What is the function, cause of short and reasonable cost. I was quoted $980.00

My 2009 Chevy HHR panel light will start to blink,along with the Abs light,then the car will just shut off on it's own. after 5 mins. or so it will start back up with no problem. This is dangerous because I don't want to be on the highway when this starts. Took it to the dealer and they can't find the problem because it will not do it for them. but I have been having this problem at least once a month. Help!!!!!!

I got an oil change and drove 3 miles and my check engine light came on.. drove about a mile more parked and then a message came up saying esc is off service traction?

Consent front end issues since day one . I've been having a super loud grinding sound for a year the mechanics shop now telling me its the transmission bearing and wants 1200! I don't have it put so much into this vehicle but stuck in it now 16 surgeries can't get back to work and need it to get me and autistic son around safe. Has anyone heard of this ?! Is it really that expensive?

Sounds like the starter is not engaging.the wire on the top outside face of the starter solenoid smokes a lil when i try it.all fuses are good and pushed in all the way in both fuse thinking the starter solenoid is bad but how do you tell?

My daughter called to say car is jerking as driven @20mph, engine light came on. We've only had this car 1 1/2 yrs- we've been through the recall ignition/gear problems as of 1st day but was prior to recall. don't feel it was fixed completely.Have had nothing but problems- constant repairs.

you have to keep trying it about 4 or 5 times please help looking for a solution

Total is now near $2200.00 and they have had the car over a week.

Also cruise control faults, sport shift and traction control not working, what should i do?

The car was missing all week, today it died four times pulling into the driveway and now it wont start my husband thought it could possibly have a broke crank shaft. Does it sound like that's most likely what it is, or could it be something else?

In order to reset the check engine light which continues to come on after it has already been cleaned, etc. Failed Issue was: "A" Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open. What do I do to fix this?

I was sitting in the drive-through and my check engine light came on why?

I had been driving at 65-70 mph for approx. 10-15mins then I got off the hwy and was driving at 30-35 for approx. 4 mins when the car jerked a little and warning bell sounded. The display on the dash said reduced engine power, approx. 1 mile later the traction control shut off and light came on with another display of service traction control, the car has no power when starting from a stop, as long as you are moving does ok but doesn't have any umph. (no passing gear, or noticeable acceleration) it will do 65-70 mph but you need 5 miles to get it there. Also when shifting in or out of drive there is a noticeable jerk. error code said evaporative emission system gross leak. I have changed the fuel cap but although car acted right for an hour or so dealership said this is only coincidence because a gas cap being loose wont cause any of those problems. what do I check next?

So I keep finding that the 2010 HHR has a power steering recall. I called the actual Chevy customers service number and they said I dont. My question is since I'm gonna have to pay for this out of my pocket how much will it cost? And does my car have a recall? I feel so unsafe driving my child and myself in my car.

My dimmer switch is not the problem sometimes I can turn my headlights on and the panel will light up and other times it won't so will somebody please tell me what it is

Has a pioneer radio system can someone please let me know

When the abs light come of my car lose power and completely lose power

My hhr reached 198º. At what temperature should I panic & shut the engine down?

My 2009 started driving like the engine was hesitating or shaky or like the rpms were fluctuating (it's hard to describe). We tried a tune up: new plugs, new cabin and engine filters, and oil change and filter, none of this helped. We did a scan and got these codes: $7E8:engine and $7EA and 'a camshaft position actuator/ open bank 1' message. (I know, not the usual codes that come up..most start with other letters) Check engine light has been on also. It happens all the time, although worse at times and barely at other times. Please help us. Hopefully it's something we can fix ourselves.

I have changed the intake and exhaust sensors already. After a while the light will go off and it will be okay for about 10 miles and then start clunking again and then shortly after the engine light will come on. I need help with this pile of junk as I have already put over 2000.00 into it and it is only half paid for. Nothing but a money pit, one thing after another!!!