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I put my car in reverse and it goes, but it goes slow in drive. Help
wipers wont work no probem before
must tank be pulled or can you get to it thru the back seat
My two front tires are wearing excessively on the inside, and when the car is jacked up, the wheels can be moved from side to side. Do I need to replace the bearings, or the ball joints?
Hi, my 98 cavalier CNG, or natural gas car, and I need to replace the fuel filter on it. How do you replace it??
serpintine belt come off . tensioner needs replacing, whats the cost
The car seems like it wants to start but it loses the kick. The battery is fine and it has gas. I crank it but it does not seem like it wants to turn on.
spark plug firing order
the abs light is on all the time it says trak off
Hi there My 1997 cavalier has been having abs problems, the abs and brake light stays on, i took my car to get a diagnostic and for some reason there scanner can not pick up codes to tell me whats wrong. When i put my...
i replace the oil spark plugs and oil filter and the batery i whent for a test it was lot of smouk, my friend say the antifreese is mixing in the engien, and i thinking by replacing the head gasket, will fix the problem?
All of a sudden my right turn signal started blinking at twice the normal rate. The left signal is fine. Any ideas on the problem or an easy fix?
replaced the starter the battery and the alternator.start the car it will runs for a few minutes then the battery light comes on and stays on ?
I need to learn about fan motor mi is working in real higt tempeture
what kind of oil can i use
the cable is no longer available from dealer or parts dealers how do i get the old one out i have to get one at pic-a part what tools will i need?
how to replace gearshift indicator bulb?
Who around Nicholasville resurfaces rotors?
I used the car to jump start another and then it starting shaking the engine and runs bad.
does the 1990 chevy cavalier z24 have airbags?
When I turn my A/C on the air compressor turns on for 2 secs then turns off for 2 secs and continues to do this normal? If not what could be wrong?
24 year old female here with little money so I need to find out whats wrong so I can fix my car. My fan never comes on even when I turn the A/C on, however when I do turn the A/C on my temperture climbs up faster but ...
when i turn the ac on the car idels up and down and it doesnt blow cold air i replaced the hoses and dryer and flushed the system but it still does the same thing.
A shop told my daughter they could not change her trans fluid - is this correct?
The gas lines underneath of the back driverside door are all rusted,leaking,and cracking which gives me a huge gas leak. i would rather replace them with new than to keep fixing them temporarily. Help??please
Where is the cabin air filter in a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?
I was driving 55 MPH and my car just acted like i took my foot off the gas and now it will not start...itturns over but won't start...the fuel pump is working and the spark plugs have spark. We tried a new computer t...
i am pulling my sons trans can you tell me where to find a detailed diagram to show him
my car is leaking water on passanger side behind tire is this my heater core