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after cooling fresh tune up egr cats ok new fuel fil fuel pump sounds ok
Fixed problems on codes that came up computer is not resetting still have check engine light on
I dont know how to turn on the tv.
it looks like a cover for something fell off and now it's spinning and grinding when I drive it. It's not the alternator I don't know what it is it's not my vehicle I just Need it fixed. please help
i changed the fuel pump i checked the map sensor with bobby pin no change i also checked oil sending unit changed fuel filter and i cleaned the throttle body and injectors. i checked all the fuses i am stumped and won...
I have tightened the battery cables once and it came back on.
Chiltons Manual says 5 3/4 gallons seems high, maybe I am reading it wrong? 350 ci 5.7 a/c 700~trauto trans tbi
i already replaced the map sensor and that seemed to fix it for one drive (7-8 miles) sat rest of the day then on the drive home it did it again after about 1 mile what is going on with it all vacuum lines look fine a...
I was on my way to work, my van didn't want to shift out of 1st. When it finally did, the speedometer quit working. A co-worker said, "check the v.s.s.
this does not happen every time I try to start vehicle
The air was blowing cold one day and not the next so I put a can of refrigerant in it and it still won't blow cold.
mostly when fist get in it but will stall when stop quick any time no codes being stored.
I recently purchased this van for hauling firewood and other uses and am trying to get it figured out. I can find the transmission dipstick and filler and the engine oil filler but both myself and a friend have tried...
the speedometer will not move and I replace the speed sensor
When I have to sit in traffic the van jerks forward like the idle is going up then it stalls out it only does it when its warmed up and when im sitting still.When I drop it in neutral it does not do it in traffic.Im t...
Has no hookup on bumper. Can I add one/
Following the instructions for changing the coolant, I can only get about 2 and 1/2 gal. out of the system. With a rear heater everything tells me I should be replacing 5 gal.
there is no spark or no fule getting to enfine i checkedf the fule