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When im driving it feels like its jumping back and fourth? I have no ide what the problem is i think is the fuel pump but i have no idea. Helllppp
will stall then sit a couple minuets, then starts up and no problem till next 90+ degree day.
worked fine then one day the key just wouldn't turn.
Engine turns over, but is hesitant to start. Noticed that even though the RPM's increase as the gas is pressed, the power that should be there isn't. This is especially true going up a hill. Also when running t...
Is a head gasket the same as a intake manifold gasket?
I have checked the bulbs, fuses, and selanoid. High beams work.
My blazer has been running great, but when I shut it off, it will not start.
after 3-5 minutes of ideling the engine reves up and down then stalls. takes a few minutes to start back up
my 98 blazer wont accelerate fast enough
I went up a hill and a white puff of smoke come out and its been surging ever since I have to let off gas so it will get up n go
trans. fluid leaking on driveway and was told the Transmission cooler lines had to be replaced. need to know if it' something I can do, if special tools are requed, etc.
Truck had been running great before this happened. The blazer stopped running right in front of my house and would not start back up. It cranks well and we put starter fluid in the carb and no fire. Is it the coil p...
Drove about 70 miles roundtrip when upon entering town had sudden Total oil pressure loss and knocking come from engine. NO previous leaks and oil levels fine when checked about one month previous to incident. Truck h...
the driver side window will not work it is power
yes i know it keeps the fuel in an out fuel gauge seems to be linked to gear lever been in neautral could it be earth wire prblem thanks
recently replaced intake gaskets it ran fine but had to idle it up with excel petal .lots of new parts any help greatly appreciated
check engine light on steady unless cold, or over 25mph. these are the events leading up to today... distributor was sloppy and was replaced. ran great for 4-6 weeks. check engine light came on and started running rou...
Every time I turn the blower fan on my heater/ac the fuse blows causing my speedometer to stop working because it is the same fuse 25A
cheched battery alternator searched for something on door open ect. autozone guy said stater can't buy just a solenoid having trouble believing starter
When starting I've got to press gas pedal to get it to start. When it's started and driving it accelerates on its own. And dies when I come to a complete stop.
I noticed that when I started driving my doors would automatically lock when I put the gear into drive and starting driving. But now I noticed lately when I put it into drive and start driving it does not lock automat...
i then lost all power and it would not start at all it has a brand new battery and when you turn the key it does nothing at all it has full power to everything but just wont start the lights for the 4 wheel drive woul...
It will not shift into 4wd drive while sitting in one place. most generally have to drive it for a while. If it doesn't go into 4wd, when I push the button to put it back in 2wd sometimes it makes a rumbling noise in ...
I've replaced the fuel pump twice and the wiring harness that connects to the pump this last time. It worked great for about 5 hours, then wouldn't kick on. After sitting a couple days it started for about 10 minutes ...
The ac works fine and there is no leak in the heater core
Brand new engine, got it back Saturday. After engine is warm I hear popping sounds that sound like popcorn popping. Only happens after engine is warm. Also, can't hear it when hood is up, only when sitting inside. Doe...