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The passenger side front wheel feels wobbly when driving at all speeds. Lug nuts are tight. Plastic lug nut covers broken off for some reason.
Battery drains....... code po102 ... Radio works intermittently ,
seems impossible to remove screws holding unit in place, rear ones are tight to firewall cannot see or feel to get to. what to do?
When i add windshield wiper fluid it leaks out.
Hi my car has a gas smell inside the car. When I open the hood i see that the gas is leaking. Thanks
one of the dual fans is making strange noises. sounds like the bearings might be shot. How do I replace the fan assembly?
heater and defroster blows cold air on drivers side. i've filled the coolant reservoir and radiator with antifreeze.....the heater still blows out cold air on drivers side.
sometime the heat works but sometimes it doesn't
2005 chevy impala ls, 3.8L : the car does not warm up. It gets barely lukewarm at best, just enough for me to drive it. Bought new, now with 19K miles.
replaced fuel filter battery check engine lite not on
the car runs normal but the car gets hot and the heat does not work it just blows cold air.
have added anti-freeze then had heat and now this morning I started the car and the coolant light came on and have no heat? Please help!!!
how to loosen or tighten
Car is spuddering when I accelerate. I have a code of PO128 which told me to change the thermostat which I did and it didn't help. This is what I've been told. Converter needs changed, bad air pump, plugs and wires. A...
how do u get the automatic transaxle shift lock to release
My car is leaking oil from around the manifold area, gaskets have been replaced less than a year and also the year before. what and where is the manifold?
how to properrly change yor water pump
why will the shift lever button not depress when trying to go from park to reverse?
My driver side window will not roll up. when i push the button to roll the window up or down you can hear the motor still working, so i think its the regulator. how much does that cost to get fixed??
My check engine light is currently on. A diagnostic test says that i have a failed evap vent solenoid. What is this and how much is it to repair?
would like an aftermarket stereo installed and stock radio removed I have the new radio/cd player but need it installed local auto stereo outlet quoated labor price $245 seems way off What do you think would be a fai...
Whenever I make a left turn, it sounds like a "errrr" kind of like a toy with a dying or weak battery. It gets more frequent in colder weather, but is still present in warmer weather.
The blower motor in my 2005 Cherlolet Impala stopped working completely. It does not work on any speeds and there was not any warning the motor was going bad. It worked one time I was driving it and the next time it w...
2004 chevy impala sudden onset of speedometer stuck between 30-40. Will go up but not back to 0.
When i go to turn on the heater it does not come on unless i hit under the heater controls or go back and fourth with the controls.
my heater blower won't shut off even with the ignition off i have to pull the 30amp fuse.where is the location of the blower resistor.??
when steping on gas to go, there is a big bog down that happens
Turn on the headlights, (low beam) drivers side works excellent. Passenger side dimly lights both high and low beams. Turn it to high beam, drivers side highbeam lights, low beam, dimly lights. Passenger side all l...
problems with power steering, need to find resevoir