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This problem has been in existenance since I purchased the vehicle, I see other vehicles without this problem. This vehicle has only 23,000 or so miles, I never drive it except on weekends.
after backing out of the garage or parking spot and shifting into drive the transmission slips then slams into drive after accellerating-this started after having the trans. flushed dealer offered a multipull choice o...
What is the spark plug firing order?
Just wanted to know how to replace air filter myself without breaking something when try to remove old filter
cooling fans will not go on sender ok relays ok fanmotors ok could it be the ecm ? I can turn the fans on with my scaner
Recently my "service traction contol" light has been coming on, and when i start off from a complete stop the engine sputters out and changes gears very harshly. And in turn, the "check engine" light comes on and my r...
My check engine light on and the code said my tranny was running hot in 4th gear. I think the code was 1680 or 1860
When should I replace the timing belt in my car, and how much should I estimate the cost to be?
repair estimate cost
I was driving my car one day and all of a sudden my engine fan kicked off! It start blowing harm air from the a/c because the coolant fan stop working. Could it be a relay valve?
I have put 3 starters on in the last 3 months. 1995 Impala SS once every week or so when I crank the car starter stays ignited even if the car is running or if I turn it off and take the key out. Didnt look like any w...
Wasn't in the estimate section, did a quick search to no avail. Have a 1994 SS Impala with over 185K miles. Been extremely well taken care of, but have a head gasket starting to go. My mechanic isn't keen on replac...
every other day I have to charge up my battery. I have changed out my alternator and battery 2x and for some reason my battery keeps going dead. Any Idea what this can be causing this??
Check Engine light is on code reads P1415, what can be done to repair this issue
I have never had an issue with my car starting...until day before yesterday. I drove the car for about 10 minutes to an appointment, then about the same returning to work. I came out about 1/2 hour later and it woul...
The blower or fan on the AC will not operate sometimes. After driving 10-15 miles it will click on. This happens only sometimes.
I changed my water pump, changed my Thermostat, and also changed hoses. My car still overheats. how much antifreeze does the car need to operate?
Why does my fuel pump fuse keep blowing I just replaced the fuel pump???
still have power at the blower and windows when the key is in the off position
cooling fans will not turn on temp sensor ok relays ok fuses ok
I hear some ringing or what sounds like chains being dragged near my wheels. What could be the source of this? Thanks
How much will it cost me to replace a backup value? No one I've asked so far has ever heard of his part. I have OnStar and it said I needed to replace the value.
my chevy wont start in park but it will start in nueatral. whats up with that?? thank u LARRY
replaced battery, fuel pump {was told this was why it was parked} also replaced pump wires and inspected pass through wiring harness. pump runs when key is on but car will not fire
On 4/8/10 my battery was dead. I was able to jump start the car and had the battery rechareged and checked out at Merchant's Tire. The battery showed no defects and held a charge. On 6/5/10, the battery died again....
When the car is running the fans don't run. The fuse's appear to be good. Could it be the engine coolant temp sensor? If so, where is it located?
The car was running the night before and went out to start it in the morning would not run. Replaced dist,rotor and plug wires about two months ago.I have spark out of the coil to ground but nothing at the plugs. Remo...
I just replaced my starter on my 1996 ss impala and for some reason It wont start after i drive for a while and turn off but if it doesnt start i turn the pulley on the serpentine belt and it starts right up
I have run about 10,000 miles on my car, but for one months is ignited the CHL. Sometimes it shuts down for a week but then turns on again. They have controlled the Service Chevrolet in Caracas and tell me that is th...
I have had problems with my gear shifter not going into park. We have had it replaced 3 times and each time the shop has told us to stop drinking pop in our car because there is a sticky substance on the shifter. I ...