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all of a suddeen fan speed 3 quit working. speeds 1,3,4, all fine!

Was told it was my ground wires but I cant locate them???

Also the radio will stay on after I shut the vehicle off and close the door, and the interior light as well for 15 minutes. This was never the case before. If I open the passenger door when the vehicle has just been shut off and close it again everything will shut off like it's supposed to. Some help please?

what do i need to do to fix this

My rear driver side door on my extended cab Colorado has no power going to it whatsoever. The seat belt lock, door jamb sensor and the speaker don't work due to no power. Its more of an annoyance than anything since I don't put anyone in the back seats unless I really have to but it would be great if it worked. This is a permanent problem that never goes away.

I had my head redone at machine shop I set my cams at 11,and 1 crank at 5 put dark links on the marks , but when I turn it over 1 rev by hand it jumps a tooth re alien and try again same thing happen, what I'm I doing wrong or not doing here, till I no timing is ok can't complete assembly pls help

Throwing code bank one running lean

truck dies when I depress the clutch to stop

To add that items like wipers, radio, etc don't shut off when the door is open. When we hit a bump sometimes the floor courtesy lamp comes on. Sometimes the dome light stays on. You have to use the remote to lock door to get light to go off.

the problem has just surfaced about four days ago. up until then it worked fine as activated when I press the button to acvtivate


Where do we start? spark plugs? Truck has 253,000 + miles Been a great truck sure hope this is not a larger issue.

ABS speed sensors in front wheels.

while going down the road my truck started beeping at me. all the gauges dropped, not reading the speed, temp, rpm or gas. then she told me i was low on fuel cause the gauge dropped to empty. i had 3/4 tank in her. i pulled off road and turned her off. when i went to start her again, nothing. the battery was still working cause the radio was still playing. it took about 10 mins before the truck started again. i got her back home with no more problems. why did that happen? what should i have checked? this is the first time she did this.

sometimes with force i can shift it but it wont go into park. its like its stuck inbetween park an reverse.

Air Bag System Light Comes On While Driving

where exactly on the engine is the crank sensor located?

An I've changed the fuel filter an spark plugs an its still doing it

This problem happened together at the same time

i checked all fuses and i guess i will have the alternator checked, but is brand new. i can figure this one out.

will be driving and then all of a sudden the truck shuts off. everything shuts off. the pass lock light is on (not flashing). turn ignition off and back on and it starts up. will go a day or two and not happen then today it did it again. what do i need to do

I started having an ABS fault light come on around 115000 miles. Not long after that the brake problem emblem started to come on at the same time with ABS light. I start hearing a small motor running right before all of this occurs and the brakes feel kind of trashy to push. Then all of a sudden the lights come on in the dash and the alarms sound and the motor noise stops and the brakes feel fine again. I sent thee modulator to MYAIRBAGS for a repair. Repair bill went from $700 to $79 plus S&H. Lasted for about a day without any alarms, but still seems to come on if I take off before the engine gets warmed up.

I lightly bumped into someone and only damaged just beneath the front headlights, the plastic down there, I don't know what it is called but if anyone could get me an estimate I would surely be thankful for the help! Thank you!

tried to tighten cap but light stays on. Still, cap doesn't fell right.

gauge barely moves off peg. Still have heat.

my battery has been changed and my alternator is fine but my battery light wont go out. I have been told its my battery control module.will it drain my battery if i dont change it right away?

Got my oil changed a couple hundred miles before it was due, and about 2 weeks later a digital "Change Oil" message came up on my odometer. It goes away when I hit the trip reset, but comes back every time I start the truck. How do I reset that irritating little message?

i changed the vehical speed sensor thought that could be the problem and still does not work and the engine light stays on?

the clip that holds the spring in the arm broke could not get it back on i the decided i would replace the arm i removed the nut but can not get the arm off

My truck is leaking antifreeze what seem to be somewhere behind the fan what can it be and how to fix it?