Van starts bou won't stay running, had water on fuel tank earlier

I have a 1989 Chevy G20 conversion van with a 5.0L engine, a TH400 transmission, and a nasty metallic noise in the back. The mechanic says it's the differential and it's time to start shopping for a new/used one. Is a full replacement really necessary when the van only has 54,000 miles or could it be repaired? And for replacement-shopping purposes, how can I identify the old differential? Does it have a plate somewhere on it or an options code or something? Thanks for any help you can give me.

I recently purchased this van for hauling firewood and other uses and am trying to get it figured out. I can find the transmission dipstick and filler and the engine oil filler but both myself and a friend have tried to locate the dipstick, assuming that it would be at the front of the engine somewhere but no luck.

No sign of leak on the engine, but under the passengers door.... Excessive amount of coolant ...Very strange!!!

Goes into gear it drives and changes out great what could be my problem I've already changed the strainer and module valve

the speedometer will not move and I replace the speed sensor

how to install an air condition pump in a 1995 G-20 series cargo van. the pump is locked up and the belt is broken

what tools are needed

All was well yesterday, backed it out of driveway and parked it on road and went to start it this morning and thought the battery was dead. Then I noticed all the lights were bright, hooked up jumper cables for 20 min still nothing. It's not even trying to crank HELP PLEASE

I already changed to filter for the transmission.

I just bought this 1989 G20 van (with no owner's manual) so hopefully I'm missing something really stupid and easy. Battery is new and fuel pump runs when key is turned to accessory, but when turned to start position absolutely nothing happens--not even a click from the starter, much less cranking. But the "Brake" light on the dashboard comes on and then turns off again as soon as the key is released. OBD gives me the code 12, shows no errors. Has anyone more familiar with these vans ever seen this? ECM maybe?

seems to happen when interior of van is hot from sun. I've been told it is electrical, not mechanical.

I had it checked at Tunex, but they couldn't locate the motor/blower and said it would take a few hours to find it and check it.

radiator for van without oil cooler

My van won't start. It's flashing code s. Does anyone know what it means.

Yesterday I drove up a mountain and it was quite steep. Hestated but I did make. This morning would not start at all. Dead.

Could it be the key ignition it's worn but starts the crank wants to start but won't and there is gas 4 people have looked at fues put no spark very confused , please help I'm stuck 5 days now ,any one have an idea thnks

We have an 89 G20 van that when the headlights are on we have no brake lights and only the right turn signal, but when the headlights are off everything is fine. I was just wondering what the problem could be and how to fix it?

if you spray starter fluid in TB. will start. have any ideals.

replaced starter, alt., battery, distributer, rotor, all lights and radio works

Changed the thermostat, radiator has circulation could it be the fan it was just turning slowly but never kicked in

I put $40.00 in the tank, gas gauge didn't move. for months it worked intermittently. now notta. I don't want to invest much $$ as it is 20 years old. could it be a ground issue?

with door panel off, do I slide new window down from top, or ???? isn't the window and metal track gonna f up the rubber seal that keeps water out of door?

I want to use my van to push another car

Where is the fuel filter located and best way to access it?

When the weather is hot my van starts but dies, happens multiple times. Once driving it is fine and when weather is cooler it runs great. It has died coming to stop in hot weather once also. Was told it was vapor lock? How can I fix the issue? Thanks