can't get the bracket clap off the car. Please assist.

I have a 2.4 liter 2010 chevy equinox, I was wondering where the crankshaft sensor was located and how big of a job is it?

Ever since we had any missions recall performed on our vehicle which involves reprogramming of the ECM our car has been having very high revs very low gas mileage and sluggish performance and pulling error codes p0322 for and p0326 the dealer was not able to fix these issues so taking it to our home mechanic you replace the knock sensor and it is still happening it just his impression that when they reprogrammed the ECM they didn't do it right and therefore the control module is sending your messages how much would it cost to get this reprogrammed and what are my options do I need to take it to a dealer or are other mechanics able to do the service thank you for any help

It tries to turn over but doesnt.

where do you find a place to enter the refrigeration

I took the car to the Chevrolet place and under the hood the ac line was frozen. the guy told me it "happens sometimes on a long trip" as I had just got back from a long trip from maryland. Now the low beam lights don't work and my hatchback won't open. Now its as if there is a short somewhere. I don't know what is going on.

Initial start it make click sound, left turn clicking sound and when idle it shudders/shakes

As long as I am moving at constant speed I can run my air and it blows cold and my car will not over heat but when I am at a stand still or in traffic my car overheats and blows out hot air what could be wrong?

It started to use twice as much gas, I've replaced the AC compressor and the thermostat. What could the problem be.

It's pulling out when u tighten the big nut and pulling the boot tight like it's the wrong one and it's not

bank 1 what does that mean and what do I need to fix it also said a circuit malfunction is that internal or external

steering wheel hard to turn

I took it to the dealer because my abs & stabilitrak lights were on & when I picked it up the car wasn't shifting right. I took it back to the dealer & they are telling me that the shifting problems are caused from emergency switch.

It just seems too low in price compared to others with higher miles. I cant find any with similar miles

blower doesn't work no air. I checked fuses. all looked good. could it be as simple as a relay? or?

What is the size of the bolt needed to secure the handle to the ceiling inside the passenger's side on the ceiling?

It appears the handle is ok, just needs a bolt.

I started up my car now the air bag lite reads service air bag and staying on now
Any idea what can be done I called the ford dealer where I bought it from they do not want to cover it because it is a Chevy product ain't that crazy

I started up my car now the air bag lite reads service air bag and staying on now
Any idea what can be done

the message came on and want go out i just got this car last year in september and i called the ford dealer said that i had tocall the chev dealer