Check engine light is on (steady light) and got gasoline a couple of days ago. Told that it might be the gas cap not turned enough times, but light came back on for mechanic as drove it. Diagnosis was unclear, but thought it might be fuel pump related. Mechanic stated he hears a hiss sound when under car. Took to Auto Zone and diagnosis was throttle sensor, but mechanic says not the sensor. Please advise as budget is extremely small! Thanks!

The steering wheel became loose. Has been like that for about 6 months. When I went to leave work it totally broke. It won't lock into place. Is it expensive to fix?

My car is starting to overheat when I have the AC on and my Dad has seen the elec. fan come on and once the car begins to heat up the fan shuts off.

What is the part number or equivalent universal replacement for a front exhayst flex pipe for a 2005 lexus ES 330

Help! I know pretty much zero about cars, and I'm currently without one. I just saw a '96 Cavalier advertised for $600/b/o, but it says it has a stuck lifter and needs 2 strut mounts. Is this a huge amount of work and cost? (Sorry I don't know which engine it is.)

my car will not shift to first gear.the engine light was on then when off, and is not on.

po 107 comes up. do i need to change the map sensor or is there something else wrong?

ac air warms up when vehicle is iddeling for a period of time. The quote of 225.00 includes 2 cans of ac coolant (r148) - is this price sound right

trying to find microprocessor on 2ooo cavalier 2.2 4cylinder on which ac switch is connected to pcm in order send data to it. in order for operation compressor to work.note:new compressor in stalled,refrigerant pressure sensor,system vacuum dn&flush &filled system 1.50 lbs of freon,changed out temperature control ,coming out from controller,(still no power compressor clutch,ac relay changed out,hvac fuse ,erls fuse all good

the fuel gauge reads 1/2 then 1/4 then full then it settles down for a while, then as you are preparing to stop or make a turn the car stalls out. There is some (slight) hesitation before it stalls. The staling of the car is getting more pronounced and upon recently filling the tank, within about 12 miles of driving the gauge read 3/4.

Brake fluid leaks by the passenger-side back tire. Brake light comes on, when empty. When I fill it, brake light goes off. Today, it fills like the back brake is tight. The brake pedel fills like it locks and my back tire makes a skidding noise.

Hi-what can you tell me about Ceramic Brakes? I was told to get them because they last longer. Have any idea what the price range for them is? Thanks!

I am being charged $798 to get my passkey system working...is this fair?

Can go in drive, but I when I put it in reverse it acts like it wants to go back but the back passenger tire just drags - will not move. But I can put it in drive and all wheels go. Help!

Am concerned radiator fan and condenser's direct wiring to battery had led to my new alternator burning?

My car fan blower does not come on till it reaches about 240 temp. ....is that normal for this type car and if not any suggestions...

i barely made it home the other night after my 2004 chevy cavalier standard 2.2 liter's clutch petal lost all resistance. The car will still start and i can only shift gears when the car is off and even then it jolts forward already in gear. I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. Please help.

Fusible link is melted causing no brake lights or blinkers, lights on dash to malfunction.

check engine light came on the code is p1404 what does it mean and how can i fix it??

the flashers work and the bulbs r all good

how do you pull silver power window fuse

Whenever I use my car my odometer doe not work, the lights are dim and half of the numbers aren't there, sometimes, out of nowhere they will work for a second and then not at all again. I am wondering what I am going to do when it goes out completely, I can't even read it now. Any ideas on how to fix it?

The middle rear seatbely is stuck in the housing and will not release to be able to use it. What can I do to fix this?

brake peddle goes directly to the floor when pressing. brake line is broken.

on saturday i went to get my oil change, my car check to see if has any problems, and my tire changed. now, my car seems worse now. it stopped in the middle of traffic. the red oil light came on. and the red battery light came on. i took it back to the shop, they put a new battery in it. the oil light and the battery light still comes on.

car won't start.battery is good and has gas but it won't catch. it seems like it's not getting any gas.

I noticed the temperature gauge of my cavalier went into the hot part. I turned off the car and removed the key. The fan continued to run for about 10 minutes. Am I likely just out of coolant? or would needing an oil change have something to do with this? Any other ideas? Thanks,

what are major function of the climate control unit inside of car.for instance does it feed power to the compressor& low pressure sensor located on the high side

a few days ago oil light came on but checked and oil was full therefore was told it could be a faulty oil sending unit which i changed and after driving for about 15 minutes light came back on and was told it must be bad oil pump which have been changed now light has stopped coming on but is getting a rattling sound from engine when accelerating don't know what the cause of this could be any help will be appreciated because i love the car just hope it is nothing real major.

Airconditioner blows out hot air when I stop or get stuck in traffic