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Had throttle body cleaned, changed 2 coils, spk plugs, air filters still same in winter ran good now getting warmer now doing the same, engine light comes on for a while then goes off idk help
problem does not occur often, once a month, I do notice when I start it, it sounds like its not gonna start, but it always dashboard shows no kinda warning signs.
tuck started running ruff and then just shut down . couldn't start it . towed it to garage and run for hour and a half . the engine light came on with a lot of codes so they think it is electrical . Any Ideas.
my 2008 chevy Colorado 1.9 has some play on the brake pedal it goes 2 inches down before I can feel it braking what can cause that
where do i begin to sovle this issue
Check engine soon light and fuel gauge malfunction occurred at the same time. I started my truck and depressed the accelerator. The engine coughed and check engine soon light came on and fuel gauge stopped working. I ...
brake light switch replaced. taillights,signal lights work.
I love my little Colorado but HATE being late for important meetings, work, emergencies, because of these random 10 minute delayed engine starts! It may go from a couple times in one day to once a month, and sometime...
when I tap my steering wheel the same happens. also closing my glove box. also in the morning my engine is starving for fuel for about 30 seconds thin runs like a champ.please help
Engine light on. Flashing ( reduce power)engine running rough. Not drivable sarted a week ago. Sometimes it good np problem.
I MAY GO AWHILE AN ALL SUDDEN IT WONT START HAVE ALL POWER.I WAIT AROUND 15 MIN AN THEN it will start up an go for a month before doing it again
It wont move! i looked under the hood and there are some wires chewed into.
I have done all of the recommended things, clean the throttle body, MIF clean, and new plugs. The engine light does not stay on. Still has a rough idle when I stop at lights.(runs great under power when driving) 14 MP...
The problem has happened before but it would stop after awhile but now is will misfire all the time I do have a scan tool have have not checked the common problems to fix yet
Checked fuses. can't find any bad. Where else can I look or what else can I check?
Change the oil and it was dark no chunks but lots of fine residue on the magnet . Added new oil and filter plus one bottle of Lucas anti slip . It got a lil better but still slipping now when I'm at about 50+mph . Any...
Other windows work ok. Door locks also will not work with key remote button.
plug boot,no codes,no problems,no smoke,doesnt use oil /synthetic
I have 187000 miles the belt, is not a problem yet. I want ot change as a precaution. Thanks Larry