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one with blue cap attached to the canister and orange cap attach to the pipe going lower part of the canister? Pleased advice, thank you in advance! Omie.
I checked every fuse in panel...all are working. Noting that the vehicle hasnt been moved for seven yrs....(1) I have no power to the passenger power window (I checked switch and have power to). (2)I have no power to...
thats been sitting/parked in AZ for the last seven years. Only 83000 miles. It was my fathers van. I tuned up engine. But trying to play electrician today....I just smoked my cigarette lighter wiring when trying to t...
Has no hookup on bumper. Can I add one/
the battery fell down into the van. it won't restart, i have checked all fuel lines, fuel pump is working; when i try to start it, there is no start and it just shuts down.
where do look to even begin to figure out where to fix this problem? I thouhgt possibly a fuse but then I was told it may be tied in with something else why its not working ?
Just The location of the wiper motor.
put tranny fluid in it then its not showing on dip stick after driving for a few minutes, cannot locate any leak
we can not find a fuse, and need to know where it is and which fuse, and what to do next.
I plugged my GPS into the cigarette lighter and could hear a fuse blow ("click" sound). All fuses in the fuse box checked out OK. However, since this incident I don't have any interior lights, radio, nor cigarette lig...
replaced muffler, fuel pump, gas filter, cleaned carb. what else could it be?
replaced fuel pump, gas filter, muffler, cleaned carb. still a problem with cutting out off and on??
van was running fine..first time it stalled I checked and had spark but was getting no fuel...I replaced fuel filter and all was fine till next day....I started up okay but stalled after a few minutes....checked and I...
i replaced the pads, rotor, and caliper. what should i do next.
it knocks on take off and smoothes out some on hte road but still knocks some
never done it before but think i can with help
Drove for 2 days after pad replacement then brake warning light stays on. Found the front reservoir EMPTY - back one is fine. Removed caps prior to forcing pistons open for pad replcmnt. Still driving (and stopping)...
starter not engaging
I have replaced the fuel filter but my van is bogging down on the hills.
pedal goes all the way down but flied not coming out nether rear bleeders
The air seems to only kick on when you stomp on the gas. It will stay on for a little while then it will drop off again and it will have to be refer up again. It is serviced within limits and is freezing when it is on...
Their is no hydraulic lifter noise and there is plenty of oil in the crankcase.
Following the instructions for changing the coolant, I can only get about 2 and 1/2 gal. out of the system. With a rear heater everything tells me I should be replacing 5 gal.
There are no strange noises, one side works fine and the other does not work at all.
hoses are there, and look fine. you can feel the cold air on the floor, but will not go to vents, and will not blow...vaccumn leak? heater blows with no problem.