Had the mechanic check it out no traction in my front wheels wht can i do before i go to the dealer the lights stay on .

My coolant level started rising to 235 when I would be at an idle, now the water temperature gauge is moving pass the half way mark, but when I feel the top of my hood it is cool and I do not smell that 'radiator smell.' Is this just my sensor or is it a real problem?

Pressure light came on today it read --LF34 PSI got home then it say 32 34 for the pressure now it says 32 65

this occurred when I was driving home last night. this morning I noticed a small puddle of oil on the ground directly where I saw the smoke. under the carriage was a lot of oil. check the oil level in the car and it is no oil in the engine.

I can drive a few minutes then the service traction and ESC light will come on saying ECS OFF

it started right after we had a flood.. it then stoped then started agian when i turned on the a.c but stoped a minute after i turned it off. i drove it 13 miles the next day and started making that noise again

engine light blink when it happens,cleaned masss a f sensor,throttle body, air ventilation hose, haven't had a tune up since 47000miles,what do u think?

when light flashes no power hasn't went dead yet
spits & sputters. have replaced boots cam shaft sencer plugs coal

Don't want to go to a GM dealer - don't trust them. I am hoping it is just a freak thing and/or easy fix. I do not know of a good trustworthy mechanic in Fort Worth, TX

injection signal,wait 30 mins or so and it will run again then die.No check engine light.

I got it service, I was told that I had a bad connection in my fuse box. The dashboard panel for the coolant some days read a temperature and some days its just have dashes. One week its cold air and one week it's not working. It's frustrating when Chevrolet dealership can not find the problems. Took it in to them, they call me back and said that my ac is working. I told them it willwork for a day and next day Iit will not. That's what happen.

I thought since the locking mechanism is for both the ignition cylinder and shifter, that replacing the cylinder would resolve the problem. Well, it did NOT :( When I originally spoke with the mechanic at dealership he said he never heard of this issue and didn't even know (which I found in the manual) that the locking mechanism is for both...

if I press on gas its ok and if I let off gas its ok.

tried to move my car today and I can not get it to move . the back passenger side tire does not spin . was off the road for about two months and I never had a problem with it . does anyone know what may cause this or how to fix