I am a pretty big guy and need more room between me and the steering wheel.

If I try to accelerate to pass someone my revs will shoot up but I don't accelerate like I should. The acceleration is delayed and I don't seem to have as much power as I used to.

ABS Light has recently been intermittent, on, off, on off, etc. Now it is on along with the Brake Light remaining on. Can you tell me anything about this?

issue seems to be related to charging system, however,noise is not comming from alternator. if single lead to alternator is disconected, noise disappears. noise only heard in cabin and is very annoying.issue started at around 16k. thanks

why would it be dooing that i have 167,453 miles

sometimes it is weeks before the light comes on. is this correctable or just one of those unsolveable warning light problems.

Im am in the process of trying to rebuild my 5 speed transmission the tail shaft is out of the transmission that is in it now. I'm wanting to know the websites i can go to find out information on how to rebuild? Thanks

Just had the water pump and thermostat replaced. There is no oil in the water but in the filler there is a off white substance. The oil on dip stick is not creamy though.

The Gas tube is full like its the tank itself is totally full but theres no gas in the tank. The repair guys at Chevy told me to go to a different gas station but that made no sense and didnt work. its like somethings blocking it.

replaced neutral safety switch still not getting anything?

Light stays on constantly even after driving it for a while.

Well, I reinsured and retagged, now I want to drive it. Before I parked it, I had no problems at all. Now, when I start the car, it fires right up... no problem at all. But after 2 or 3 minutes of running, whether at idle or driving, the car dies. It's like I have a dead battery. No power at all, no radio, lights, nothing. Then, about 5 or 10 minutes later everything works again (I have full power) and it starts right up and drives fine. I have NO idea what is going on. Computer problem?

So to recap: Start car, dies and have no power.
Power restored several minutes later and runs fine. Then loses power.

The engine will turn and turn but won't crank i have already replaced the ECM and it still acts the same. but if i take out the number 1 spark plug it will crank and run and drive for about 5 minutes and shut down again. any help?

Do all 2002 SS SLP Camaro's with center dual exhaust have 345 HP or just certain cars? Are there other SS SLP Camaro years that have 345 HP? Thinking about buying SLP Camaro. Is the 345 HP worth looking for instead of 325 HP?

im thinking bad sender /pump any other ideas? as ive told her not to buy cheap gas and keep tank nearly full...

car starts right back up so..?

i would like to know were to buy this and were is it located on car

The pull down motor wont stop runnin i stop with manual unlock (KEY) then will not work atall slam shut stays shut opens correct then at pull down motor keeps runnin? seems electrical

It's been sitting for almost a year because I need info about what the problem can be any suggestions??? Need help !! I love my car

Lt1 engine, with code P1371

Could this something besides the bushing/bearing

the oil pressure gage is reading low and jumping up and down. also the voltage is doing the same...could this be the oil pressure sending unit or fuel pump?

Also the service engine soon light just came on. I don't know a great deal about cars. I was told to have the radiator pressure checked. Does this make sense? What is the most economical order for the process of elimination? Thanks.

at first, wild erratic shifting at different it will not pull at all...acts as if it were in neutral...


putting new seat covers on and would like material behind the lever that allows the front seat to go down for access to back seats.

seems to go away and come back, only seems to affect car when first starting car and does not happen when car is running, and only happens when car is in park after sitting. the button on the auto shifter acts as if it cant go down until i play with it or push very hard. have tried to lube area best i can but doesnt help much. an ideas?? 97 camaro rs well taken care of...

after I clear the caods P0128 it works fine for a day or 3 then it stops working again until I clear the coads again.

have been losing small bits of coolant for some time, seeing recently oil was very milky and has foam buildup in the crankcase. one mechanic said it has to be a headgasket but the other place i asked said the v6 models never blow headgaskets and manifold is common because its plastic?? anyone had similar issues??

if I jump across starter selinoid it cranks, jump starter enabler relay it cranks, but no fuel to injectors.

the ignition key is the right one with the chip on it but the security lamp on the dash stays on when the engine is running