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i replaced an injector and didn't get the bottom o ring seated properly replaced that o ring and it was hydro-locked got that unlocked and now it is blowing gas out the do i fix that and what causes it?
ok real dumb question here but I can't seem to figure out how to get at the left front turn signal bulb to change it (the one in the bumper)
My fuel pump is noisy when gage reads half tank and below. What could possibly be the problem??
2004 Chevy Cavalier LS 4dr
I need to replace the turn signal flasher. Where is it located?
Hi, My windshield wipers stop working from time to time.Anyone know if the problem is the switch or motor? thxs
Why does brakes warning light come on for no reason?
How do you do it without breaking it?
i have no heat when gets cold i think the fan stays on all the time is there a sensor?
i had a accident a few months back and cracked my windshield. how much do you charge for a windshield replacement?
on this particular application, the existing inner tie rod does not have the cillar indention for the removal/installation tool. do i have to replace the entire rack?
my front driver side and back driver side window stoped working is there any way i can get the window up until i can afford the new window motors? i checked all fuses and relays and are all good
Just had water pump changed. Now engine making load whinning sound from area of pump. Mechanic told me to continue driving may go away. I now wonder if it was installed properly. Could it be defective ? Timing belt ne...
What do I need done for a 100,000 mile check up if I have been keeping up with oil changes and she's still in pretty good shape?
i had it testsed for emissions and the check eng light came on and i got an evap control system pres low and high input, with the numbers po452 and po453. what do these mean and what and where is the evap control sensor?
My mother in laws 92 cavalier had a leaking number 2 fuel injector for well over 2 months. When I was finally able to repair it. I found the lower O-Ring was split. So i replaced the o-Rings and put everything back to...
I have a used car Chevrolet cavalier year 2000 and my IC system is run out of gas for sure, now im wondering how to fill it up with gas? Thanks
Is it necessary to change the Transmission fluid on the 2004 Cavalier
My daughter just bought this car. We put a new battery in it and it still won't crank. When we turn the key - the interior lights come on but no noise of any kind from under the hood. Any suggestions???
HOw do I fix my drivers seat? It is leaning back and is causing me back problems.
About 3 years ago I found online how to retrieve DTC's. It was a process of turning the key a number of times. If somebody could refresh my memory.
whats faster 03 cavalier 5spd or an escort ls automatic
I was driving on the freeway and pushed the gas and the car just died. It will try to start but will not turn over. Before all this a few times while driving my daughter and I would smell gas in the car when we pulled...
Recently I noticed my car's RPMs were shooting up to and sitting at around 2500 whenever I would push in the clutch and ride the break to a stop. Well, prior to this the car was killing itself in the same situation (...
My clutch pedal is sticking to the floor! I can pump on it with my foot repeatedly to get it to spring back up but then it will go out rather quickly, lately within seconds. Well I was wondering what would cause thi...
i just bought a 1999 cavalier for 100 dollars and it has oil in the coolant tank it runs real good and does not overheat any ideas
i changed the motor on the fan and put it back together and know it wont crank over at all on the dash the theift light blinks on and off how do i reset it
Hello All, Had trouble with stalling, and low idle so I replaced the throttle position sensor. That's when the shifting problem started, and it still stalls on occasion. Any ideas?
Thought I was leaking oil, so I tightened the hoses. Turns out the cylinder fluid was leaking big time and I never checked it out. Now it seems like the slave cylinder is done for (clutch falls to the ground, no pre...