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It has the right amount of power steering fluid. Can't seem to find the cause of it
No DTC's on the scanner but the shop tells me i have a pending coed. I failed the emissions test for PO300 random misfire. That code has cleared. ive drove the truck for about 500 miles but it won't show ready for the...
the van turn on but when im driving for like 5 minutes go off. Why is that?
Sometimes it sounds like it is the battery is dead, sometimes it sounds like the starter not enough power to turn the engine and sometimes it acts like nothing is wrong with it, please help if you may have an idea of ...
Took the engine oil pan down cleaned every thing up changed the filter l and filled it with oil before putting it back up ) on the pan put everything back together and filled the oil to the proper level and now I don'...
i cant seem to get spark says there is an crankshaft sensor code . but its new??? \
Brakes with no luck. I turned the cruise off still no luck. I had to turn the engine off. Now when I start it up again it revs real high. HELP PLEASE. I'm sitting on the side the interstate
Replace hose 4 times in 3 month, replace bypass valve in pump, hose still leaks, please tell me what the problem could be.
Where is the thermostat located
when a/c is off engine dies. was told its the idle air control valve, how can I repair it without having to buy a complete assembly from the dealer ?
to normal. The van never does run hot. What would cause this? Thanks
I want to replce my front brake pads myself, thus I want to purchace the correct pads.
Please help ASAP been running rough on & off for 4 months p 200&300 once while driving I got it to say #2 cylinder swapped coils from other side then 300 again just today the whole bank passenger stopped firing.. Tak...
The panel doors worked off the remote buttons till now.All that happens is the running/parking lights flash when hitting the buttons.It may be that the programming has been lost,but I cant find a fuse/relay to elimina...
Already replaced the starter, now it doesn't do anything.
could a egr valve cause a motorto skip
Recently noticed different valve stem on one of my rims. One being the"flexible" rubber type and the other three appearing to be welded/bolted as if part of the rim. When did manufactures start doing this or is this s...
They put 61/2 qtrs in my car and said I'm still a half low but my van only takes 5 what happens when you over fill plus oil is splattered and dripping near the oil pan
Power locks will not unlock when put in park.
van. my DRL headlamps flicker when in the off position when vehicle is running. this is draining my battery also i believe. please help. thanks in advance!!!!!!!
when i turn the headlight switch to the on position they stop flickering. also something is causing a drain on my battery. could this be the problem for the battery drain. alternator and started checked out fine.
I try to start it will click but engine dont run
It seems to make the motor click and then lose power.