When the car is in Drive and I try to go faster than 30 mph the engine starts to rev really hard, but there is no power going to the tires as if it was in neutral. If I put it in 2 it runs fine, but I can't take it on the highway. I have checked all fluids and even though the engine light is on the only OBDII error is a faulty engine temp gauge.

The has only happened twice so far and I'd like to nip it in the but early. My car has started overheating while idling in drive, with my foot on the break. It cools down once I start driving or turn the engine off and doesn't happen again for awhile. I can also smell burning rubber when it happens. Coolant isn't low. Any help would be super appreciated.

the engine runs and idles very smoothe, after the car is warmed up 45 minutes approximately and you pullup to a stop sign the transmission doesnt disengauge and the engine dies even though the car is an automatic. if you let the car sit 15 minutes and cool down you can drive for a short while until it warms up again

condensate leaks on the floor board. seems to be coming from the seam were the upper and lower housing come togeather.

I can not find the Anti-Lock Brake Control Module. my light keeps coming on the going off.

Clutch cable verified by mechanic needs to be replaced. Is there just a cable or an entire assembly line to replace & cost?

My keys are locked into the ignition and I can shift my automatic car from park to the last gear without having to use the brake or the gear shift button on the gear shift. What might be the possible reasons for this and how would I be able to fix it.

Thanks you for your help.

what torge should the engine head have

I thought that my problem was just with the door jamb switch but I have replaced it with a new one and still my light stays on I have tried to take the cover off so that i could just take out the bulbs but im afraid that im going to break it. Any ideas on what I can try next thx...

The brake light on the driver side will not light up. I changed the light bulb and it will not light. If I fool with the wires connected, it will light up temporarily. Also the left turn signal will blink very fast, and the odometer on the dash will not display the numbers correctly. Is this all related? What could be the problem with my brake light, if it's not the bulb?

After an accident, the wheelbearings needed to be replaced. should this cost be the responsibility of the one who caused the accident as there were no problems before. The tire & rim were damaged & needed to be replaced as well.

What could be wrong with my car if it's making a ringing-like noise under the hood? I haven't noticed a patern of when it does this, but it starts when the car is started and doesn't stop until the car is turned off and sometimes happens the next time you start the car again. I found that the noise is coming from a round silver (in my car anyway) piece to the right of the engine coolant container. On the left side of the piece that is making the noise is a belt. Any ideas of what this piece is called, what I can do to permanently stop the noise (without paying a leg and an arm) and if this is left alone if it could be serious down the road. Thanks!

Soo..I have a 95 chevy z24 cavalier w/ a 2.3l engine. How can I really know if the ECM is going out? I was told by a shop that he can't pull codes because the "brain" must be going out. It'll start...it'll drive. But if when I start it, it'll idle down, THEN die. What the heck? Can I please get some help/advise? I've replaced the water pump, TPS(throttle position sensor), IAC, Fuel Filter, told the fuel pump is just fine. I love my car. It's got 145,000 on it. I've had it for a year and only drove it enough to put 5,000 miles on it. I'm a DRIVER...19 yrs old and LOVE to drive and 5,000 doesn't satisfy me. LOL! Like i said, I love my car, don't want to junk it. They last forever. Help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!!!

when changing a water pump do you have to adjust the timing belt?

My dads 1998 chevy cavalier with 31000 miles on it, Has a left rear ruptured brake line, Wh had the car towed now the place wants to charge him 2100.00 dollars for replacing the brake lines, Is this possible he hardly drives it and maintance was performed on regular basis.

I put my car in reverse and it goes, but it goes slow in drive. Help

wipers wont work no probem before DeanSmith955@gmail.com

must tank be pulled or can you get to it thru the back seat

My two front tires are wearing excessively on the inside, and when the car is jacked up, the wheels can be moved from side to side. Do I need to replace the bearings, or the ball joints?

Hi, my 98 cavalier CNG, or natural gas car, and I need to replace the fuel filter on it. How do you replace it??

serpintine belt come off . tensioner needs replacing, whats the cost


The car seems like it wants to start but it loses the kick. The battery is fine and it has gas. I crank it but it does not seem like it wants to turn on.

spark plug firing order

the abs light is on all the time it says trak off

Hi there
My 1997 cavalier has been having abs problems, the abs and brake light stays on, i took my car to get a diagnostic and for some reason there scanner can not pick up codes to tell me whats wrong. When i put my headlights on full beam the traction light flashes on and the abs and brake light goes off and i can hear a clicking noise coming from the motor, i am thinking around the abs computer. Any ideas???

i replace the oil spark plugs and oil filter and the batery i whent for a test it was lot of smouk, my friend say the antifreese is mixing in the engien, and i thinking by replacing the head gasket, will fix the problem?

All of a sudden my right turn signal started blinking at twice the normal rate. The left signal is fine. Any ideas on the problem or an easy fix?

replaced the starter the battery and the alternator.start the car it will runs for a few minutes then the battery light comes on and stays on ?

I need to learn about fan motor mi is working in real higt tempeture