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It has happened twice in the last 5 days
rock hit the windshild on a trip on the road.
Hi, We purchased a 2011 Equinox. My wife is very short and can't reach the gas and break pedals easily, even after all seat adjustments. Is there anything we can do ? The dealer says they can't do anything and are ...
I clear trouble code 455 and it returns in couple of days.
The car shakes when it goes above 50 MPH
why is the car buring up lots gas and some times g gas there is a strong gas sent
My equinox will not go over 30mph the TC light will not go off I change the transmission Speed sensor but not thing chang
My blower motor quit working and I have pulled the motor and checked it (its good). i have change the resistor and the relay switch. Oh yeah the fuses are fine as well
where is the egr flow sensor located?
Left wiper became inoperative, right side okay. What should I expect to repair?
after turing the air conditioning on , after a very short drive i turned my car off and it steam poured out and lime green fluid was coming out but does not smell like anti-freez what could this be
when i brake to stop right before coming to a complete stop the ABS kicks in every time even when the roads are dry. the ABS light is not on and doesn't come on at any point except of course before i start the vehicle...
how do i disconnect the power on the wiper motor i think it running my battery down the wiper blade is stuck in the center of the back window and thats whenthe battery started going dead
How much on average it costs to change a thermostat? (
My 07 equinox ls front wheel dr has the service stabilitrak and service traction control lights come on everytime I start the car and they dont go off. I had the car on a scanner and it has no codes. I disconnected th...
from a full stop if i step on the gas hard or fast acceleration from stop i get a noise from the right front wheel, as soon as i let up and continue driving no noise
The struts failed and the hatch fell on my head and back. Any one else experience this?
My car started knocking Saturday afternoon really loud with a bad smell. First thought was when did I change the oil last but there is plenty of oil in it. Then we drove the car to a friends house and there was a lo...
How much should I expect to pay to replace the steering control module?
does a 2011 chevy equinox have a timing belt or chain?
Can't find the heater valve location.
check engine light goes on when in gear, put it in neutral and it goes off. When it is in gear it rides rough and the rpms drop. Pop it in neutral and it idles normal and the rpms stay at 700. Any ideas before I do ...
how much does it cost to repair a head gasket and a heater core
Whenever the vehicle is running, the theater dimming stays on. Is there anyway to get it to dim (turn off) once the vehicle is in drive? Is this a wiring issue or a user error? Please help.
I'm having the same problem as far as the ABS and Traction control light coming on. I have a 05 chevy Equniox and when ever I start the truck and go to pull off the brakes starts to vibrate and is hard to stop until t...
My AWD is not kicking on in the back tires like it should be just the front.
I have been getting the check engine light and after putting silicon grease on the cap it was corrected. But now I continue to get the light and won´t quit after gresing. How do I check the cap for sealing?
Recently, the TC Light started to come on by itself, and then one day, told me to have it serviced. I did they found nothing. Yesterday, in snow, I put the button on, and it felt like it was thumping, and could not g...
My check engine light goes on and off. Fuel sensors replaced twice