had hard starting problem. now it wont start. applying power to test terminal for a couple seconds powers up fuel pump, then car will start. sometimes idle speed is erratic. does the same with spare PCM. no codes. ignition functions fine. that was all replaced about a year ago.

I got no manual with my vehicle...it has like 38,000 miles on it.When is the recomended mileage to change them?

My Chevy Impala ss 1995 is having serious issues. First, the low beams don't work and high beams are low. Second, the car keeps cutting off and will not run unless the hazard buttom is pushed in. Third, the locks on the door and trunk keep clicking, even when im driving. What is going on with my car?

I have a 1996 ss impala ,i've changed the fuel pump & filter an it cranks & runs great but as soon as you think its ok it stops.could it be the ignition module or bad fuel pump?I got it from auto zone..i had a guy too tell me it could be the oil sending unit malfunctioning.

When the car is started the reduced engine power light comes on. After turning the car off and on it works

after intake gasket is changed so you add oil or do oil change

after intake gasket is changed is oil add or change the oil

the guy says it's in the back but i only see it in the front

they say i need intake gasket because it's leaking

when my cooling fans stop working my ac and windows don't work also


i have read the manual asked around and parts stores don't even have it listed

I have a 2008 Chevy Impala 5.3 Every day I drive this car I get an error message (engine power reduced)(Service traction control)( Service stability track) I loose power and the transmission jumps in and out when I try to give it more throttle. when I turn the car off everything resests

Why does the reverse gear in my car not working?

a dealer has tried to tell me that i had to have my fuel rails and injectors cleaned every 25,000 mi.at a cost of 100.00, is this another scam

OK i got close to 150,000 miles on my car, and just want know bout how much i'm look at paying to get a whole new engine swapped out?

This problem has been in existenance since I purchased the vehicle, I see other vehicles without this problem. This vehicle has only 23,000 or so miles, I never drive it except on weekends.

after backing out of the garage or parking spot and shifting into drive the transmission slips then slams into drive after accellerating-this started after having the trans. flushed dealer offered a multipull choice of three options ea. over 600.00

What is the spark plug firing order?

Just wanted to know how to replace air filter myself without breaking something when try to remove old filter

cooling fans will not go on sender ok relays ok fanmotors ok could it be the ecm ? I can turn the fans on with my scaner

Recently my "service traction contol" light has been coming on, and when i start off from a complete stop the engine sputters out and changes gears very harshly. And in turn, the "check engine" light comes on and my remote starter wont work (poor me). Any ideas or info will be a big help. Thanks.

My check engine light on and the code said my tranny was running hot in 4th gear. I think the code was 1680 or 1860

When should I replace the timing belt in my car, and how much should I estimate the cost to be?

repair estimate cost

I was driving my car one day and all of a sudden my engine fan kicked off! It start blowing harm air from the a/c because the coolant fan stop working. Could it be a relay valve?

I have put 3 starters on in the last 3 months. 1995 Impala SS once every week or so when I crank the car starter stays ignited even if the car is running or if I turn it off and take the key out. Didnt look like any wires was touching??????

Wasn't in the estimate section, did a quick search to no avail. Have a 1994 SS Impala with over 185K miles. Been extremely well taken care of, but have a head gasket starting to go. My mechanic isn't keen on replacing just the gaskets on such a high mileage engine. That make sense? Also, what would the difference in cost (labor more than anything) from a crate engine to a non-crate engine? I appreciate the assistance.

every other day I have to charge up my battery. I have changed out my alternator and battery 2x and for some reason my battery keeps going dead. Any Idea what this can be causing this??

Check Engine light is on code reads P1415, what can be done to repair this issue