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when I went to purchase the car I told them these lights where on and stayed on they said theyed fix it now im wondering if they some how just disabled it. will this damage the car.and is there a way to tell if they did
one reason I wondered this is when im in slippery part of snow the car slides and the light doesent turn on

NOt sure what end has struts and what end has shccks on 2005 chevy impala Ls. Cost and labor

i replaced the batt. in the car and the batt. on the remote.

The engine starts and idles fine and initialy runs fine in Drive, but then it stumbles/looses power for 10 to 15 seconds then it clears up and runs fine again. A few times the engine has died after it stumbles/looses power, but it has always started and then runs fine. It does this same secquence each time you shut it off and let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes then restart and begin driving again. Initially when this problem started the "Check Engine" light came on and stayed on for a few days, but it has since gone off and stayed off. Any ideas what is causing the engine to stumble and loose power?

I went out to leave, my car cranked then went dead. now it just turns over but won't fire. It's giving me the message that "engine power is reduced."

Suppose I replace the ignition lock cylinder and case, and the car needs to be reprogrammed at dealer, will I need a tow to the dealer?!

About 2 years ago had the fuel regulator changed for the same problem. Could this need to be changed again?

Will this affect the car?

temp went all the way up rapidly battery indicator light also went on

My key is stuck in the ignition in the start position and will not come out. I took the council apart and no broken wire. Now where do i go? My battery is dead now.

and now it want even go in any gears has fuild in it what to do?

dealer keeps telling me its the gas cap. i know i'm putting the gas cap on correctly. what else can it be and why isn't the dealer looking for something else? this is making me crazy.

Not over heating...cold to touch. Replaced thermastat, fan,and the waterpump. Cold air comes out of the vents.

My ignition lock is stuck on off position the key slides in and out freely but won't turn to any other positions? Example ign, on, start the steering wheel is not locked either? There was no real warning for this malfunction. Any ideas on an easy fix would be great its my work car and I am trying not to stick much money into it..

Have code Po411,3.5 07 impala,incorrect air flow,where is pump located,and also the pump solenoid location,also fuse locations for the above mentioned items.

clunk noise when pressing the brak or turning sometimes just started

I notice a roaring sound in my engine when I get about 25mph or so. Now I hear a gurgling sound when I start to drive.

Key turns hard sometimes not at all so i need to spray slot with WD-40

I turned the key, the lights came on then immediately went off and something in the dash started "clicking". On investigation, the owners manual calls the clicking item a back-up relay. It continues to click even when you turn off the key. Have a code reader but I guess it doesn't work unless the engine is running.

Apparantly they were damaged when wrong oil was put in on last oil change. Now the care leaks oil, and the man at Jiffy Lube says to take it to the dealership ant get a replacement on oil pressure sensor and housing seal.

Has a 3.4 V6

Is it possible to send a diagram? Thanks for any help you can offer.

had these codes come up on mom's car

I have a loss of power (no increase in speed, etc) when stepping on the gas pedal and transmnission downshifts to a lower gear at say 60 mph. Transmission will downshift OK but engine seems out of power and cannot increase speed. This power is needed when coming onto a freeway onramp to match existing vehicle speeds. This has never been a problem in the past and I've already put in a new air filter and fuel filter. Could a plugged catalytic converter be causing this problem with no OBDII codes showing?

when riving over 60mph the car loses power and will not take gas. I stop, turn car off for 5-10 minutes and it starts up and does better. Is this under warranty and how do I fix it?

Now that its warmed up, I don't hear the noise?



i dont have the owners manual

Haven't seen antifreeze on the ground. Windshield doesn't have a film on it inside. It just smells sweet.

back up lights not working already chckd fuses and relays and bulbs lights do come on with security system what do I do to fix them and where is back up light switch?

the lights do go on with security system