New pump and hoses

I am install an engine and need to know what is the easiest way from the top are bottom.

If the car has been sitting overnight and I start it the trans will not engage till I run it till running temperature is reached and I turn it off and come back in 15 minutes and then it is fully functional.

I have a 96 SS impala and it won't start I changed the spark plugs and wires, igniton coil, ignitor, cap, rotor, distributor, air flow meter, fuel pump and nothing worked. can anyone point me in the right direction in getting this car running?

I have a misfire and my traction control light is on . I have the plug I just need to know which one to replace

First time it happened and still wont start

The car is using more gas and the check engine lit is on code is po522 and po523. Can that cause this problem

speedo jumps,alt gauge droppes off at 70mph

replace sencors and cap and relayed

Stopped working for months now.

2nd time cost me 300.00 at dealer. Now have 78000 miles, and warning lights come on intermittently, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Not sure what to do...notified dealer at last oil change, but could find no EVIDENCE of malfunction, so nothing done. They also refused to correct problem under warranty. The car has 100,000 mile powertrain warranty still effective. Is it normal to have failures on the throttle body every 35-40000 miles???

can not get to the plugs in the back? Is there a special tool to use?

added a fuel additive, changed o2 sensors, cleaned mass air flow sensors, runs really smooth except at start

Changed oil 3 weeks ago. Replaced the oil pressure sensor.

car is running well-starts good

When I am at a stop and I start from a stop it like hits hard or like a little jerk or slip not sure but only from a complete stop and not always

I did replace the gas cap with a new one from auto parts store.

Too old of a car too purchase? The car appears to be in mint condition except I noticed some rust on each side of the front seats the frame or rods in which the seat slides or powers up and down forward or backwards. Should I be concerned with this issue? Really like the car be seems as if it will be expensive to keep the maintenance. It would be a car driven daily to work and other daily activities.

Please provide engine diagram.

Since this is a transverse mounted engine I know the front four will be easy. But how do I reach the four along the back near the firewall??

it comes on when im ideling at a stop light when i take off it turns off.. one day i turned it on and the car was ideling ruff the put it in gear to reverse and the engine felt like it wanted to stall.. also engine was really hot

Mast broke during car wash and I have replacement mast, but I cannot remove insert in housing.

The outside temp reads -38 therefore the a/c will not work. We have changed the ambient temp sensor but that didn't help. Any suggestions would be helpful. It only does this when u idle for a period of ftime or after u drive for a while & kill the engine to run into the store & when u restart it it says -38.

Car rumbles when i brake

Also the steering wheel drifts to the left when i let go of the wheel. it feels like one of my tires are bout to come off

Happens when the fan mototr is running. there are no fuel leaks. it appears to be coming from the evaporative control system. i can't locate the source of the odor anywhere. i know two other owners of b-bodies who have the same issue. just decided to live with it. no odor unless the HVAC fan is running

It is a little square - with water and an arrow pointing downward - checked the antifreeze full, checked the winshield washer it too is full also I beleive that shows a picture with a windshield

changed out trans,a hose which looks like a vacuum line is sitting on top of trans,,dose it hook up to the engine,an if so were???????

Every time i ride iver a bump the front if the car makes a loud sqeeking noise. What could it be and what do i need to replace?

there are several issues appearing at once HELP