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Gas nozzle will not will not fill up tank with out cutting off a 100 times. I can hear air coming out but that should affect the gas nozzle thou. I need help with this bc its so frustrating getting gas. It takes ab...
On a 2007 chevy colorado
transmission leaks where dipstick enters
what can cause a cylinder misfire?? Code P0305 !
when I disconect the battery wait reconnect wait 10 to 15 minute vehicle start up.
Chevy replaced the head under warranty around 35k miles for cylinder 5 misfire. Truck now has 142k & getting misfire code. Don't know which cylinder yet. Coilpacks still original, replaced the plugs around 128k. Any...
the cd players plays the cds but when i hit eject it sounds like it is trying to eject but gives ck cd error
just crank. I you crank very long it has a security sensor that will kick in. When that kicks in I have to wait ten minutes before attemp to start it again. After the ten minutes it starts every time. What can i do to...
no mention of one in the manual
if the blinkers are on when i hit the brakes, i hear nothing.
it does this all the time
idels rough but run good, or so it seems
check engine light on i was told compression was low bad valve seats 108000 miles runs strong above 2000 rpm what do you think
The Colorado we bought didn't come with an owners manual to tell us what the truck was. All I know is that it's 4wd, 5sp, 2.8L, it has two full doors and then the two halve doors for the back seat passengers, which ca...
KNN air intake and glass packs but the truck was faster before I got the exhaust and just had the intake? Now I got a check engine light P0171
Just after I had glass packs muffler put in and cut off and turned down the following days had a reduce in power and little of a rough idle where's The best place to startlooking for tha problem?
What is the most cost effective solution having a 4 cyl colorado. rebuild buying a new Engine or dumping a truck with 90k on it that's only worth around 4-5 grand. The #2 cyl is bad and the labor alone may not be wo...
It only locks and unlocks from the inside and cannot be opened from the outside. Dumb, but true
I want to replace the sparks wire and plugs?
Several people on forums have done this with success. They cut blue and white striped wire, located in plug harness under dash, towards drivers door. Truck will not start for 10 minutes 2 or three times a week. I know...
My Temp gage reads low unless A/C is on. What is the cause?
engine all gummed up as we think that this is coming from antifreeze leacking and they could not find where it nwas going know we have a real bad tapping problem sound like lifters
Today cool air was coming out about the speed it does in the low (#1) setting.