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my rigth front wheel shaks driving it spees about 25mph
how to change a starter
starting problms will not started
how to change a starter on my car it will not started
the car has not turned for 10 years engine started well but then it get overheated thanks for reply
Car starts & runs fine until I drive it about 10 miles and turn it off for 20-30 minutes. When I try to start it back it takes several times to get it to start. I have replaced the throttle positioning sensor, map sen...
why does this car runs good for about 5 miles and then stalls out.I noticed that when it gets hot it shuts off,and once it cools off it will start back up.I have had the crank sensor,ecm control module,computer and co...
The car runs but when it gets hot it shuts off. It stops the injectors from spraying fuel.But when the car cools it will start up again.
Ok, so I really need to know what's going on. My car is a 1987 Chevy Celebrity with 104,000 miles on it. Today it suddenly decided to idle REALLY rough (when i opened the hood the whole damn engine was shaking). To...
car became sluggish and died while driving and now will not start, but does still turn over
When i start my car it starts just fine. But if i drive it for about ten miles and park it and let it sit for about 1 hour and i go to start it it misses real bad and when i put it in gear it tries to die.But if i go ...