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on saturday i went to get my oil change, my car check to see if has any problems, and my tire changed. now, my car seems worse now. it stopped in the middle of traffic. the red oil light came on. and the red battery light came on. i took it back to the shop, they put a new battery in it. the oil light and the battery light still comes on.

car won't start.battery is good and has gas but it won't catch. it seems like it's not getting any gas.

I noticed the temperature gauge of my cavalier went into the hot part. I turned off the car and removed the key. The fan continued to run for about 10 minutes. Am I likely just out of coolant? or would needing an oil change have something to do with this? Any other ideas? Thanks,

what are major function of the climate control unit inside of car.for instance does it feed power to the compressor& low pressure sensor located on the high side

a few days ago oil light came on but checked and oil was full therefore was told it could be a faulty oil sending unit which i changed and after driving for about 15 minutes light came back on and was told it must be bad oil pump which have been changed now light has stopped coming on but is getting a rattling sound from engine when accelerating don't know what the cause of this could be any help will be appreciated because i love the car just hope it is nothing real major.

Airconditioner blows out hot air when I stop or get stuck in traffic


For some reason the system will not let me select the correct model I own a chevrolet corsica 95 2.2 L 4 I get Rough Idle when select Parking or Neutral Used to work fine after the tune up that I did a couple weeks ago, I put brand new wires, spark plugs, fuel filter and Ignition Coils, and also if I step on the gas the RPM goes crazy up and Down in Parking or neutral position, I double check the firing order and is OK please I need help thank U guys!!

The car will turn over and click once. i have checked the battery. replaced the starter and the ignition switch. still same thing! i don't know what else to check or do.

I can not use my seat belt because it is stuck. It will not move from the inside position. It is so tight that I can not raise my seat for my children to get in the back seat.

a/c does not blow hard replaced blower motor still does not blow hard heard of a door behind the radio that controlls air output is this right

how much labor for timing chain replacement

have replaced alten. btty. and belt. all pulleys turn freely and tensioner ok. put new btty in drive it for a day and lose all power btty drained dead. HELP!!!!

How do I fit the rubber gas line hose onto the steel line? I can't get it to go on. Any tips for making the rubber line easier to work with, such as a way to heat it and make it more pliable?

air conditioner. blows hot air when idoling, but riding down the road, it gets really cold.

I thought my battery went dead but I cleaned the cables. When I went to start it, it started and all the lights came on, on the dash and the car turned off. This happened once before and I just cleaned the cables. Whats going on here.

I just thursday had my shift linkage cable fixed and today my car wouldn't go into reverse i did it 3 or 4 times and it seemed "to catch" reverse-its very loose - shifting compared to what it was prior to getting the cable fixed you have to do it 3 or four times for it to catch-its automatic

How do replace the front turn signal bulb? This is on a 2000 chev cavalier.

When you turn on the air dial anywhere but circulate, there is a clicking sound coming from a round large part under the dash behind the glove compartment? what is this part and what does it do?

turn signal lights went out

daughters car no noted leaks around radiator or water pump
i am not sure if fan is working or not. Need a repair shop to check it out for me. Is there a repair shop that will do a chec for free in leander

recommmended by mechanic, need cost estimate.
Thanks !

recommended by mechanic, need estimate

is there an adjustment for the e brake cable.if so where.

my 1995 chevy cavalier won't start. the dash lights come on and the fuel pump kicks on, but it won't start. i checked the ground wire and it is fine. i even disconnected the battyer thinking maybe it needed to reset itself.

Why does car shake, chug, jerk, etc. when coming to a stop? Sometimes even on acceleration. Feels like the car wants to lock up and stop.

Why does the car shake, chug, jerk,etc. when breaking or slowing down? It feels like the front of the car is going to lock up.

The car is experiencing a strange coolant loss in parallel with strong overheating when the coolant tank is empty. After refilling it, the coolant tank becomes empty after three days. I have changed the radiator but the loss remains. I have checked the fan and it's working properly. The oil is not milky. I noticed that when I open the coolant tank it emits a sound as if there is some gas pressure. The "Check Engine" light got on but got back off after two days and several tentatives have to be made to start the car before the engine starts. A repair shop suspects a blown head gasket. However, since this costs a lot of money I would like to make sure if the above are the corresponding symptoms and if there's a way to verify this possibility before proceeding with this step.

Why would my alternator (in my 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L 4 cylinder) be making a ringing-like noise sometimes? There isn't a pattern of when it makes this noise. Is this a serious problem and should I get it fixed?

Is it normal to have to have so many repairs needed.