The handle is in the park position,but the screen says neutral and its in neutral.

My 4x4 will not engage the the case is new the actuator is new everything is new almost but the 4x4 buttons only flicker when I start the vehicle then they don't show anything and does not engage into 4x4

Addressing this problem this has been done:
1) fuel system clean out
2) MAF sensor replaced
3) fuel pump and filtering replaced
4) cooling system flush with thermostat replaced

Additionally, after engine warm-up complete, runs hot as high as 240+ degrees; ambient temp approx 90+F degrees. The gas peddle position behavior is consistent; always more then 3/4 peddle travel, the engine bogs like all of a sudden there is less fuel being delivered.

After $2,500 spent the problem while a little better is not resolved.

okay so i bought a stereo and dont know how to install it. can you give me steps on how to get it to work? black on both is ground. on thw stereo red is ignition switch(acc) and the tuck is constant 12v orange. memory back-up yellow, switchv" 12v is yellow in the truck. illumination is grey in the truck along with the dimmer that is brown...help if you can

where can i find the part number on the fuel pump

I removed the car's battery and now that is back the radio won't start. The screen doesn't say lock or anything, just the hour. I tried pushing 2 and 3 buttons together nothing happens. What can be done?

Replaced fuel pump today. Engine fires right up but dies immediately. It acts like it only gets the gas to start. I have spark. Fuel filter good. Relay good.

Showing incomplete drive cycle for evap, catalyst and o2. How do I diagnose and repair?

My blazer cut of on me while driving a week ago. All my gauges said I was good. Found out needed fuel pump. The next day while changing it there was no gas in tank when the gas gauge said I should have over quarter tank. Put 5 gallons in and put in new fuel pump. Now its reading different levels each time I start it. How do I fix this gas gauge issue?

Took your advice from other problems.changed distributer and rotor.car runs great now

did fire to coil to spark plugs blue 1/2" getting gas spray fuel in nothing did once befor set for a month and it started

Tried checking spark but it sparks are yellow

When truck is running

the car temperature was not running hot. White smoke steaming from underneath hood.

Have blown head gaskets and water pump is shot.

on when I crank it up it does it a little but when I push the gas the sound picks up and it sounds like popcorn popping. It seems to be coming from the catalytic converter area. Can anyone help.

This is an intermittent problem. Have had diagnostics done, said I needed a new computer, but when we picked it up from diagnostic (without replacing computer) it ran fine & has for over 3 months now. It's like they tripped something maybe? We have unhooked the battery, replaced the MAF, Throttle position sensor & fuel filter. New code is telling us we need to look at EGR valve. The codes are TP Sensor Circuit Intermittent Low Voltage, Fuel Level Sensor Circuit High Voltage, EGR Position Sensor Circuit Low Voltage, Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Voltage... Any help would be appreciated.

Several times I use the remote to unlock the car and the alarm goes off, the car will not start. The security light keeps blinking. After 10 minutes or so, I try to reprogram the passlock and the light will go out and the car will start. I would like a quote to bypass and use the key only.

RPMs go up but it has no power. Check engine light came on once but went right back out. That only happened once tho. Replaced fuel filter but still has the problem

The fuel is getting to the carburetor but not in it, I poured gas in the carburetor and it starts, what is stopping fuel from getting to cylinders?

resetting the passkey and my security light only flashed 3 times ,new battery,plugs are firing, have gas,took post off battery to reset don't want to keep spending money i don't have .It is a 4 door 4 wheel drive 4.3 will turn over just won't start

When its reved up or if it goes up a hill or shifts gears it loses speed and dies mechanic even says it sounds like it runs out of gas but plenty in it. Psi stays the same when it dies. Changed fuel pump,fuel filter, and computer none has fixed the problem was told the injectors regulator and sensors was good what could be wrong? I have a small child with medical issues this is the only vehicle we have to get her to appointments no money to buy another can anyone please help.

it loss power and now has a loud knock at the top of theengine

it knocks at the top of the engine

Hello, I bought my 2000 Chevy Blazer a few months ago for a bday present. When received my vehicle, I noticed that whenever I turned my truck on my fuel gauge's needle will quickly go straight to full. I need to know the amount I have to pay in order to get this fixed and solved. It is not only a nuisance, but it interrupts my personal life when I'm having to go places and I break down because I misread my mileage. Please answer asap!

-Fellow chevy owner

&ethers& it's geting gas

i changed fuel pump and sending unit and gauge cluster