When this first happened the Service light came on and before I could drive home the van died. Would not start because of flooding from carb. Towed home, replaced oxygen sensor and ran fine. Drove another 11 miles and it did it again. What other sensors would cause this?

I use this van to sell icecream.It has about 230000 miles.It ran hot and I did not stop.I had it towed after it stopped running.The following day,I discovered that there was no water in the radiator.I added some water and I started it.I drove it and after about a mile,it stopped responding when you press the gas pedal.I only use it on weekends.

problem one week

air problem on week

Filler tube is loose and leaking a small amount of oil.

My Chevy g20 has engine failure. Engine is almost out but it's not fitting through dog house, new engine is in crate ready to be installed next to engine. transmission is leaking and may need replacement. Needs all new wiring in engine area, Needs entire front end dissembled to replace engine. My mechanic thinks it's too much work and not worth fixing. Already paid him 750$, it's not even out yet. What should I do? is it worth fixing or should I just sell it for scrap? Paid 2000$ to owner who claimed it was fine to drive. Paid another 2000$ for engine, can probably get most back on that...If I put another 1500-2000 into it I can get everything but the trans replaced...

The wipers would work sometimes but when they wouldn't I turned them on high, then they would work. Lately I had to force the arms for them to work. Now nothing! I understand most of the problems with the wipers are the Pulse boards getting corroded?

instructions say that it is necessary to install a set screw in the sector gear before disassembling it from the regulator is this really necessary

Changed one in tranny (vss) antilock light comes on & van jerks while driving still so wondering if I have to do ones in wheels also to fix issue???
if I turn off & restart van it comes back on and repeats above after a few minutes please help!!!

Changed one in tranny antilock light comes on & van jerks while driving still so wondering if I have to do ones in wheels also to fix issue???

This just started happening after I got an oil and coolant change. Had previously changed the starter recently.

Checked fuse under steering is fine. Bulbs are not burnt out. they just stopped working one evening.

What could the problem be?

after cooling fresh tune up egr cats ok new fuel fil fuel pump sounds ok

Fixed problems on codes that came up computer is not resetting still have check engine light on

What is the correct throttle position sensor voltage for 94 g20 van keep getting a code 22

I dont know how to turn on the tv.

my battery is fantastic but at times the starter will not engage, could this be a problem with the steering coloum/ingnition switch or do you think starter is screwed?

I was charging an iceless cooler and the charger to the cooler was hot when I unplugged it after the radio stopped

A mechanic put in a Rebuilt engine. Van runs awhile but won't start after 15-30 minutes. it has to sit 40 minutes before it will start again. has new Alternator, Starter, Water Pump, Radiator, Battery, and full Tune up kit.

Van starts up and runs fine when cold. Sea light stays on. Once truck is up to speed it runs fine. When I give it gas it has a misfire. Temp needle doesn't move above 100.