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Took the car in they ran diagnostic test everything checked out. I turn everything off when I turn the motor off. Something is pulling the battery down.
I bought impala 3 years ago. About 6 months after having it when I cut the car off it will not restart. I purchased a fuel pump as recommended by a mechanic at a auto shop and 3 days later the car did not start and I ...
Running alone come to a stop and wouldn't pull off
The noise gets louder when I push on the gas pedal. How much would it cost roughly to have this service fixed? Also, I had an alignment done recently after getting tires done and now the car feels as though it is no l...
I have changed the Battery, starter, and ignition module. What else could it be? Please advise. Thanks in advance
The low oil pressure warning only turns on every time I stop while driving(stop signs or stopped in traffic) Also while driving the car jerks. Is this a transmission or engine malfunction?
but I checked and oil level is fine what could this be??? Went to AutoZone used there diagnostic and it saying 25 code issues
Now, My Car has this problem for awhile! What can I do??
The ac runs great except it won't turn off. I turned the car off and the fan still runs. I pulled the fuse for the blower motor fuse and I want to make sure it is OK to still drive it without that
We were driving down the road and turned a corner and all of the sudden the car just died. we got the car over and it rolls over just will not start. all lights on the dash light up and seems to be fine just will not ...
It will start sometimes but I took the positive terminal off the battery and the engine died. Is it my altinator
have schedule for diagnois and still under powertrain warrenty wondering what to expect from what ive read so far pcm is not covered under warrenty c can you make anything more clear and what kind of cost can i expect...
I found the thread discussing this issue... I know all about the wire breaking in the plug for the shift interlock.... Here's my problem, I purchased a new connector for the switch located in the center console just u...
It knocks faster when accelerating.
I went to a certified shop to get my car check i already know my car needs a thermostate replace but the shop it's possible that mt head gasket can blow i wanna find a way to prevent this happening