disconnected ground wire to the my Speakers. It seems like the car Will not start

when my steering wheel locks up the power steering pulley slows down almost to a stop and a minute later it starts back up like nothing happened the mechanic is blaming the problem on a worn pulley any ideas on what it could be?

What engines can I get that would be smog legal for CA, as in a turn key crate motor?

It's worse a times when it rains or hot, I replaced 3 ignition
Switches 6 starters 3 flywheels 3 fuel pumps and 2 carbs still
Have that same the problem and this not 90 caprice but a 1986
5.0l v8

its the fuel

It was rebuilt 25K ago. It does not slip or grind.

It will start if it has been in the garage or if it's above 32 degrees. I was told to replace the coolant temp sensor because when they go bad they read -40 degrees & dump to much fuel into the motor causing it to flood. What else could be the issue causing it to not start. 92 caprice wagon 5.0L

I can drive for about 45 min to a hour then when I exit and hit the gas it hesitates. It feels like there's to much gas when it's down shifting it drives excellent besides that any help would be much appreciated

I already replace temp.sensor and fan relays. They work fine as long as the heat or air is on.

i was told i needed it fix before my next oil change

It will not move even when pushing on gas just change 4 file pumps

you can put it in drive and go but wen it get to second gear going into 3rd it wont go into it unless you press on d gas hard

I recently bought the car. But it had sat up for 7 years prior to me buying it. The car ran perfect at first. Then it I was on the expressway driving about 60mph when it suddenly slowed down to 30mph. Drive it back home, replaced the fuel pump, and filter. Now when we try to start the car up, the throttle body catches fire when it starts up. Help please....Also replaced were the starter, cap, rotor,and plugs.

Old motor works, but runs slow (and only on high). Replaced the motor and now have full power, but inside spindle won't turn, so wipers only go up 4". Put old motor back on and spindle turns fine and wipers go all the way up (super slow). Second motor is an exact match for my vehicle. What could be wrong?

The coolant runs out the radiator back into the coolant jug then i have to wait a while for it to cool back down and the oil light stay on but it is full of good oil

96 caprice classic's cooling fans will not turn on. the only time it turns on is when the A/C is on high (passenger side cooling fan). The A/C blows hot air, I haven't added any R134a to it yet. The 25a Air fuse under the hood has been replaced twice but keeps burning out. I flushed the radiator and replaced the thermostat. Please help.

Car acts like there's a huge hydraulic door closer mechanism on the throttle, not allowing it to slow down the revs . . . and hence, will not allow the car to slow down safely. In addition, it is very hard to stop, since the drive wheels are fighting the brakes. I figure that it's a maladjustment, to do with its emissions system.

How do I get the alert light off.