It stopped once before a few months back and than it starting again so I didn't take it in for service.

but its not getting hot at all.could it b a belt or the tension pully.

Shouldn't I expect to get more than 2yrs use out of new OEM steering gear?

how do you know is someone who says thay are a certified tech is one ???? ask how to relearn a throttle body if thay tell you to just drive it your best bet is to look on for correct info ...............

170,000 miles, leaks transmission oil, code 455???, been told car needs oil, but oil changes are done regularly (oil is full), hydraulic lifters suggested, Need an estimated and are repairs more than the car worth -

throttle body , relearn

how do I fix it I couldn't get it out.

show me location

problem occurs every 2 weeks oil light comes on and oil level is low oil is underneath the car

the windshield washer/wipers do not turn on at all. They are dead - do not know if it is electrical or the windshild washer moter?? any suggestions on what to check or do??

2008 Chev impala blows 20 amp fuse to sun roof switch does not have to be on for it to blow either.

I can put the car in Park but the key doesn't always come out. Sometimes it releases and comes out, other times even though I restart the car, run through the gears, put it back in park 10, 15 or 20 times, it still won't release. I'm not sure if this is just chance, but it seems if I am putting it in Park slightly UPHILL and steering wheel to the right, the key will come out. Yes, by leaving the key in, I have had several dead batteries.

When driving at highway speeds, I press the accelerator and the car does not accelerate, then my power steering quits. I have to pull over, shut the car off for a minute and then after starting it back up everthing is normal again. The battery checks out fine, and had a relative drive it for a few days and it did not do it. Any ideas?

steep by steep directions

the radio does not turn off and i think the steering wheel will not lock,all lights turn off and elec. door locks work. so how involved is it to change the ignition ?? fixed income so i need to do my self,if possible ??

having trouble with the passlock system? Since the key would not be starting the car it seems to me I would not have the problem. If it would work it seems like a much cheaper and less complicated fix. If not how expensive and how hard is it to replace or bypass the system would it be?

What does the pinon rockin have to do with the power steering.

We have a chevy Impala 06 with 87000 miles, we have had it for years and every time I drive longer than two hours the check engine light turns on. Then after a few days it turns off. I take it in before every trip for a check up and oil change and they say its in great condition. Should I be worried about my 9 hour drive home? Or just forget about it?

about 20 mph when I hit a second speed bump. My mechanic replaced two motor mounts, two transmission mounts, right front axel and front struts. one month later, the right front axel bound up and broke. after being repaired a 2nd time, on Xmas day making a right turn from a dead stop the axel bound up and broke for the 3rd time. now the lower right control arm has been replaced aand the mechanic says the right front wheel is still traveling too far. Help!!! Is there a mechanical stop somewhere that may be bent or broken? What elso can you suggest. (2 tows also cost $400!!)

All my brake system lights are on how do I service my Tracktion system.

I've had my car 2weeks and the maniford just blow off as if it was an explosive. is that rare?

Goes in reverse has har time going forward doesn't accelerate until hitting second gear

and shortly after the car shut off i then struggled to get it home it died 2 more times within 25 miles and it was having problems shifting. i tried to shut off the traction control so that it maybe wouldnt matter but it kept popping on and saying service traction control then it feels rough running after that i need ideas on how to service traction control please.

the alternator is whining, sometimes at startup sometimes after warmup. no warning lights and car works fine. afraid it may fail soon, getting more frequent, and louder. it doesn't sound like a bearing however i am not sure.
Thanks for any help.

I need labor and parts, mostly labor charges though.

My 2003 has a little over 161,000 miles on it. When should the timing belt be changed and how hard is it to change?

floor can I drive it 30 miles home like that?

and the sensor with no success. still not working do you have any ideas of what else I can do. it is 20 degrees in the morning here and my wife is freezing to death to drive it.

2 days ago i go to start my car and thew tumblers in my ignition switch were locked(I've never had this problem before), so I went out and spent $400 on a new ignition switch and the electric black box on the back. I got it installed and the ignition freely moves to accessories and the on position, but when you go to turn it over and get it to crank it just clicks.... but won't turn over. Please help before I have to take this into a GM dealership and get "rear ended" with prices. i'd love to just be able to either fix it on my own or atleast be able to let them know what I need done. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

could it be relay went bad?