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i have spray starting fluid in throddle valve to get to start, runs and starts fine when moter is warm. thank you.

is there a problem with power steering.

When her king the car makes squeak

Want to replace old engine with a new one

and it still doesnt work,,,any suggestions,,,we have the relay but dont know where it goes

I ran out of gas twice. Is my gas cap bad and all my fuel is evaporating. Or is the sending unit bad. Thanks

Need step by step instructions and or vidio


Checked fuel pressure,cap,plugs,wires.Fuel pressure key on engine off is between 55-60.When I start it the neddle on the gauge jumps around.

Chevy Blazer sport 2001.
2 monitors incomplete
Catalyst and Evap.
What do I do to fix this problem?. No codes come up. I already replaced O2 sensors. PVC valve and broken air vacuums leading to engine. Drove it around 50-100 miles(drive cycle) and the car still reads 2 Inc monitors. What should I do?

Have power to harness on pump

my 1997 blazer rides real rough anytime i hit a bump the whole car shakes i don't think it's the shocks and i just replace the bushings on both sides but it stills rides hard even the ball joints have been replaced. i don't want to take it to a repair shop without having some idea what could be wrong so any advice would help.

on engine not to fire wall my mechanic dont know were

I've had problems with my blazer. Which sucks, because I love this truck despite its apparent issues that I've seen as I've tried to fix it myself. So the issue is, It won't accelerate on inclines. It won't shift without letting off the gas after getting high RPM's around 3000 to 3500 rpms. Sometimes it just stalls out. Also when it does shift its a hard hard shift. Even at just popping it into drive from park it hesitates ALOT and takes a long time to get to 60 mph on flat roads. About a mile it takes. So what I've done. I've changed the throttle positioning sensor, cam shaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, fuel filter. I'm NOT car savvy and have been doing all this from youtube videos. Sadly none of these things have worked. So I'm thinking about just taking off the catalytic converter as I don't have an exhaust on it anyway. As I was considering this and looking under my truck I found that the whole Drivetrain and oil pan, and entire under part of the engine had oil everywhere, but its not dripping on to the ground. So I have no idea what to do now, but I'm starting to think its time to scrap it. Which will be bad as its my only vehicle and I live in the mountains. So someone please give me some plausible ideas that I can do to try and resolve this. Thanks.

From a stop it wants to die

Very little power taking off almost wants to die what's wrong with it

My service 4 - wheel drive light came on

Sorry it was arching on my dipstick tube not watching

OK checked at dark and found my coil wire was watching on my dipstick tube would it still miss if I move the wire away from metal

I've got the throttle down but its like its not taking the fuel.

It bogs down and loses power I've change fuel filter plugs checked fuel pressure stays at 60 took cat off no change I did notice it was still quiet after cutting off the cat I'm at a loss on it any ideas

I have changed all 3 speed sensors and connectors. The truck has a rebuilt auto trans .I changed the transfercase. I have changed the instrument cluster ,and I changed the computer what can I check, and where can I get a wire diag. for the truck?

montage 2001 Chevy ZR2 blazer 4.3 driving home on interstate no load emergency brake light starts randomly flashing and then miss fire while speedometer fligering any ideas

got off of work the night before, no problems at all, got in the next day started driving with no problems, parked somewhere for a moment then went to leave and put in reverse and there was none just engine racing, drifted back enough to pull out and it went but have to let off of fuel to shift then it goes fine, got it back home and checked fluid, it is ok and it does not smell burnt or discolored, and I do keep up on regular maintenance, oil changes, fuel filters, plug wires etc. but do not recall when the last tranny fluid and filter change.

Trying to fix p0300 code . Idles rough with backfire threw exhaust smooths out at higher rpms .has new cat. And muffler new fuel tank ,lines,fuel pump,new filter, plugs,wires , cap and rotor and new air filter. Thank you for your time