My service 4 - wheel drive light came on

Sorry it was arching on my dipstick tube not watching

OK checked at dark and found my coil wire was watching on my dipstick tube would it still miss if I move the wire away from metal

I've got the throttle down but its like its not taking the fuel.

It bogs down and loses power I've change fuel filter plugs checked fuel pressure stays at 60 took cat off no change I did notice it was still quiet after cutting off the cat I'm at a loss on it any ideas

I have changed all 3 speed sensors and connectors. The truck has a rebuilt auto trans .I changed the transfercase. I have changed the instrument cluster ,and I changed the computer what can I check, and where can I get a wire diag. for the truck?

montage 2001 Chevy ZR2 blazer 4.3 driving home on interstate no load emergency brake light starts randomly flashing and then miss fire while speedometer fligering any ideas

got off of work the night before, no problems at all, got in the next day started driving with no problems, parked somewhere for a moment then went to leave and put in reverse and there was none just engine racing, drifted back enough to pull out and it went but have to let off of fuel to shift then it goes fine, got it back home and checked fluid, it is ok and it does not smell burnt or discolored, and I do keep up on regular maintenance, oil changes, fuel filters, plug wires etc. but do not recall when the last tranny fluid and filter change.

Trying to fix p0300 code . Idles rough with backfire threw exhaust smooths out at higher rpms .has new cat. And muffler new fuel tank ,lines,fuel pump,new filter, plugs,wires , cap and rotor and new air filter. Thank you for your time

end play, rotational play . trying to figure out p0300 code. distributor was installed the way chiltons book instructed. distributor gear had some wear marks but nothing as bad as some of the pics. I have seen. thanks for your time

The blazer sat for about a year before I bought it. Could the vent be plugged

left tailulb burnt out i replaced it but tail light still don't work

will changing fluid and filter be enough or do i have to have entire system flushed

My brake lights don't light up wen I hot the pedal.

wen I press my brake pedal. The thread brake light works but the other two do not.my tail lights work and my Blinker's work but the brake lights do not.

The handle is in the park position,but the screen says neutral and its in neutral.

My 4x4 will not engage the the case is new the actuator is new everything is new almost but the 4x4 buttons only flicker when I start the vehicle then they don't show anything and does not engage into 4x4

Addressing this problem this has been done:
1) fuel system clean out
2) MAF sensor replaced
3) fuel pump and filtering replaced
4) cooling system flush with thermostat replaced

Additionally, after engine warm-up complete, runs hot as high as 240+ degrees; ambient temp approx 90+F degrees. The gas peddle position behavior is consistent; always more then 3/4 peddle travel, the engine bogs like all of a sudden there is less fuel being delivered.

After $2,500 spent the problem while a little better is not resolved.

okay so i bought a stereo and dont know how to install it. can you give me steps on how to get it to work? black on both is ground. on thw stereo red is ignition switch(acc) and the tuck is constant 12v orange. memory back-up yellow, switchv" 12v is yellow in the truck. illumination is grey in the truck along with the dimmer that is brown...help if you can

where can i find the part number on the fuel pump

I removed the car's battery and now that is back the radio won't start. The screen doesn't say lock or anything, just the hour. I tried pushing 2 and 3 buttons together nothing happens. What can be done?

Replaced fuel pump today. Engine fires right up but dies immediately. It acts like it only gets the gas to start. I have spark. Fuel filter good. Relay good.

Showing incomplete drive cycle for evap, catalyst and o2. How do I diagnose and repair?

My blazer cut of on me while driving a week ago. All my gauges said I was good. Found out needed fuel pump. The next day while changing it there was no gas in tank when the gas gauge said I should have over quarter tank. Put 5 gallons in and put in new fuel pump. Now its reading different levels each time I start it. How do I fix this gas gauge issue?

Took your advice from other problems.changed distributer and rotor.car runs great now

did fire to coil to spark plugs blue 1/2" getting gas spray fuel in nothing did once befor set for a month and it started

Tried checking spark but it sparks are yellow