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traffic (lights, stop signs, etc) it starts to chug as if it will stall. When I'm on the highway and step on the gas the acceleration is not smooth. I've had a complete tuneup, new oxygen sensors, new SAP, new PCV v...
Sender is intermittent since last fill this morning
When in 1st gear but goes on find in three and drive on hiway
car had been sitting in garage a few years ,without starting
Had power assist before hose replaced but now does not is not whining and has no air bubbles in it. Any ideas?
Is there a turn key on then off sequence that resets the security.?
passenger door will open but driver door will not
Windshield wipers stop straight up when turned off, just started today, 30,000 miles on 1998 vette. Could not locate a repair manual.
won't even run after warmed up ran and stalled just starts and stall can't keep a idle. then when it cools down it will start up run ok for a while then stall at stop lights if in drive and not moving or gasing the pe...
but now has no power when you hit the gas.also dies how do i fix the problem
car would shut down untill it cooled down then would restart.code p1351 icm was only code. i replaced the icm which solved the problem but the service engine light is still on and still reads that code and wont reset ...
need to replace power steering rack.
was running park for10 days now will not start
Had oil sensor replaced now I have a noise under hood
Passenger side floorboard gets damp when using a/c. There is very little water drainage under car.