parts showed a catalyst problem when put on there computer. Our garage says it is also staying about 10 degrees out in timing-computer is not adjusting. The car is running so poorly now and backfiring (small fast bursts) that it is not driveable. So far the catalytic convertor, mass airflow sensor, all coils, coilpack module, main computer,oxygen sensors, egr valve have all been changed. The plugs and plug wires were changed not too long ago.

how much for a fuel injector for a 1999 chevy lumina. v-6 3.1 litre.

check engine light will not go out. what gives??