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Codes u1301, u1040,u1064,p1626
Just had the transmission rebuilt 2 months ago, good clutch on it, is all of the sudden barely going into all gears. I have to double clutch to shift into any gear, which makes me think it's the synchros in the tranny...
how does the front and back bumper come off? And does that have to be done? Is there a bodykit that just slips over factory front and rear bumper? Ans Side Skirts? How?
It looks like its a hex key but I tried the 4mm it slipped the 5mm was to big, so I bought a 4.5mm and that's to small. Also I tried using a t27 but that's to small also n I tried a t30 but that's to big please help.
car began to not start...nothing no radio nothing...changed starter,no help,changed alternator no would run and die while driving now will not even start...checked battery and its good any ideas?
Dipstick tupe leaking transmission fluid badly
OWhat Would Be The cause? It Has Spark And Turns Over Just Fine But It Won't Run! Could It Be Th E Timing Jumped?
Freeze plug behind bell houseing
Today my cavalier randomly stalled going down the road. When I went to start it back up it was fine but then continues to stall after a few minutes of driving. Help? Idk what this is.
What is the Low and High AC readings. and how long should the AC system be evacuated? Also for R134 should it be put in as gas or liquid?
why do I have to let off the throttle for my automatic transmission to shift?
Miles on car dnt mark what so ever
car has about 77,000 miles on it and is for the most part a great vehicle 1 estimate would be about $1200.00 thumbs up or down
I have replaced every front, back bulb(s) and fuse(s). When I turn my lights on, the break lights come on but when I go about driving or reversing, the break lights go out. I can break for lights or stop signs and the...
All the above lights come on and daytime lights stay on about 20 min after car is off, also, it only happens after I have driven the car for about 20 min and hit a bad bump. The gas and temp, rpm gauges go to zero a...
Constant clanking/clanging noise coming from front end of car. As the speed of the car increases, so does the speed of the sound (ie, slow speed = slow sound; fast speed = faster sound). Tires are a bit worn, but do...
clutch lost all pressure and i was not able to shift gears. Mechanic pickedup the car from my house and drove it to his shop. He imformed me there was a leak but he could not find from where, although, all fluids are...