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Dont know where its at

Recently replaced timing chain and assembly had oil ting new tires and front end alignment.had a few stalls while in traffic at low speeds had to keep my foot on the gas for it to run. Was fine for a week.then all the sudden wont start just cranks. New spark plugs and ignition module still wont start. Is getting fuel.actually acts like its flooding.any help appreciated. I need this car to get to work

do i have to tear into it deep or can i just replace seal?

where is recirculation buttton located?


Dealership says my turn signal "plug" isn't working, cost is $446.67 to replace! My right signal clicks very fast, right front blinker not working. What is the correct term to look this up on the 'net, and how hard is it to change myself?

Even though it only has 53,000 miles. the transmission is getting difficult to shift from one gear to another. There is no shuddering or any other of the usual symptoms of a bad clutch. It is continuous and no matter what the temperature. I can drive it, but it is causing me concern. Is there something that needs to be lubricated?

was recently in a auto accident where the driver reversed smashing my whole driver side Iwas stated by the auto body shop that the impact had pushed the motor back and now one of the motor mount bolts is loosened now the claim adjuster states that the impact could not cause the bolt to loosen is he accurate on that?

or at the wires that conect to the middle of fan switdh the thick wiring harness should have voltage on top of plug none help

I inherited my mother's car when she died. First I noticed things left in the trunk were damp, now I find several inches of water around the spare tire and battery. Even when the car has not been driven for several weeks there is more and more water in the trunk. I noticed there was a gap where the rear antenna was and had that replaced but it did nothing to stop the water. I took it back to the dealer who said it was the rear window and then I took it to an auto glass installer and they said it is not the window. I do not have a skylight in the car either. This seems to be a flaw in the design to me. Has anyone found out what is causing this large amount of water in the spare tire/battery area?

MY traction control light comes on when the emergency brake is engaged and goes off as soon as the brake is disengaged. Anyone know what could be causing this problem?

does the head need to be repaired (valves)

my daughter bought a 2010 Cobalt. Low Traction light came on. thinking it was a tire problem, had them checked, 1 was low on air, filled it and light went off. now the light comes on periodically. contacted Chevy Customer Service at about the problem by e-mail. They have already called and I will speak to them on Monday. This is a scary probelem because my daughter drives on Houston freeways to get to school.

After I put the car in neutral and turn the key it starts right up, but this is a ongoing thing.

I have a 2005 colbalt with automatic transmission. When ever it gets cold out my car throttles down to the point where it seems like its going to die and then throttles back to normal, when ever I am not pressing the accelerator. Its not all the time, and it mostly occurs when ever the car is in gear.

also shows a car with a lock on it symbol on the dash

The car seems to drive fine on an open rode it's just when I come to a stop the car dies,only if the heat is on it starts back up but the heat has to be off.If I don't run the heat and come to a stop it's fine.My check engine light is on also

but does not un lock on the passage side the lock button does not work win you can get it lock you come back and it is un locked and win u drive it the doors try to lock but they dont but they do un lock win u put it in park

the check engine light come on and off it takes couple days to show up then turns off. when the car is idle on a stop sign my car feels like it wants to turn off when the check engine is on. anyone can help me fix this problem please..

Doors locking and unlocking what would be the part number Engline fuse block shows two bcm3 or bcm2

Had a recall on the ignition lock on my chevy cobalt. Letter said it would be repaired at no cost which I verified when I dropped my car off for service. Chevy dealership is trying to make me pay $37.40 for a new key becuase my key no longer works now that they put the new parts in. Are they scamming me?

Can someone help me fix code p0223 (Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "B" Circuit High input. I was thinking about just buying a new throttle but don't know if thats the issue.

The engine trys to turn over but will not start

When the passenger seat is empty the warning light does not come on.

the light has been on for the last 40,000 miles and I have had no problems with the car whatsoever. oil changes and tires have been regularly serviced, and no other problems have occurred. Could this 'check engine' light be just a short or something? Nothing appears to be wrong with this car for the last 4 years or 40,000+ miles.

This happened before, a couple of years ago, and it just went off by itself. Could it just be a message error or
am I just hoping to avoid a repair?

The first thing to happen was my A/C shut off for an hour or 2 and started right back up, then 2 days later my car died at a stop light. Now its so bad that it did it yesterday while I was driving down the road. All of this while the A/C is on but it is just fine as long as I keep it off.

Was told it could be something with a purge sensor, anyone know the location?

I started smelling gas outside the car couple of months ago then started to smell it inside the car a couple of weeks ago. I've had the fuel injector cleaning done and the fuel filter changed. There isn't anything dripping underneath the car, just a very strong smell.