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the t/c light comes and goes and the car surges and jerks at any given time mostly when the a/c clutch engages. the a/c runs hot now and there is a smell coming from the engine compartment. please help if you have any...
p0014 and p0011 codes
The engine made a loud noise. The mechanic told us to replace the tensioner, timing belt and the engine. Should we?
ive replaced the fuel filter, injector "o" rings, injector sleeves, no vacuum leaks, no exhaust leaks, and just replaced the mass air flow sensor today and its still having the same problem. its throws a p0171, lean c...
Replaced every part of a/c system and it still blows warmer air at high speed and cool at low speed or stop. have spent over 1k so far! and been to dealer and 2 mechanics