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Also I can be in the car alone the Passenger seat belt constantly chimes and air bag notification comes on?
also, the stereo won't come on and the key fob doesn't work .
Driver door lock does not disengage, when i put it in drive it will engage .
Bought the car from my dad and this happened to him also. He took it in and they couldn't find a solution. The rear tail lights will come on without pushing on the brakes and then when I do press lightly on the brea...
this car 2007 chevy hhr has had a bump the light was on when i got the car 'i was told to unplug the module a few time's and the light would go off is this safe to do?
Under the gear shift sounds like a hole in the Muffler, is that where the catalytic converter is? Or is this a Muffler issue?
lately I use a little more gas,Autozone said it is the crankshaft position sensor, the shop told me it is the crankshaft itself and they are still looking, so far my bill will be $1000 do they take advantage of an g...
It only does it once in a while but even when I'm sitting at an incline it won't move. It only does it in reverse not drive. When it does finally back up it jumps really bad but then it's fine.
Can the power steering crack the panel box.
Electronic Stability Control
I was in a head on collision at a decent speed, the front of my car was absolutely crushed but the rest of the car was fine, I only walked away with cuts and bruises. After I calmed down I looked to the back seat an n...
Anyone know where it is? AAA fixed last time, don't want to call them again.
The oil level is still full. After getting rear ended concerned about a leak. It's a small dripping leak that started after a month of driving. Did something shift on the motor to create a transmission leak? Did somet...
Got rear ended and after one month of driving a leak started. Can't tell if it's oil or transmission fluid. Oil is still full so I'm guessing the leak is transmission. Please advise - troubled
All internet research points to oil pressure sending unit. Is this common? Do i need to remove the starter to get to this thing or what? thanks
It sounds like I am in one gear the whole starts when I get to 30 -35 mph
The gauges fall back to car off mode and do not respond unless I wiggle the key then they come back momentarily as long as you dont accelerate.
checked plug and wires are good. It idles a little rough
My coolant level started rising to 235 when I would be at an idle, now the water temperature gauge is moving pass the half way mark, but when I feel the top of my hood it is cool and I do not smell that 'radiator smel...