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light came on two days ago and still on steady is that a serious problem are will go out the car run find anybody had this problem before thanks
what do I need to do..It was really scary..I love the car , it had really been a good riding and driving car..please help...Pat
ran through car wash now part is hanging down,
my power steering light come on dash board and couple days it wont now it came back on and my wheel wont turn to move the car and i let sit for awhile and then start turning again its electric no fluid so what should ...
Replaced left front hub bearing noise still there
Car lacks power and takes its time to catch its speed. Makes grumbling sound? How can I find the leak?
power steering light comes on the instument display panel,if car is shut off briefly drives fine for about 10 miles before it you have to steer manually.
happens when driving over rough road no sounds on smouth roads
Almost 150000 miles and the trans is starting to slip. how much does it cost to get a new one?
have had no problems with the blower motor has ben working great until now just will not work
How about power train, electrical system, suspension, brakes, or steering?
I have to 1st try to start car normally and it will not start. I then have to pump the accelarator 2 times and it will start. The first week it would run fine after it started, but now it will run rough, the clear out...
when i first start the engine,it seems to be racing,the shift from park to reverse causes a jump in the gear,sometime it pauses until i use more rpm.If I allow it to warm up for 4 min,it will work fine and continue to...
The window in the roof is leaking real bad in the center of the back part of the seal there? What's the best way to repair that? It is very hard to get to with your fingers.
wiper motor & column lever switch test okay. could this be a BCM problem ?
Was having a overheating problem. Dealer says the coolant hose, heater hose, and radiator hose all need to be replaced along with the plugs. Just looking to see what this should cost parts and labor.
A smoke test showed smoke coming from a safety canister on gas tank? is this something easy for me to do?
After every good rain, my carpet is flooded and standing in water, drivers' side only. I bought this car used and have only had it about thre months. This has happened three times. My husband ran the water hose ove...
It also when i floor the gas peddle the turbo starts to kick-in b ut it don't and i was watching and the engine lite started to flicker as soon as i let off the gas peddle it went out? When the engine lite came o...
What does the malfunction indicator lamp come on? Sometimes it goes away and then comes back.
And when I start the car it sounds like the muffler has a hole and the noise seems to come from back of air filter
The car shut down completely. Could not move key at all. All lights went out and the anti-theft light blinked several times. It was about a minute after I started the car and started driving. I could not begin to ...
Hearing clunks when driving over bumpy dirt road. Also repair guy says strut is leaking oil.
I had a dodge neon that the engine blew up because I didnt know that I needed to change the serpentine belt every 60,000 miles and it was a chain so there went my engine. I am concerned that because Ive never owned a...
When I push the button to wash rear window, water sprays inside near headliner. How can I fix it?