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We had the gas pump, gas filter, and battery replaced but won't start.
window motor was replaced by friend and came loss and swinging in door. I need to fix it myself
Leak terminates at bottom of oil filter adapter. But all mounting surfaces are flat and new gaskets. Possible leak originates in intake manifold or valve cover?
They will not move from the inside or outside. I have no idea what the problem is.
Trying to replace brake light bulbs. Looks like a clip inside and don't want to break it.
While driving, my high beams were on, the lights went out,(Side lamps, blinkers hazards all sill worked) I franticly jerked the high/low switch on the steering wheel they came back on went out again and now they dont ...
I've replaced both temp sensors and relays to fan. Replaced switch on the steering column and checked all wired connections i can see.. Any ideas?
they all started auctioning up at once. I replaced the alternator. then the battery. but that did not fix the problem. the alternator is showing discharge and the warning buzzer is going off when you turn on the lights.
My mechanic said in July he was getting a code related to the throttle position. When accelerating or in stop/go traffic it is starting to act rough. Any ideas where to start? The TPS sensor was changed over a year ago.
I've opened the panels and see that one of the many bars has come off! The problem is I can't see where it should be attached? It's the one that runs directly from the outside handle! Is there a place online where I ...
the sliding door on my van came off an I need to know how to put it back on
Normall running temp and it sputters and dies but once cold it will start and run till work again and then die till cold
wipers will not come on once in a while they will start working then stop usually mid windshield then if you hit a bump they will go back and stop. my daughter said someone told her they were too tight? any ideas woul...
The Van goes to critical temp and still fan will not work or even hum
Changed fan switch but still won't work,radiator is over heating
Looking for a very ballpark estimate on replacing a transmission on this thing. Only has 1st gear. Just trying to figure out whether I should even bother towing it somewhere for an estimate.
this is the first occasion of this problem.When i turn the key there is nothing: like the battery is dead, yet battery charger rates it charged and ready?
i have a 1996 chevrolet lumina van, recently it was overheating come to find out the heat gasket was blown. after i got that repaired now the van can barely move, you have to push on the accelerator hard for it to mov...