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1995 blazer wont start turn starter over and it stay running when key is off also when started idles good but go down the road it starts to miss have brand new starter an fuelpump and alternator and sometimes i look at volt guauge its under 12

Would like to get an estimate of repair

O2 sensor code p133 and 135 Where is the sensor located

I have had problems starting my Blazer, mileage 135k. The dealership diagnosed the problem as a bad battery and the need for a complete tuneup, plugs, wires etc. Their repair estimate is $800. Is this excessive?

My Blazer is stuck in 4 wheel drive.I can't get it out of 4 wheel drive.How do i fix it?

I found this website on yahoo and it said that this was a good site for estiments.. Why is it that I found the part new for about $20 less and there are shops in my area that charge only $45 a hour for labor? thats a $38 an hour differnt.. If it took about an hour to do this, just knowing my area I saved $58 not using your site.. For car work that adds up to a lot of money

Approx time and if possible which tools and instructions for the repair

my tilt steering is loos is that a major task to repair or easier to replace complete column wipers and signals react to turning of steer wheel

it started in the winter.afther it starts runing for hour or more wend i cut the egine off it will not grank for few min

cold weather came neighbor said its seems like fuel line problem husband thinks its the starter

we put new fulle pump what would keep from strating could be fulle pump relay

4wheel drive wont engage ,the light on the control panel will only blink and then goes back to 2high ,the transfer case seems to engage but the frt end will not

car was running fine 1 moment then try to start then it rumbled smell of rotten egg heard a pop since then it has been running erratic.code p0101& p0300 from autozone took to shop fuel preasure ok spark plugs wires are good 2plugs where filed.put new plugs in new ign. coil pcv valve new ,changed fuel filter .the #4&3# valve missfiring.while driving there is no real power sometimes it make a ping sound while driving. check the gas cap its good.thinking of replace the control mod.& the knock sensor also throttle position sensor.only family car need help please.

I have replaced heater core, I can hear water flow thru heater core when i give it gas, replaced radiator cap because i could remove it with no pressure on it but still no heat, radiator is full

I have a 2000 4 door Chevy blazer 4*4 it has 142000 miles on it, I had to recently(late July) put 700 into a new radiator, thermostat, hose, the whole 9 yards. I try to do regular maintenance on it,I check tires, oil, brake fluid, radiator fluid. I look today and its been a couple of weeks since Iv checked it. The over flow tank is almost at the bottom, i take the cap of the radiator and i see no fluid. I did go to the store early today, about 5 hours ago, so it has sat in the garage since. Am I worried about nothing or should I take it back to have the garage that fixed it in July look at it again?

Hi, my truck has a canister under the hood in the drivers side but the metal hose that goes to it its broken and sometimes i can smell gasoline while driving, the truck its just repaired because of an accident on the road but i think the mechanic missed this. What are the dangers of having this failure?.

I just had a complete brake job. My problem is when the anti-lock brake light indicator on the dash is on, the brakes work perfectly; but when the light is off, the brake pulsate at a slow speed when stopping. Any ideas what is causing this?

I need to know what is going to be involved in replacing the heater core in this 01 blazer time wise and how much of the dash will need to be removed thank you

abs light is on, service engine light is on, tha speedo meter does not register. all these happened at the same time.the blazer is 4 wleel drive.

Replaced 350 motor w/350 gm goodwrench motor. Carburetor sat for 6 mos. Truck starts and idles fine, it gets to a certain rpm and falls on its face and you have to back off the gas, it also is running very rich, so bad that it burns your eyesand your clothes smell like gas/exhaust. Fuel pump press. checks out, no vacuum leaks all electrical has been checked out and is fine. Does this sound like the carb needs to be rebuilt?

Hi my truck was broken into a couple of days ago and im learning to do all my work on my own.But I dont know how to get the right rear vent glass in and out .Will you please explain this to me ? Im not sure if I have to take the panel off or if it is glued in. Please help Thanks Tabitha

happens everytime I accelerate over 40 mph

is it possible to pull the crank shaft on 4.3 vortec while the motor is still in the vechile

had oil changed recently and oil filter fell off and burned motor shop said not their fault sd problems with GM leaks antifreeze and that made oil filter expand and blew it off can anyone confirm this or is he just full of it

The vehicle is a carburated 1984 chevy 350 K5 Blazer
Starts and seems to idle fine, (It is set to 8 deg. BTDC) (And the Distributor Cap seems to check out ok, no visible signs of cracks). When you first start to rev it up it acts ok. When you rev it higher or get on the accelerator it stumbles and there is some backfire. What causes this? And what should i be checking for?

The vehicle is a carburated chevy 350 K5 Blazer
Starts and seems to idle fine, It is set to 8 deg. BTDC. When you first start to rev it up it acts ok. When you rev it higher or get on the accelerator it stumbles and there is some backfire. What causes this? And what should i be checking for?

My drivers side window will not go up, all the other windows work just fine from the drivers side panel, my husband said it was stuck and then all the sudden went up just fine and now it wont go up at all. Any help is appreciated.

It started today I was on the highway coming home from work it started smoking and i couldnt go pass 40 mph then it didnt wanna start

location of blower motor

runs on ether....
getting gas throuh gas filter???