when i put the car into drive the driving lights flash on and off then they stay off. How do i get them to stay on?

what does it mean when blinker speeds up on right side?

how to adjust idle

they also "vibrate" when braking hard. The right rear drum brake is the worse one. When on gravel it locks up. When sitting at a hill with a slight incline the car doesn't roll back with the clutch engaged.

a tapping sound is coming from the top of the motor when i drive it.

i a 96 cavalier driving home it just quit i have fuell pressure and i have spark i replaced the comp. had the controll modeul cheked replaced injector regulatior and cam sensior

The wire to the 02 sensor wore a hole in a power steering line. Dealer couldn't tell me for sure what thee line was called but one end screws in the back of the rack and has gaskets with it. The other end screws into the rack on the passenger side. The end closer to the passenger side looked like a flared end. No gaskets came with that side. Replaced the part and it leaks. Looked for help from a lot of different places, hope to find some help here.

When it first happened, about 2 weeks later i took it in for a tuneup and overdue oil change. This seems to completely remedy the problem until roughly a week later when it started happening again, only worse and more consistently.It used to only happen once in awhile, or every few days, usually after start up. But a few days ago it happened towards the end of an hour long drive. The next and last time I had driven it (which was only a few blocks each way, it sputtered pretty much the whole time. I am hesitant to drive it. Also to be mentioned, if this may apply, I have had a coolant leak for awhile and have to fill half of the reservoir every 1-3 days depending. Not sure where the leak is coming from. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

About 4 eeks ago I has some cooler put in my car. About 4 days ago it blew out hot air. Took to the mechanic and was told I need a new compressor. Is this true and what will the cost be. thanks

When I brake hard, the brakes stutter, like the ABS is working, and then after I move again, it clicks a few times. I think this is just the ABS "self-test" and is normal. Correct?

However, this clicking sound also occurs if I turn on the hazard lights while parked, and then the ABS light comes on as if there's a problem.

This also happens if the wheel is turned to the right and I turn on the right turn signal. It doesn't happen while turning right with the left turn signal, and it doesn't happen while turning right if the turn signal is off. It happens even if I'm stopped, with the wheel turned to the right, and I turn signal right.

I imagine this is an electrical problem. Where might I look to figure out what's causing it?

I am doing an oil change and I want to change filter.

I want to find out if the recalls have been taken care of on my cavalier

where is the thermostat located on is car? i had water leaking for a place on the side of the engine witch looks like a thermostat housing but when i undid it htere was no thermostat there and the new will not fit it keeps sliding out into the engine... do i have the wrong spot is this thing that looks like a housing for thermostat just a air pocket?

what are the average repair cost to replace a flywheel including labor

starter is grinding it was replaced a few months ago could it be the fly wheel?

I just put a new radiator and new water pump in my car and now the check engine light goes on. Does any one know what this means?

occures constantely, happened right after leak was fixed in power steering, power steering pump was shot so had new one installed.

leaking antifreeze out of an elbow shaped hose off the firewall on the passenger side what dose that hose connect to

why would my 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier not start, it is not getting no fire to the spark plugs, but is turning over and doing everything that it should be doing?

The abs light has been on for years, and now it won't pass state inspection.. How do I get the light off and stay off?

I just replaced my front calipers and both wheel cylinders in the rear drum brakes, bled all four brakes and the drivers side drum brake is not grabbing when brake pedal is depressed. Brake pedal is almost going to the floor. When I crack the bleeder valve on the faulty drum brake a steady stream does not come out, instead it dribbles out.

Thanks for your help!

blower inside car does blow,but not cold air.a/c compresser clutch will not engage.had a/c serviced last week and it worked very well for a few days.

installed new ac pump now it keep poping the fuse in motor area

I had my car towed a few weeks ago and then had the fuel pump replaced. Ever since, there's been a rumbling or grinding noise while moving and veering right.

There's no such noise while turning left. There's no noise while turning at intersections, just while driving down the road and turning the wheel to the right to go around curves, etc. It's a continuous pitched noise, like if you drove down the rumble strips on the highway, but quieter. I feel it in the steering wheel. It gets higher in frequency at higher speed.

I would think that the towing chains broke some plastic which is rubbing against the wheel, but I don't see any. I will try to get under the car and get a good look.

aircondition on but won't blow air out of vents

is there an overflow for the radiator. do you just fill it up with water or should I use antifreeze?

How long should it take to replace the clutch master cylinder

I was charged for repair of power steering cooling line. what is a cooling line?

It appears that the driver side airbag needs replacement and also the steering wheel tilt mechanism is not working, the release lever is gone and the steering wheel is tilted upward and not free to lower.

My engine is making a knocking noise. The oil light comes on once is gets warmed up and usually stays on. Also, usually after the car has been running for a while it sometimes smokes a little and smells like rubber burning. Do you know what could be wrong?