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Both front seats came loose from the floor board when we were struck from behind and pushed into the car in front of us. Also, non of the airbags went off

Sometimes it has a rough time starting but eventually starts after a couple cranks. Runs fine doesn't hesitate or nothing

I check all TPMS wheel sensors and they are ok, Where does the left front recievces it signal

Sometimes when I am about to come to a full stop, mu brakes pulsate and feels like the car is going to stall. I have 21,000 on it. Is this mormal? I am operating the car in the "ECO" mode. Is this how the new cars are being made? or do I have an issue to take it to the dealer. THANKS in advance.

When I go to start my car it'll turn over and gimme false start only way I can get it to run is to floor it while starting then runs fine and gas mileage is goin down hill plz help . Also I hace just replaced all plugs and wires did nothing tried super grade fuel also nothing and had injectors cleaned and again no difference

ok posted previous post about engine light on and obd code p0008 got a few replies but doing more research in my owners manual and it says that command start will not work if vehicle has emmissions control problems hench wondering if obd code is due to emmissions control prob would an o2 sensor be classified as emmissions issues?

have put it on a obd reader and it comes up as p0008. have read up on a bit and could be a few things. anyone have any pinpointed ideas as problem. odd time vehicle hesitated for couple of seconds when gas pedal depressed. other than that haven't noticed anything else

Can some put the part number used for the Equinox Model 2006,.

How much would it cost to repair ? I need a whole new steering wheel column ?

I switched coil pack and that did not correct it I also put a new spark plug in it, even though I put 4 new ones in back in May, and that did not correct the problem. Can some one give me some help on what might be causing this code? The engine is skipping a small amount(not bad) at idle. Thanks very much in advance.

I order a new cooling fan assembly and I have the same problem: The ac cooling fan works but not the other fan; Before I order the fan I trouble shoot everything to make sure that the fan was bad, I even straight wired the fan, then I straight wired and I used the same wire to straight wire the cooling fan and this one came on. I check the continuity in both fans and only the cooling fan had resistance: Before installing the new assembly I straight wire both fans and they both came on: But after I installed the assembly fan and hook the manufacture connections only the cooling fan work: Please help this is driving me crazy:

IN STOP and go traffic my tends to get hot.

I keep having to add coolant. I'm told I need a $12 piece but the job will cost $490. Can this be right? How can I get it done cheaper?

I had my oil changed by a car repair shop, and the indicator light is stating the same percent of oil as it did before it was changed. Always before when the oil has been changed we had to reset it. just wondering if he actually changed my oil!

water leaks into my drivers side floor from top.

front hesd lights horn or back brake lights don't work I have turn signals and top brake lights

my paint has bubbled up and is starting to crack and peel off

its a big one

Does the 2010 Equinox - 4 cylinder require a filter change when performing a transmission fluid change?

Bright lights indicator stays on with or without brights. Fog lamps do not work

Now I'm reinstalling it having trouble with the cv joint with the 6 balls and cage how do you reassemble that?

Plenty of freon no leaks ac runs good as long as u are driving bot when u sit idle ac gets hot ..... why?

My air stops blowing cold and only starts bac after it has seemingly cooled down, someone please help me.

was driving home 3 weeks ago car stalled and would not start up until 2 hours later drove it home and it has done nothing but turn over but will not start

there is a slight humming noise in the front when driving the car. We are heading on a trip which is 500 miles round trip. the garage said front differentials with transfer case and rear differentials are needed. Is car safe to take on trip?

Could this be a loose connection?

engine fan runs

I have an 05 Equinox. The brake pedal started to pulsate at slow speeds and the ABS and Traction Control Light came on. Hooked the scanner to it and it showed code C0036. (left front wheel speed sensor circuit problem). I replaced the left front wheel bearing hub assembly, cleared the code, and 2 days later same thing happened. I thought I may have gotten a bad hub assembly, so I replaced it again. Same thing happened again, so what is the problem?

My brake pedal started to pulsat lightly and the abs and t/c lights came on scanner code c0036. I replaced the wheel brg. & sensor. The light didn't come on for 3 days, now I've got the same problem. What could my problem be?

I just left my Eco button on and now I'm getting told that it has ruined my cam shaft and they will not cover it under warranty.