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When I push the button for the release it use to wind.. Now it doesn't even make a sound and I can't open the hatch window or door.. I checked the fuses and even tried to uninstall the electric latch.. But failed due ...
will start with jump
it takes 15 mins to put 5.00 dollars with fuel in tank i been told that it is the filler neck which as a vent tube inside the filler neck and the charcoal canister is stop up what is wrong.
would this canister stop up and cause you not to be able to get fuel in your gas tank or slowly put gas in tank
lately when i crank up in the morning my valves rattle from from 3 to five minutes then they stop i changed oil with a 10w40 the next day it did the same i changed oil with a 5w30 the next morning it did the same. w...
Where is the proportioning valve & how do you unlock it?
My 97' blazer seems to shift hard when it gets warmed up...going from 1st to second makes a clunk noise and shifts hard and from 2nd to third is mild. If i shut the vehicle off and let it cool it stops unless you driv...
If I have to have the differential unit replaced
vehicle wont get up to speed. more gas i give the slower it goes. boggs down. going to change fuel filter and was wondering where to locate it. 4.3 vortec.when i give it gas there is a loud bogg noise coming from the ...
Could this be happening because I need oil change??? and will putting Synthetic Oil in the vehicle, keep it from ever seizing up on me??
My 2000 Blazer has a vacume hose that has come disconnected. It is located up near the drivers side firewall and it has something to do with the heating & cooling systems, you cannot change the path of the heat or ai...
I am looking to replace the front drivers side door panel. The arm rest broke off. I have been looking all day for a part number and cant find it. Can anyone help
How much will it cost me to have a rebuilt engine replacement done?
how to check it if is working good
Is replacing the pan gasket the same as replacing the rear seal between the engine and transmission? I have been told that is the source of the leak.
I was told that I have bubbles in the rear dif fluid and it should be changes. Do bubbles in the fluid indicate a problem? How often should the dif fluid be replaced? Vehicle is RWD with 55,000 miles.
I took the rubber piece off, blew in it to see if obstructed, checked the resevoir and made sure it was full. When you turn on the windshield wipers you can see the fluid puddled up like a drinking fountain coming out...
my car is running smooth once you get it started. but it does not want to start and the check engine light is staying on
i checked fluids and gas cap what else can make the engine light come on
i checked fluids and gas cap what else makes engine light come on and it just had oil change
It should shut off...right? I bought a new one and same thing happened....nothing. Having continuous misfire. Code is P0300. Changed all plugs,wires,cap,rotor. Nothing helped.
if the air bag light on does it mean that there no airbag or dont work
engin knocks when i first start it in the morning.
My blazer has no electrical power. No lights, door chime, gages....nothing. Though, if i push my power door lock buttons in either direction it sounds like there is a relay clicking in around the steering column. S...
Buttons on dash seem to be locked. Is there a secret to engaging the 4x4. I have tried Park, Nutral, rolling.
Where is the EGR Valve located on my 2004 Chevy Blazer?
It has a hesitation on take off. It cranks fine its just when i stop and go the hesitation starts, but after that, the truck runs fine and changes out normally
Just serviced the light and checked all fluid levels. How do you turn off the light and reset it.