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when steping on gas to go, there is a big bog down that happens
Turn on the headlights, (low beam) drivers side works excellent. Passenger side dimly lights both high and low beams. Turn it to high beam, drivers side highbeam lights, low beam, dimly lights. Passenger side all l...
problems with power steering, need to find resevoir
i drove my car early to the store,now my key wont go in the ignition and solutions??
My friend came home from work and shut off her car, and when she went to get back in a couple of hours later the car wouldnt do anything. It started yesterday and i have had 4 codes come up on the machine. P0449, P068...
A puddle appears on the front passenger side floor when it rains and car has been parked not used. Nothing else appears wet except the floor.
When it comes to basic services such as car flushes,is it better to take my car to the dealership where I purchased it,or to local shops such as Firestone or Goodyear?
This has happened in the last month and half. The traction control light comes on and the engine light. It says engine reduced power and idles but will not accelerate.
my key will not turn to the off position. which means the key is stuck in the ignition.
i have heat on was my passanger side but no heat on the driver side was toled that it was a mod valve wanted to know if thats right and where it was located.
head gasket seaping anti freeze fluid. Is this a problem with a history ? Is it a alum head and should it be repaced or refaced before replacing gasket ? 58 K miles. Well cared for car.Under extended warrenty. 2th own...
right front wheel humming/ vibration. is it the wheel bearing assembly
Tires were checked for defects, but none was found. I am still feeling and hearing a thumping sound coming from the front of vehicle
the switch on dash is driver/passenger it switch over on passenger side but not on driver side the passenger side get nice and hot?what is the problem switch bad where and how do i need to do,thank
what is the cost and labor to replace an alternator new
engine light on /fans work but they say it is relay switch on fan
I have a 2006 Chevy Impala. A month after receiving an oil change, the system advised my engine oil is low and that I need to add oil. This happened twice already. I obtained an oil change 8-31-2010. They did not a...
changed intake gasket , valve cover gaskets, thermostat , new oil, flush radiator, no leaks drove 25 miles running great heard a little bit of ticking , then all a sudden started knocking harder..
having trouble starting seems like the battery but is not my brother has same car and had trouble with the computer i would like to know if any recall on the computer
How difficult to replace intake manifold gasket?
the belt keep coming off but the pulley good cause it ran good but made a loud noises and well driving and came off wat do i do
my heater does not blow any hot air except when the car is moving. at idle, there is nothing but cold air on all settings. start moving, heat is fine.
what would cause this to happen.the chevrolet dealer states that they cannot locate the cause?
check engine light stays on. its only off when car is not running.
when the key is turned on,the fuel gauge goes from empty,to full,back to empty,then to full,stays on full,
From complete stop until reaching >35mph takes an extended period of time. If stopped at bottom of incline much more noticeable-gas pedal response (trying to give more gas) does not affect in any way (will not increas...
I had to use the heat for first time this year and there is none on drivers side or on defrost setting.The passenger side is blowing hot air.
say it need service how do you reset the tcs
I have had the vacuum line assembly replaced and it seemed to fix the problem. Now, it's doing it chugs as you accelerate and seems to smooth out about45mph. I'd like to check the vacuum connections...and ...