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My car will shut off on me but if I press the gas on time it will kick right back on... Usually happens when I take off on 1st gear making a right turn. although it has happened on the highway doin around 60- 65mph bu...
I replaced the fuel filter. When I start it up it will not run good unless I let it idle for three or four minutes. If I put it in gear it will die unless it warms up. Put in new plugs, wires egr valve, fuel filte...
Still have o2 sensors hooked up but car not accelerating correctly and has some knock. Don't have a computer programmer
still idles high if I tap the iac it goes down to normal rpm cleaned the port hole and does the same thing HELP
the problem is my son cut the wires at the front of the eng and would not charge,the wires from the batt to alt and remove fuses and it burnt the alt ,don't want toput a alt in till i find problem please help
I have a 2001 camaro convertible. We have a drain on the batter that happens over night which causes me to jump start it on some days. I've already spent over $500 on a new battery and a couple try to narrow the prob...
have had no problems with this car at all just started loosing alot of oil i tightened the oil filter because i could feel it was loose dont know what made it loose though
My camaro idles right until you put it in gear then the rpms go to 1500.Ihave replaced the IAC but it still does the same thing,it is a throttle body, what could cause this?
cap... I also have a large flow of engine oil going right through under the rear of engine drivers side please advise also put on a new starter
when im driving I have it in overdrive and it will shift into second if I let off the gas or do it manually. but it just goes into high rpms and wont shift at all. I think it might be the shift solenoids but im not su...
i know the proper fire order on ign. not sure of which plug is considerd 1 -6 on engine block
It idles normal until you put it in gear then the rpm,s rises to 1500,I recently replaced the IAC then a while later it started doing this.It is a throttle body,What could cause this.
Fuel pressure reads 42 and the battery and starter are fine. When i turn the key to the accessory position the fuel pump turns on. I just cant figure out the problem
I disconected the gas filter and no gas comes out, I can hear the zooming noise of the pump but no gas comes out.
got a 95 Camaro Z28 I recently put a front oil seal on my engine I drove it a couple weeks I was checking the fluid levels and I notice that there was oil in the radiator it's not mixing water in the oil pan my ques...
(V6)Last year I filled the tank and accelerated to get on the interstate and the car started acting like it was running out of gas,the check engine light came on and acted like it had a flat tire(shook)..I took it int...
i had the trasmission filter changed and it was running good for a couple of weeks then it stop moving completely
The steering wheel is hard to steer, but wasnt this way last week, the power steering fluid seems fine.
Odometer does not work the sensors work about ten minutes then fail
is there any damage to using Radiator stop leak and if not, what is the best one to use?
is there any damage to using Radiator stop leak and if not, what is the best one to use?
Also very difficult to see inside, and all the youtube videos of this model to replace the bulb doesn't look like mine. The housing and everything is the same, except the removal of the bulb..turning it left, the remo...