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My Blazer goes into alarm by locking and unlock door, flashing lights, interior light come on. What might be my problem.
Intermittedly, our passenger door will not unlock.. We have to play with the switch to get it to there a recall on this?
The last time I imported a 2nd hand front bumper, it cost me about $700 :(
It wouldn't accelerate at all. It spluttered and back fired died then when you start it there acceleration for a bit then lose power again. Then lost drive gear and had to use second. Now there's no gears at all excep...
found a bad actuator I replaced it and all was fine till a week ago it happened again I pulled radio/batt fuse to reset sys and the actuator goes to cool then to heat then stays in heat no matter where I set the temp ...
I was going up a hill at 35 a then there was a little clank and I rolled to a stop. I could tell it was shifting from rpms but it wouldn't do shit. It's not the chain in the transfer case the drive line turns either d...
I changed the o ring on the bleeder valve on my 1999 Chevy blazer, it ran for 2 days and now its doing the same thing. Its getting gas and wants to start, but she just doesn't .
my blazer lost fullnpower I changedvthe transmission oil filter and it drove front whords for 500 more miles more but now it won't even do that
My engine light came on but not pulling any codes, I filled my gas tank then my truck died in the middle of my road and was suddenly saying it was out of gas and wouldn't restart
leaking antifreeze under engine
check engine light hestation and missing. noice passage side near middle when pulling out. then no reverse. runs forward.
I replaced 4 button switch on dash, actuator, and cable on 2000 blazer. It does go into both 4hi and 4lo, but the lights flash. I have an ABS light on constantly which I believe is causing the lights to flash. I ha...
I was wondering if a tune up would fix the problem. Or is there something else I would have to do and how much would it cost?
I have a 2004 Blazer and have only had 4 yrs. I noticed light coming through and when it rains it leaks, now I've had pins or whatever you call them replaced 2 yrs ago and now having to replace again...what is causing...
I was driving an heard a noise and my truck wouldnt shift out of 1st gear. when i parked I couldnt go in reverse. I took it in and had a transmission flush which did not help. Do I need a need a new transmission or co...
Do i have to remove starter to get oil pan out
wont go into hi 4wheel but will go into 4lo with some troble then it wont shift easily and its hard to get it out of lo4