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i have oil leaks that are starting to affect the spark plugs and also the way my car drives this has started last week
summary: i have lost all power to my car like there is no battery in it, this is after i had changed plus wires due to a miss fire! prior i had changed the spark plugs.. then a dist cap, rotor button and then a whole ...
The car rarely starts on the first try. It can take anywhere from 2 to 20 tries before the car will start. It sounds like something spinning when it won't start right away. When it does start, it cranks properly and w...
The bolt on the inside of the control arm bar broke recently on my caprice. I was hoping I could just replace the bolt but after looking the area over it seems impossible. The problem has caused my driver side wheel...
i kinda hit a car that was in front of me, not to hard tho but my chrome bumper is pushed in a lil , how can i fix it to it looking good?
one person told me that it could be the fly wheel and one person said it could be heat shield..
and other days it will shut off well im driving
1995 Caprice classic 103,700 miles never any problems what so ever before.
i added water to the radiator and saw it running out the side of the motor
i added water to the radiator and saw it running out the side of the motor
i added water to the radiator and saw it running out the side of the motor
If I leave the car in idle it will start to overheat, a personal mechanic looked at it already but not at a shop so could not diagnose why the fans were not coming on unless I turned on my A.C.
87K Original on the Odometer. just this morning I got in it, started it right up as usual but when I put it in reverse to back out it didn't move, So I put it in drive, hit the gas, it didn't move just revved like I...
the car was running after 5miles it cut off at the bank the fuel pump is working and is getting fuel to the injectors. getting no spark what could it be?
Two weeks ago i replaced my transmission but i went (USED on my 90- caprice classic. Before i changed it, it was changing gears on first and second but once the car went to 25 to 30 miles per hrs. it idled up and felt...
I have a 96 Caprice (LT1 5.7) and I need to repalce the rear break shoes and drums but I see there are two sizes available for the drums. How I can find out what size I need with out manually measuring them myself?
so the result of not starting i bought a ignition modular and coil. installed that still car did not turn over. this is a v8 but has a 4.3.... plz help me out
still have the same problem even after replacing the O2 sensor and the same code keeps coming up. not sure what is next. both fans turn on all the time. the code is 64 and has rough idle.
i've chaneged the oil pressure switch but still no oil pressure
coolant leaks out my 1991 caprice classic but its not the raditor nor the raditor hoes
how many man hours on changeing fuel line and tank
I have a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice with a 5.7 engine. I recently had the optispark changed to stop a backfiring problem. The day after that I got the fuel pump changed. When I went to pickup the car I couldn't drive off ...
my batteries going dead after 3 to 4 weeks---new batteries
my caprice only has a dummy light for the temperature. i would like to install an aftermarket temp. gauge,are there any spare ports for the new temp. probe and if so where is it.
How often should I grease the front end on my 1991 Chevrolet Caprice?
my 1992 chevy caprice classic,350v8 runs great,starts,powerful,then all the sudden after driving and especially when coming to a stop,the engine stalls and the check engine light comes on.then it starts right up and d...
The car stalled on me and would not start. The water pump went out so I had the water pump replaced and the mechanic said that it was not getting a spark so I had the distributor changed and the ignition coil but it ...
Code 43 (esc) my car gave me this codes when checked on the computer I've already changed the knock sensor. Car is idled up very high and can't get it down