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Replaced battery x2, Autozone said battery is good of course, alternator is good , starter good, but could be on the verge of going bad or could be ignition. Car starts instantly after being jumped
I just got a blazer recently and I was running through everything to make sure it was in working condition. But when I came to the 2WD/4WD stick, I have a problem. I pulled it out of 2WD and into 4WD HI and it had no ...
Recently I took my blazer for a drive and i noticed that with the parking brake completely up it takes excessive gas to move the car.There's a rubbing,and squeaking sound from the front could the caliber be locked up ...
I have replaced the dashboard controller for the fan, temp, ac and direction. The same problem continues were the ac runs even though you select the flow of air to the windshield for defrost, then no air comes out ex...
My abs light is on and my brakes once in a while feel like they are grabbing... There is a bad pulsating in brake petal and I have to release and press down brake again sometimes a few times to get it to stop... I can...
I just replaced the radiator. That was a separate issue. I was told it could be the catalytic converter
if you add gasoline to the carburetor it automatically starts going but once the gasoline burns off it stops. So what would the problem be and where would the problem be?there is pressure coming to the top of the engi...
Just had my car worked on. New battery, vapor canister valve, a bunch of other stuff. Could a faulty horn relay or weak battery in keychain remote cause this to happen?
po452 was code i replaced the gas cape to a locked one also did a new plugs wires oil change all that i can think of i need to take the E.P.A. test but my light want goes off what to do?Help
and when you floor it black smoke some,s out is it a fule presser reglater promble or something ealse let me know ASAP
Happens all the time. Cant park on a hill also. Fluid has been drained. No metal there either.
we have been having issues with the car not starting, we have to unhook the battery cable for @ 30 min before it will reset, then it will start.
My ac blows cold but weak and I have no 4. I have changed both the blower motor and resistor. What else can I check?
i was driving down the road and my blazer just like someone touched the key switch just quit and all my gages went crazy!!!So i had it towed home and my starters solinoid was cracked so i replaced the crank and the s...
Heater continually blows heat,wont change setting to defrost or anything else.Ive tried 3 different in dash heater controls,no change,same problem.Anyone know what the problem is?
When I plug my blue tooth device in to charge I get no power. When I plug mu Cell phone in No power. The cigarette coil does not even work.
Shifter is in Park but indicator in instrument cluster is in Reverse. I can push the car either way with no problem so it's not in park. Car will still not start.
Changed spark plugs and wires and noticed there is oil in the air filter
My 2001 Chevy Blazer is pulling when I put it in reverse and make turns driving forward. The wheel bearing was replaced in June as well as the 4WD encode box. When I accelerated while turning is makes a "skiirrtt" s...
it moves up and down all the time. Causing me to get stranded.
my blazer has a whinning hum sound coming from the front passenger side. its mostly happens when im decelerating.. people are saying the front differential may need oil not sure where it is to even look please help