i have a 2001 ls impala and had the heads and transmisson repair after the transmisson a knocking noise started

This problem developed following a replacement of the turn signal sensor, the mechanic did the repair via the steering column/ under the dash. Never failed to start before this.

Dealership wants over $1500 for repairs to replace broke engine mount, replace evap vent solenoid, oil filter adapter housing gasket & pressure control solenoid (code p1811 max adpt long shift.) I have a guy that said he'd fix if I buy parts but I'm not sure how involved and/or difficult the repairs will be. He said most of time somebody mechanically inclined can make repairs if given steps or guidance.

dont know where the lines from compresser goes cause someone took out the lines so i dont know what they took out what connectors i need from the radiator can i get a diagram for it to see what i need

Chevrolet Impala 3.5 liter

Chevrolet Impala 3.5 liter

I can be stopped at a light and all of a sudden I hear my engine reving and if I take my foot off the brake the car moves fairly quickly!

It also felt like my transmission was grabbing a little as I started out. Someone said it might be my traction control. It just started yesterday Is this of any concern? It also said my engine power was reduced which it didn't seem to be.

It also felt like my transmission was grabbing a little as I started out. Someone said it might be my traction control. It just started yesterday Is this of any concern? It also said my engine power was reduced which it didn't seem to be.

There was a big storm and I ran over trees, went through creeks where bottom of car was dragging. That's why I wondered if maybe a line of some sort cracked or could be leaking. Just seems odd that I didn't have any leaks until right after this happened. I feel like they just said this code means you need pressure control solenoid & it'll cost you over $700 instead of offering other possibilities.

Took car to dealer because I had a small leak and I noticed car seemed to be shifting a little rough. They told me the adapter housing gasket was BIG job and it would be almost $300 of the total. The pressure control solenoid had to be replaced immediately or transmission could fail--pricetag of $700. They're supposed to be sending codes but haven't seen them yet. Are they taking advantage of my lack of knowledge?

whining sound was why had it ck, sound still there +trac lite comes on, ab lite, trac lite goes off after restart,sounds like it needs power steering fluit in it????

Car is throwing a P0420 code, I've had the cat. converter replaced (sept 2011). What other problems could this be? I had both O2 sensors replaced in May 2009, could they be bad already?

fuel pump works, end security ligth it's not flashing, can some one please help me.

I know I have an after market alarm that started bugging out on me. i manually disabled it. A week later when I would drive and put on my blinkers. I could hear a buzzing noise acoming from the dash nd the battery light would come on along with the passenger seat belt picture(with no one in the passenger seat). A week later i drive to work. On my break I tried to drive my car but it didn't start. It doesn't make a noise or anything when I turn the switch.

Where is this located and how easy is it to change? What would a shop charge to do this?

how much to replace pulley on chevy impala 2006 I have part already

My car has 66K on it, without any problems. When I brought it in recently for an routine oil change, the shop insisted I needed to replace my injectors as part of 60K routine maintenance. I have never heard such a thing - have you?

The scan tool offers about 5 other things to do. The most popular thing is the Fuel Tank Presure Sensor
Should I do this? I made sure the gas cap was on properly and I checked the purge selenoid and it was also working.

the locks also start going up and down, and the gauges also start going haywire, everytime after driving my car for about 15 minutes.

It last qiute awile. I thought some one was knocking on my window. This just started about a week or two ago ? It seems to be coming from the glove compartment area.

I have the sensor and would like to replace it myself. The outside temperature reads -36

every once in awhile the fan motor starts to blow and when it happens i have to unplug the 30 amp fuse under the hood to make it stop.

it seems to have become disconected from the shifter in the steering colum. the shifter moves freely and the shift lever on the transmition does not move.

Car has 318,000 miles on engine but otherwise in really great shape. Have been quoted a little over $5,500 which seems high to me.

low oil pressure/shut off engine comes on information centerwhile chiming --intermittingly just changed oil/oil filter


I lost the sounds for the warning signals and the front speakers go in and out. When the rear defrost button is pushed it causes static in the radio. Sometimes it all comes back on just at random. I am at a lost for where this could be, I checked at the fuses and they are good. Would appreciate any help.

after starting car will jerk and not accelerate

do you have to pull ithinner liner out to get to the pump