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Once moving if light pressure is applied, the rear brakes will chatter. Once the brakes release then when coming to a stop, they will grab a second before full stop. Has anyone else experienced this problem? My truck only has 48k miles on it.

my engine light stays on

Great Q&A here but no suggestions on why GM isnt fixing these obvious problems??

Obviously, it should be a recall issue when Fan climate control "resistors go out" on mine and so many other Colorado's? Mine 2005. Gm should be free charge fixing these blower fan deals!

Truck was running rough so I replaced all 5 ignition boots and plugs to along with mass airflow sensor. Ran great for about 2 weeks then check engine light came back on and I noticed at night when trucks at an idel the RPMs will dip below 600 and the lights will dim and ac slows down a little to. Ill then apply a little gas and lights get brighter along with ac gets stronger also. Im wondering can I adjust the fuel intake like on a carbitrator? Thank you everyone Robert D

People are talking about only working on high speed. The blower totally quits. It takes weeks to work again

Is this the same problem faulty blower resistor block, located behind the front passenger side fender

Motor shows no problems when checked

When going up a hill, my truck starts to lose power and drastically loses speed. The mass airflow sensor and spark plugs have been replaced. The truck doe have 185,000 miles. The problems started suddenly.The check engine light stays on steady. I got a reduced powers message once when going up a hill.

The above problem was caused by some defective intake valve seats that will suffer excessive wear. It will cause the engine to run rough and the check engine light to stay on with a misfire code. I have low mileage and was wondering what percentage of the 2005 Colorado trucks have had this problem? Since mine has low mileage it may not have started yet. See:

AC not recycling air, and the little light on the recycle button will not go on. everything else is working, but i need the recycle to function.

Does not miss driving down highwY.

i recently had my check engine light come on on my 2008 colorado i hooked it up to machine and it said it was canister purge valve i replaced it and the light still on i tried resetting it but it wont go off i need to get the light off so i can get it inspected

it does sometimes after sitting for 10 mins. I have call the dealer they said they can't do nothing unless it do it for them. we can go in a store and come out and it won't start or turn over. the radio works ,lights, windsheild wipers. please help us .

what can be done now??

have cleand t/b and put in expensive additive to gas but engine slows and cuts off a/c compressor and power sterring

Do I have to take off air bags

Truck won't start once in awhile, fuel pump does not work but wait 30 minute and it will start.

Trick not shifting out of Park. Put foot on brake and shifter moves freely without catching.2005 Chevy Colorado

change out resistor did nothing

the gear shift indicator displayed "lock 1". After a bit, the same display read "AB5"

i didn't disconnect battery cables,i disconnected harness connector c2 of pcm then connected once again then i cranked engine but did not start , started two times only for seconds but scanner showed 0 rpm and crankshaft sensor and ignition coil A trouble codes but engine was shaking. wires of the sensor not cut,i measured voltage of low reference wire it was 0.l v ( i is letter not number) . security lamp and check engine lamp are on while key is on.

is the problem related to the sensor or pcm or passlock need to be relearned. how to know the problem is passlock need relearning and not pcm or sensor ?

thank u
sorry for my bad english

Going to purchase one from the dealer but my truck won't start. I want to know if I could pit the new in and program it myself or do I need to tow it in and have them do it

After waiting 10 to 15 minutes it starts as it normally should