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Alterantor has been chcked and is fine and battery is brand new and once it lost chrage it won'tcharge back up. second new battery.
i have a brown wire that cut them on but it seem like it;s
removed catalitic converter cecked for vacuum leaks and all fuses starts off driving very sluggish but after 35 mph seems to straighten out some very slow on take off dies frequently on take off and very very sluggish...
I can't figure out if the wiper motor comes through the dashboard, or is there a way to pull it from under the hood. I need a manual, but can't find one online.
blows hot for 20 mins then goes to cool and every once in a while cold
1995 chey van G-20 5.7L V8 4L80-E. the transmission is just started slipping to day will run at 35mph than it slips
The int lgts work when you turn them on but not when the door is opened. The 12v plugs thruout do not work and the radio will not keep its memory.
pull on latch and hood will not open
Detailed procedure for replacing the front parking brake cable. 1994 G20 Explorer van 5.7
There is a short shoe and long shoe. Which goes to the front of the van. And rear....short or long? This is in the rear and its drums and shoes.
how to remove and replace power side mirrors
what is the running temp. for this van does not seam to get to orp.temp
ok so I startewd my van today and all of a sudden the radio totally is out,I replaced the radio fuse as well as the fuse on the panel marked radio,any Ideas??
how do you reset the car alarm when it is hooked up to the radio? can you bypass this?
Left front Brake pulling and have changed the Brake hose. also have replaced the caliper,Pads on both sides.any suggestions.
relacing ac compressor and having problem with manifold not sealing to comp. should i have flat washers or oring style
where does the back bolt straps bolt to on the gas tank onto the van
How much should I pay for a 1995 mercury villager fuel injector repair
heatert core is leaking
the trans just stop shifting but will go in all gears.
my 1995 chevy van G-20 will not heat up to opr. temp.How can I get it to opr.temp??????
Trying to fine out the sparkplug gap
we bought this van used when you drive it drives fine but when breaking it pulls bad to the left. We have put on new tires calipers breaks and idler arm. pitman arm and ball joints are good also. Any ideas? Also need...
shifter locked in park brake sw ok abs light ok brake fluid ok
We just got the van yesterday, and the guy told us that he has no idea why, but the power windows are not working. We were hoping it was a fuse. The power works on the mirrows and locks, but windows, nope, no up and d...
Shop tells me the coolant temp sensor voltage =0, and the thermostat is stuck open. I believe the thermostat is located on the engine block @ radiator return, but cannot find the coolant temp sensor. Can someone des...