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P410 is the code I got the light stays on its a Z28 camaro
check engine light is on code is P410 light stays on.
Thanks for your help. I read that sillicone spray will help as well.
I have a lifter knocking. After removing the fasteners from the fuel rail, it seems that the injectors are the only thing holding it to the engine. I don't want to damage anything. Do the injectors pop loose from the ...
I have replaced the alternator and the battery and the charging system wont charge the battery it has the 3.1 and idk what to do the little battery light in the dash does not come on either HELP??
My 2000 (3.8L V6) Chevrolet Camaro runs fine, unless im on a long drive (one hour or more at highway speeds). Once i have been riding at highway speeds for an hour or so, and come to a stop light, when the tranny cha...
my camaro had been tested with the handheld check engine light readers and said my nfuel pump was no good, i had replaced the bad one and now wont start and before i replaced the bad one the car would start but would ...
got starter out ok, but cant get it buck in.
Machanic just installed new fuel pump on my camaro. I have intermittment gas smell inside the car. Car also stalls sometimes when I start it. I have to try starting the car two or three times before starting. Any...
I have a camaro 1992 5.7L, the problem is that its rpm is not stable at all times it keeps going up and down, and sometimes it stalls when I try to accelerate. I changed the fuel filter and fuel pump and I still have ...
i replaced the low service port valve because i saw bubbles when it had freon and a/c was working. Now compressor will not engage and it won't accept new freon.
The fuel gage on the dashboard does not always read correctly. What might possibly be the problem?
The A/C on my 1997 Carmero was charged the mechanic told me the damper inside the dash was not working. How do I repair or replace this.
it has a 50/50 chance of it doing it so often
hi my 1987 camero 5.0 t.p.i. Engine has good compression starts right up but it knocks what could it be thx.
how do I change my oil pump in my 1996 camero
I have a 99 camaro it is making a groaning noise when turning only left at 20mph or greater.
seems that my alternator isn't putting out enuff "voltage" (or whatever the term is)...meter is saying 12.24, with engine at idle and no lights on or air conditioner on, etc.
My `92 Camaro does not start because there is no spark burning the fuel. So I changed the plugs, distributor, rotor, and ignition coil. It will work for awhile then quit. The autoparts guy said it might be the ECM, bu...
What are the possiblities when you hear a lifter knocking?
While sitting at a red light our 96 z28ss began to emite slite smoke from the front wheel wells. when noticed the light turned green as we were at a intersection of interstate on ramp & overpass,we proceeded one half ...
bad lifter, do all of them need to be replaced if one is bad?
I have a 1992 Camaro Z28 V8 5.0L engine port fuel injected that wont start. The motor spins when you turn the key, but all you smell,and see is raw gas vapors coming out of the exaust. I changed the sprak plugs, distr...
when driving down road, it is hard to keep car steering in straight line, weaves from side to side and have to keep compensating with steering wheel to keep it straight. Steering does not seem tight.
The backseat has water after rain or washing. How can I repair it and why does it happen? I have read about clogged drains but I have no idea where the drains are located or how to clear them or if this is the probl...
Should I use any kind of sealant with a rubber gasket on a cast aluminum pan on my 1983 turbo 350? What would be the torque on the pan bolts?
my drum isnt going back on as easy as the other side
Car runs fine - can drive for over 30 minutes. Then stop car and after re-starting, it dies. Error code relates to MAF....any suggestions?
I have 1997 chevy camaro takes a few times of cranking to start engine. how can fix it.