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My tach no longer works and getting false overheating. Needle pegs and engine runs as normal with fans on. Coolent is full and no leaks. 37000 miles. My question is,before I bring to dealer, is this covered by GM? I h...
The abs comes on and burns for a while and then goes off for a while and the check traction light comes on occassionally. Also there is a humming of growling noise coming from the left front.
My impala started making this sound about 2 wks ago. When I accelerate by pushing the gas down and get to about 25-30mph or higher it sounds like a jet taking off where it gathers speed very quickly. I do not press ...
blower motor wont shutt off stays on high even with key off must pull 30 amp fuse to shutt off
How do I get the window back up without replaacing the regulator until I can afford it?
I have checked all tire pressures including the pressure of the spare. Still the light will come on after about a week. only way to reset that I can find is by disconnecting the battery cable.
location of cabin filter
My car will not idle about 50% of the time. It runs fine when I accelerate but will die when I slow down. I have changed the EGR valve and the throttle position sensor. The dealer has checked and can't find the prob...
i have a leak but its at the lower pulley
Hi, I was told by my mechanic that the AC Compressor and the Power Steering Belt are all in the same compartment so that the entire thing has to be replaced for a whopping $800. Is this true? The car is a 2000, but ...
the key will not turn or start the car & will not allow me to remove the key
The car wont ship from park sounds like a transmission problem but not sure
at times my car won't start or won't stay running,i've had it taken to a shop twice and mechanic cn't find anything wrong with it. the starter, altrnator and battery have been tested.
This does not happen all the time!!!-occasionally when turning corners I get a slight (not loud) squeal in the front end.
It blows fuses and causing air condition to be delayed.
When car is turned on the change engine oil light and check engine lights stay on. Check engine oil goes off eventually but check engine stays on. Oil was changed and reset but light still comes on. Check engine lig...
When the car is first started, there is a strong odor of gas inside the car. It sort of goes away after a time. I've had the exhaust checked and it is alright. Where is it coming from?
coolant light coming on ,put coolant in only lasts a week,no visible leaks
I had the fuel filter changed, spark plugs are good and battery and alternator seem to be good. Any suggestions?
My speedometer has stopped working. It was irratic for awhile. The dial has gone below zero, but it still seems to register (and move the dial) as I speed up. What could the problem be?
How do I repair stuck or bad button for horn on Chevy Imapala 2002
The car starts like a champ when cold but I have to pump the gas twice and feather the throttle for a couple seconds when I start it warm.
The cooling fan does not turn on when the engine gets hot. What turns the fan on when the engine is hot?
driver side blade went too far to the left and hung up on outside mirror. this continued ,while passenger side blade was ok- how do i fix this
every time the engine is turned off there is a ratteling noise from the a/c. this goes on for a min. or more. the noise is there sometimes when we come back to the car.
NO CODE- on flat road crus set,trans seems to shift down tack increase 4-5 hundred RPM. Is there a adjustment for this not to be so senceative ? My gas miles are down from sticker. 4-5 miles per gal.
while charging my ac i notice lights started coming on such as my check engine light then the abs and traction control light also have any one ever heard of this
It seems like I have to push hard on the gas pedal to get it to go . Why do I have to push so hard on the gas pedal to get it to move ?
Service Engine light on.....Onstar said it may be gas cap.....wait for seven far should that be.....and how long should I wait....thanks.