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was running park for10 days now will not start
Had oil sensor replaced now I have a noise under hood
Passenger side floorboard gets damp when using a/c. There is very little water drainage under car.
How much does it cost to replace the water pump on a 2006 Corvette coupe??
how much a shop would probably charge to fix it for me or atleast a rough figure.
what is an ICM I here people talk about it have no clue what it is Larry
when it does start smells like it is flooded once when driving cut off an on and never did that again just started about 3 or 4 days ago when it got cold here in phoenix thanks Larry
I have had this car for 3 years and I have probably put 125 miles on it.It has right at 91000 miles on it and I stopped to put gas in it well I did not put the 93 octane in it.After driving it to church and then back ...
Headlights/foglights come on during the day, but not at night. What is the problem?
All fuses have been checked and are fine, but no lights. Even purchased new lights, nothing.
after a 200 mile trip started this was 100 degree day but engine temp was ok . when stopping and then when you try to pull away would stall afte about 3 trys was able to pull away.
I just bought the car a little over 2 months ago and was familiarizing myself with the car. I lifted the brake and released it but everytime I start the car and drive it the light on the dash remains illuminated
I just had my car diagnosed by a garage saying that it has a condition called 'torque converter lock up' and this is the reason that the car shakes / vibrates violently when on the Hgwy under load @ approx 2200 RPM. T...
Car been sitting for some years and now wont start because fuel not igniting
Climate Control Panel light is very dim hardley readlable , everything else is funcational
The engine idle surges until I turn on the air conditioner.. No vacuum leaks found.. what could be the problem.. THought might be head gasket, checked the block for leaks and nothing... In need of help..
Car is actually a 1969 350/350 corvette, manual trans, no air, no power steer. Engine was rebuilt prior to me and I dislike the "wild" cam in the rebuild. Want more of a stock cam w/ proper valve springs etc. Looking ...
I am looking for detailed illustrations of the power window regulator and motor replacement on my 1994 corvette coupe.
my service ride control light came on I checked shocks and they were all bad I replaced them when I hooked up my code scanner there was not a code the light is still on and I cant clear it with my scanner how do I cle...
power window (driver side)is stuck and is off the track. the motor still runs, but the window is stuck?? how much might it cost to get fixed??
my a/c doesn't turn on and the display will show exterior temps. from-35 to 48 degrees. alsowhere is the exterior air temp sensor located?I think Imight offorgot to plug it back in whenichanged the radiator Thanks
I have a 1985 corvette, and the battery is dead. When I pulled the hood release, it only "popped" on the drivers side. This hasn't happened before. It doesn't seem as tho the cable is bad. Any suggestions?
engine will start has ruff idle an will not take fuel, motor will die
PO141,PO161 PO171,PO174
the only way i can get the ac to kick in is to ground the low pressure wire it wont kick in by jumping across the wires coming to the switch i can ground the green wire and it will kick the compressor in
what do i have to do to get the heat and ac control out of the dash
less than often i will turn the ignition and will get nothing not even a click all lights and everything else works brand new starter, batt, does not happen often then 5 or 10 minutes later will start like nothing was...
within the last 12 months or so I have had my brake booster replaced 4 times the 1st 3 times pedal was as hard as a rock had to stand on with 2 feet to stop the last time master leaked back into booster and ate the se...