I need labor and parts, mostly labor charges though.

My 2003 has a little over 161,000 miles on it. When should the timing belt be changed and how hard is it to change?

floor can I drive it 30 miles home like that?

and the sensor with no success. still not working do you have any ideas of what else I can do. it is 20 degrees in the morning here and my wife is freezing to death to drive it.

2 days ago i go to start my car and thew tumblers in my ignition switch were locked(I've never had this problem before), so I went out and spent $400 on a new ignition switch and the electric black box on the back. I got it installed and the ignition freely moves to accessories and the on position, but when you go to turn it over and get it to crank it just clicks.... but won't turn over. Please help before I have to take this into a GM dealership and get "rear ended" with prices. i'd love to just be able to either fix it on my own or atleast be able to let them know what I need done. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

could it be relay went bad?

after driving for like 2 hours total but with breaks between for about 2 hours then going up a hill bout a 7 prcent grade for 2 miles the engine sounds like ur goin like 70 mph but ur only goin 50-55 what are causes of that and what can i do to fix it

I can start the car and drive but the key won't come out. I have tried moving it from Park to Reverse to Neutral several times but the key won't come out. Can turn the engine off but the lights stay on and runs down the battery. The dealership said a wire broke and therefore won't tell the computer that the car is in park. They said a couple other wires are bound up and it will cost me $365.00 to get it fixed. Is there by chance a recal on this?

The only time of vibration is when applying brakes while traveling downhill at a speed greater than 45 mph; first noticed this vibration while traveling downhill for 12 miles at 10% grade; applying brakes in any other situation does not cause any steering wheel vibration.

The part (ignition switch lock cylinder replacement) alone was 591.97. And then another 187.50 to remove and replace. Plus 75.00 for diagnose. My key would not turn in the ignition.
Now I have to wiggle it for about 10 seconds before it will turn over. That is what started before. I think I got ripped on the part. Does this sound right to you?

i push in the brake and it still wont move from park position.

There is power from the ignition switch to the body control module. I thought it could be the alarm but I bypassed it and it still does not crank over.

I put direct power into the ignition relay but there is no power.

Checked all the relays and traced the wiring but still no power to coil or starter. There is power but it wont crank over.

An email of these would help tremendously if there are any.

Oil change was done about 1 month ago and I took your advice previously about the cat. converter and I had that replaced.

i gave my brothe a jump in my i back in it to leave an it didnt do anything but i did hear something like something came a lose i never heard anything like this before it was all of a sudden i had been in my car all day an it gave me no signs of nothing was wrong with it

rear exhaust gasket needs changing and i want to change it but never done on before is it diffucult

the shifting problems occur sometimeswhen the car is warmed up. you dont have to drive it but 30 miles and it will start shifting extremely hard. it only has 85000 miles on it and the car has not been beat tranny tluid is full. please answer as soon as possible

How can I do that quickly yet completely?

I have owned the car for almost 5 years now and I have never had any problems with it until this past year. I just spent $1,200 replacing and fixing it up and I just replaced the spark plugs and cables for the second time in 8 months. The car has almost 140,000 miles on it and now it wont start up all the time for example I will turn the key and the lights and radio will come on but the engine/starter wont even make a sound, I wait for a few seconds and try again and nothing but lights and radio again! In the end it takes about 10 tries for the car to finally start up. Can someone please give me some insight into what may need to be replaced? Maybe some cheaper alternative options also since I just put about $1,300 into fixing other problems this past March.

even when putting pressure on the brake it will not move out of park. i can hear a click under the dash but nothing happens

when traveling up a ramp I seem to have no power and when I am driving normal it seems like my impala wants to accelerate.

where is it mabe coming from

My mechanic says its not overheating but is probably a sensor or the gauge itself. He doesn't seem to want to find out which. How do I find out why it isn't working.

complete brake job with new rotors

the rpms on my car start to flutter up and down and you can feel the car gain and lose speed once the car get to operating temperature. when the car is cold its fine.

We have replaced the thermostat,radiator,water pump, and the heating core. Don't know hat else to do

Our mechicanic said our struts and shocks are OK (milage 138000) We bought Goodyear tires at Sears ( NEW ), with about 50000 miles on them, and now they are starting to cup and Sears said our struts and shock should have been replaced at 50000 miles Is this true

it is stuck and does not move anyone have a answer