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I just had the car in for transmission service and when I got it back the AC now doesn't work. The light just flashes when I turn it on
Looking to get inspection sticker but check engine light is on for this code P0446 as well as code P0411 secondary air injection system incorrect flow detected..would like an idea of how much to fix both of these code...
Replaced fuel filter,MAF sensor,plugs and wires,EGR,O2 sensor
Several months ago my abs and traction lights came on. Now while driving my car jerks so hard like being rear ended. It happens every 2 minutes. While driving around 25-35 mph I will see the warning light saying low f...
I had my rear pads and rotors changed 2 days ago. They said I need a new E-brake but would be fine w/o it for a bit. I drove it home from work and everything seemed fine?
I have an 2006 Impala. My doors wont lock or unlock with remote or door switch. The trunk wont pop. When i put the key in the ignition i get power in the aux position, but the engine wont crank. The shifter moves up a...
I switch the pasenger bulb with the driver bulb and driver side did not go on
Going down the road come to a stop and wouldn't pull off
just rebuilt motor from heads up and was driving the car it felt like it was running funny shaky at cruising speed what thought was a misfire now i know it was my transmission slipping from one gear to another like i ...
i have notice there is still a draw when i put neg to battery does this have to do with recall on impala ignition switch again the key is off or out of the ignition and if battery is connected smog pump is on
Already replaced coil packs fuel pump& filter computer and mapping sensor
Its not the pump, the rear line or front line. Could it be a clog In the injecters? Or is there another removeable part on the motor that makes this happen.
Just got the hose to the transmission fixed new fluid in it now it shakes and act like it wants to stop
the assembly panel is not showing me the light that tells the direction of travel, instead it shows a light that says "compression calibrated" please help me!?
My Impala wont start sometimes it does not say anything.. I bought a new battery replaced the Stater and it still starts only sometimes. I see the security light only sometimes not all the time.. The lights come on a...
Heat needle is down the ground.engine is cold?, hoses are cold after 15 minutes drive even engine is cold u can eve touch it?
When car does start engine shacking car overheat red fuild leaks out car shut off.
Ive added stop leak and it began to hum some. Now fluid is just leaking fast.
i hav replaced the pump twice it keeps being low on fluid and wineing and having hard spots in the steering