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I have an 05 Equinox it's overheating when idoling and once you step on the throttle it cools down when I'm driving it it runs at a fine temp for about 3-4 miles it starts overheating then when I pull over and turn th...
For the past 4 days my car exhaust has gotten loud while excellarating and when the heat is on it smells like the exhaust is coming in through the vents. How much will a repair like this cost?
I am nearing 15,000 miles and was told I should get induction service at the same time as the oil change. Do I really need this?
How much is it to replace a fuel pump in my kind of car? This is the first time this has happened. Also, how much is it to replace any kind of fuel line sensor?
have an odor that won't go away and the car sometimes won't start unless i depress the gas pedal down. i have replaced the catalytic convertor on it just recently but still have the problem.
I got an error code P0404 stating "EGR system fault" probable cause by failed EGR position sensor, open or short circuit condition, or failed EGR valve. I need to know how to check which is the issue.
my heater does not blow hot air although blower does work on all settings (low/high) and a/c does cool during summer.
Where is the fuse located for the windshield washer pump?The motor doesn't sound like it's coming on.Wanna check the fuse, but can't find it.The owner's manual doesn't tell you anything.Any suggestions?
engine light comes on at intermittent intervals replaced gas cap. light went off for a day then came back on
location and instruction as to insallation of new filter and interval between changes
When my wife starts the car in the morning, it takes forever to get it to shift into drive. The button pushes on the shifter, but the shifter won't move. It's worse in the winter than the summer. What is the cause of ...
my car smells a lot of fuel outside, I don't see if it's leaking, but the smells is bad it seems to come from the place where I pump the gas.
what do it mean? when it raining they will both come on.
I hadnt driven it in 2 days. I tryed to electric start it and didnt work. So I tryed it manually and it clicked and ticked with lights flashing. but it wouldnt turn over. It did say somthing about a switch. But when I...
My horn does not work in cold weather.
front wheel bearing ..the car is only 4 years old.. what is the cause ..has only 40k.. awd equinox....will it be defective or is thit just wear and tear..what is the costfor it dangerous to drive now withou...
how to replace rear brake pads on 2007 AWD equinox.
My hood release cable broke at the latch - how can I get to the latch to release the hood and replace the cable
some times it takes 2 tries to start the car. Only 43000 miles and a new battery.
car is driveable but jumps and doesn't drive consistly at the same pace. The car drives normal a couple days then when I stop it feels like some slamed into the back of you. One I accelerate speed it drives ok until ...
Just wondering what I could expect to pay for heater core replacement in 2005 Chevy Equinox?
i have replaced the bulbs on the passanger side and the brake light still doesnt work? and the bulbs arent blown. anybody have any ideas on this issue
The chrome bar across the grill, and sitting in the headlight recess does not release. The manual says to pull gently. it does not release. There appears to be an expanding clip that spread out after the chrome bar wa...
on acassion when first started engine stalls , then restarts and runs fine
The pcv valve has a bracket on top which won"t allow the valve to come out. How do remove the valve?
how much oil does my car take for oil
My trunk door for my Chevy Equinox will not open. When I hit the unlock button on the remote it won't even release and I do not know any other way to open the trunk door.