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has a 1 yr old battery and twice now some how overnight something is drainiing the batter and I've had to jump it???
p 1870 code came up trany well stick between 2 and 3 when getting on it otherwise runs good
The car has 20,000 original miles
why does it cut off while driving a mechanic told us it was erg valve then the coil we changed both but still cuts off we even changed fuel filter,and fuel pump wats wrong
what is the cost of repair.
I need to replace the turn signal arm switch on my steering column. Is it easier to repair-replace the switch, or replace the steering column?
my camaro when it gets warm it just shuts off we changed coills the fuel filter pump and still shuts off could it be the module and shuts off when driving it ant takes time to restart
Is there a reset button to push after the fuel pump has been replaced?
Replace driveshaft
My son has a 95 Camaro that will not start. Will not turn over, but lights and accessories work just fine. He changed the starter and solenoid and started just fine. Next day the same problem again. Battery checked ou...
my wipers want retract all the way down it has just started doing this and i cant figure it out please some one help before i go insane
Brake warning light is on. How do I take apart the parking brake lever and reattach or check hydraulic fluid of the braking system? It is only the brake light, not the ABS INOP light, yet.
it only happens when i start the rngine when it's stone cold it thow's a code 1451 evap non purge what could be causein this ?? other then that it runs great it would get you intruble in hurry if you let it
oil pressure drops when car is idling after 30 min but small knock in engine
the needle points to over a 1/4 full and it just died. Is this bad gas or water in tank? It sounds like it will turnover, but isn't. Help????
can anyone give me a step by step instructions on how to replace a head gasket on a 95 camaro 3.4L v6.
how do you get to it
The check gauges light went on and it goes to hot on the temperature gauge for a minute then goes back to normal. This happened once.
My car stalls (mostly in the summer) sometimes when I am driving it or pulling into my drive way (drive upward). It is also hard to start up (engine turns). Cleaned intake, spark plugs are new, fuel pump preshure is g...
My '97 camaro z28 has a slow start. It takes several starts to get it to start. When it starts, it smells. (like it may be running lean)I had a new o2 installed because the code said the o2 sensor was the problem. ...
What is equipment is needed to read and program an ignition module?
I tightened my rocker arms after replacing the lifters according to the manual, but there were times that I had to take the drive belt loose after that to get it to crank over. I loosened the problem rocker arm and pu...
Rear brakes will not come on when pedal is moved. This is a 1979 Camaro. We have tried master cylinder, proportional valve and checked the line for restrictions. Front brakes are fine, but rear will not engage with...
I just bought a 1979 chevy camaro and the person I bought it from said brand new transmission, some how the transmission is not working anymore I'm not able to put in any gear please advise. Thank you
i replaced the egr valve and the maps sensor because they were bad, now the car will not start, what do i need to do
where is the heaer control valve located on 1994 z28
The check engine soon light comes on at high speed driving. Once I stop the car and shut the engine off, the light stays out when restarted. At time the light comes on under heavy acceleration. The car had the main...
I just changed the oil in my 2002 camaro six cylinder and now my service engine soon light is on how to i reset so it goes off
gas gauge only moves to 3/4 after filling up and works fine after that but it seems like i am missing like a 1/4 tank due to the size of the tank. could it be a sensor or floater issue?