my serpentine belt broke and woundering how much

does it matter with the changing from summer to winter whether the temperature will change for the car to run

My car has a very rough idle and when i'm driving it shuts off. I start it by pressing really hard on the gas peddle and no sooner i start it it shuts off again.

The cooling fan works with the air conditiong on but not when its off.

Why wont my car move when i put it in gear???

The low beams and driving lights in the car work, but the high beams do not. Tried replacing bulbs with no new ones but still did not work. Also checked the fuses. If it is the relay, how would I know this, where is the location of the high beam relay. Is there a way of telling if it is bad

My 2001 chevy cavalier windsheild wipers stop working completely. I have already purchased a new windshield wiper motor and switch. The problem still exists. I don't have a blown fuse. What could it be?

my chevy cavalier 2000 has a transmission issue everytime I am pressing the accelerator to take a hill for example. What is the cause of that ?

My full gauge is always reading full, even when the tank is empty.How can I fix this?


How do I change out the lifters. I have a lifter knocking and had a mechanic verify that it was a lifter. The rocker arm has alot of play in it

I recently replaced the radiator in my 96' Chevy Cavalier. The mechanic said that the cooling fan was not broken and that it possibly was a fuse or the relay. They do not do electrical work and said it was easy enough to fix myself. I checked the fuse and it was still working, I also replaced the relay but the fan still does not seem to be working. The vehicle will heat up when idling for a few minutes, but obviously cools down when driven. Is there anything else I can do, or does the fan actually need to be replaced? Also, the thermostat has been replace within the past year as well as the radiator hose.

My gas gauge on the instrument panel does not accurately report the fuel level. In many cases it will lean toward the full mark. Once in a while it will accurately go to the correct level, but then will float back to the full mark or close to it. My fuel pump is working fine. Any suggestions?

car won't stop and pedal is all way down . pads are fine and no leak.

car won't stop when applying brake. Pads are fine and no leak. Pedal goes down to end of travel before anything happen.

check engine light is on, my 2000 cavelier. evap code, any idea where to start and finish.

Window Repair Chevrolet Cavalier left window

off track window left.

is there access to the fuel pump without dropping the tank

About a week ago my tail pipe rusted through where it connects to the Catalytic Converter and they both started dragging on the ground. I parked the car shortly after I found out that it was dragging and haven't driven it since. I jacked the car up yesterday to try and jerry-rig the exhaust so that I could drive it until I can afford to get it fixed, and when it was in the air (about a 20 degree angle from the back tires) it started leaking gas at a rate of about 3 drips per second. I got spooked and lowered it down. When I checked under the hood, I could not find the leak. I'm a single mother of two and I need to get this fixed as quickly and inexpensively as possibly. Does anyone have any advice?

car will not start and i have replaced crank sensor, fuel pump, filter, different computer, checked relays, replaced fuses

The passenger side seat belt will not latch. How do I repair this? If I have to replace it , how hard is it to do that?

My blower quit working, can't get any air flow at any speed. I can hear the AC kick in when I push the AC button but no air flow when I turn on the fan switch at any level. I changed the fuses both at the inside fuse panel and under the hood but that didn't do anything to make it work again.
What do you think the problem is and how can I fix it or should I just bring it to the local shop to repair it (how much would that cost)
Thanks for any help you can provide.

I just purchased a used 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier 2 door CP from a private party. On the drive home I noticed sometimes the brakes went all the way down to the floor, crawling to a final stop. Sometimes it helps if I pump the brake peddle after it goes all the way down. A friend who is a mechanic told my husband he had the same problem with his 99 Chevrolet Cavalier and just unplugged the ABS. My husband tried that, yet the peddle still goes down to the floor. I am afraid to drive it and don't know if I should try to have it fixed or just sell it and take a loss.

I notice a noise coming from my back wheels as I come to a stop. It sounds possibly like metal on metal and the frequency is proportionate with the speed I'm going. Any initial thoughts?

engine oil dipstick is confusing. no add oil section, just indentations. oil is second indentation from top.

If you turn the ac on, the car wants to stall?

what might the problem be, and how much?

how much fuild

My fuel gauge just starting not working. It actually goes way past the full mark and hits the temperature gauge that is next to it. I've seen them where they stay on full or stay on empty, but never where it goes way past the full mark and it is stuck there. Any thoughts?

i keep replacing this tank why would the motor keep so much pressure and keep blowing the tank out