I turned the key, the lights came on then immediately went off and something in the dash started "clicking". On investigation, the owners manual calls the clicking item a back-up relay. It continues to click even when you turn off the key. Have a code reader but I guess it doesn't work unless the engine is running.

Apparantly they were damaged when wrong oil was put in on last oil change. Now the care leaks oil, and the man at Jiffy Lube says to take it to the dealership ant get a replacement on oil pressure sensor and housing seal.

Has a 3.4 V6

Is it possible to send a diagram? Thanks for any help you can offer.

had these codes come up on mom's car

I have a loss of power (no increase in speed, etc) when stepping on the gas pedal and transmnission downshifts to a lower gear at say 60 mph. Transmission will downshift OK but engine seems out of power and cannot increase speed. This power is needed when coming onto a freeway onramp to match existing vehicle speeds. This has never been a problem in the past and I've already put in a new air filter and fuel filter. Could a plugged catalytic converter be causing this problem with no OBDII codes showing?

when riving over 60mph the car loses power and will not take gas. I stop, turn car off for 5-10 minutes and it starts up and does better. Is this under warranty and how do I fix it?

Now that its warmed up, I don't hear the noise?



i dont have the owners manual

Haven't seen antifreeze on the ground. Windshield doesn't have a film on it inside. It just smells sweet.

back up lights not working already chckd fuses and relays and bulbs lights do come on with security system what do I do to fix them and where is back up light switch?

the lights do go on with security system

i got a code p0304 witch is miss fire from the spark plugs i just replaced all plugs and cords and it is still there what should i look for to know why the plug is not firing properly

Had to have windshield repaired when rock hit it. Now leaks 3 years later when it rains.It rains on passenger side when sitting on a hill.

if i get my hand in the door is there a switch to make the latch pop open to open the door and remove the panel to fix the problem??

it does not have the 4 screws in compartment

what would I need to do this?

Everything else is working fine.

I have to spray WD-40 in the slot to correct a problem. What is the cost for fixing this particular problem.

this just started this week as the weather changed.

I replaced the door acurator due to the clicking when heater is turned on. Now it smells like burnt rubber (or something burning) through the vents.

when I turn the steering wheel all the way to the left i hear a rubbing or grind noise at a very low speed

There is a knocking sound coming from the area behind the glove compartment when the motor is shut off.
We were told it probably was a gear.

When I shut the car off a loud clicking noise begins located up by the passengers dashboard area. The noise continues for about a minute then stops. So far it does'nt seem to be affecting the performance of the car.HELP PLEASE!!!!

evrytime i run over a significant pot hole the car goes off and i have to put it on neutral to start it back on,i thought it was my ignition module connector that was loose as it was a little loose the screw that holds the wiring harness in place.i tighten it but still i got the same problem when i go over pot holes.stupid car gos off.please i would appreciate if anybody knows this problem and knows the fix.cuz this car does that to me on the highway too and thats dangerous.i dont want somebody to rear end my car and possibly get kill or injured in an accident.thanks.

what does chevy recommend

engine starts and runs but security light stays on

changed the pump, checked the jets just cant get enough pressure. No hoses are leaking

The car died driving down the road. Went back later and it started and ran fine. The next day didn't start. The battery was weak so replace that. checked the charging and that is ok. Put fuel pressure gauge on. Has 53 psi with key on. The car started 2 different times after checking pressure. Now it dosen't start at all just cranks. Any idea's?

my engine overheated once and then the second time i was on an interstate and the engine died to were i had to pull over. i dont have much money and want to know it this can be fixed