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The brakes work fine. The noise is coming from the dash and only happens when the car is in park.
My abs light and stabilizer light came on and it also says that my traction control and all wheel drive is now off. The light comes and on and stays on and then sometimes it doesn't come on. Any suggestion on what can...
when ever i accelerate or break, I hear what i think is trapped water moving with the momentum of the car. It sounds like it is coming from the front of the car. It is like a trickling sound. I can't find where it is ...
I paid cash (all I had left from a settlement) for a certified pre-owned, dirty, black, 2008 Chevrolet Equinox on July 4, 2013 with 68,892 miles on it from a dealership in Baton Rouge, LA There was no possible way to...
Changed the plugs, wires and coil pack. Engine light on error code BA000. Cannot find this anywhere and not sure what might be wrong.
I purchased a new cooling fan kit and it still does not work. Please help
We have changed water pump, thermostat, and the coolant temp sensor. And the heater core was recently changed due to it being plugged. The heater will blow cool air unless the engine is above 2000 rpms and then it blo...
Driver side started peeling in a wavy pattern from the roof first now in the last two days the passenger side has started!!
I can hear the little motor turning if I'm quiet, when I turn the dial to warm but still only cold air blows. My brother checked the thermostat and he says it's not that.
I have searched and can not find the cover over my headlamp Does it have a different name. I don't need the headlamp just cover.
My ac compressor makes noise so I check the freeon in the ac compressor the reading on the gauges would just go up and down
My ac compressor make noise when it kicks on and so i check ac freeon and I put the gauges on it the gauge just. Up and down
All the time when you run the heat air
Now every other day when you come out in the morning the car does nothing when you try to start it all lights work but makes no noise. If you disconnect the battery for a couple minutes the reconnect it the car will s...
Our's has the MICHELIN LATITUDE TOUR tires. Depending on the road surface, we can't converse or listen to music comfortably.
when you apply the brakes it has a load sound and vibration noise when you are comming to a stop.What would cause this
I have under 100,000 miles on my 2008 Black Equinox and a huge sheet of paint blew off the top driver's side doors about 6" wide front to back. Now that I'm looking more closely I see the paint bubbling on the other ...
Automatic headlights come on when dusk hits, however my tail lights don't. All bulbs and wiring have been checked and rechecked as well as the fuses. Is there something else I should be checking?
Passenger side seems to point down too far.
The buttons on the inside of the car don't lock any of the doors, and I have to lock them all manually.