Cranked up the car and it wont shift from park the release button wont move at all on the console floor gear shift. Was told it might need a lock smith,but not a lock smith that unlocks your keys.Please do anyone know how much this can cost me and why wont the gear shift out of park.

From a stopped position, especially when the wheel is turn when I accelerate my the traction control light comes on, care hesitates, then jerks into motion. Problem getting worse. What could it be

Want to install B&B performance chip to my chevy to give it a little more horsepower.

I've been having this problem with my car for a few weeks. The acceleration just seems to keep getting worse, along with my gas mileage. Sometimes the car will simply die while I am idling or even slowing down. I tried new spark plugs, using a higher grade of gas, and gas treatments but nothing seems to help! HELP!!


The lights blink on and off. The cruise controls is operated my my temperature button.

heater core leaking

The transmission has had both control solenoids changed already

when i am at a light or stop sign and begin to go...the car jerks and then the more speed i pick up the smoother it drives..the check engine lights goes off and on after driving it for awhile..

It has 112,000 miles of mostly intercity hwy driving

Got gas came home park car car shakes when I started up next morning and the check engine light is on.Drove it to store and the check engine light flash as I accelerated to 30 mph.

I have had oil in the coolant resevoir, what do you believe the problem is?

I have power windows, and they stopped working one day. The left side needed the actuator replaced, so that's done. I was told I needed to replace the control box on the passenger side, done. I have power going to the box but none of the windows work. All I can think of is the relay but I can't find it. All the fuses are good so what am I missing?

It stopped once before a few months back and than it starting again so I didn't take it in for service.

but its not getting hot at all.could it b a belt or the tension pully.

Shouldn't I expect to get more than 2yrs use out of new OEM steering gear?

how do you know is someone who says thay are a certified tech is one ???? ask how to relearn a throttle body if thay tell you to just drive it your best bet is to look on for correct info ...............

170,000 miles, leaks transmission oil, code 455???, been told car needs oil, but oil changes are done regularly (oil is full), hydraulic lifters suggested, Need an estimated and are repairs more than the car worth -

throttle body , relearn

how do I fix it I couldn't get it out.

show me location

problem occurs every 2 weeks oil light comes on and oil level is low oil is underneath the car

the windshield washer/wipers do not turn on at all. They are dead - do not know if it is electrical or the windshild washer moter?? any suggestions on what to check or do??

2008 Chev impala blows 20 amp fuse to sun roof switch does not have to be on for it to blow either.

I can put the car in Park but the key doesn't always come out. Sometimes it releases and comes out, other times even though I restart the car, run through the gears, put it back in park 10, 15 or 20 times, it still won't release. I'm not sure if this is just chance, but it seems if I am putting it in Park slightly UPHILL and steering wheel to the right, the key will come out. Yes, by leaving the key in, I have had several dead batteries.

When driving at highway speeds, I press the accelerator and the car does not accelerate, then my power steering quits. I have to pull over, shut the car off for a minute and then after starting it back up everthing is normal again. The battery checks out fine, and had a relative drive it for a few days and it did not do it. Any ideas?

steep by steep directions

the radio does not turn off and i think the steering wheel will not lock,all lights turn off and elec. door locks work. so how involved is it to change the ignition ?? fixed income so i need to do my self,if possible ??

having trouble with the passlock system? Since the key would not be starting the car it seems to me I would not have the problem. If it would work it seems like a much cheaper and less complicated fix. If not how expensive and how hard is it to replace or bypass the system would it be?

What does the pinon rockin have to do with the power steering.