cost of replacing brakelining

this morning the window wouldn't roll up. i couldn't hear a motor or anything like that - it rolled down, and then it wouldn't roll back up. that's it. all the other windows are working fine. since i lie in cleveland and it's winter and i park outdoors, this is a PROBLEM. is it possible that ice/snow got in somehow and caused this, or is this gonna be an expensive fix?

left turn signal is flashing rapidly,all bulbs appear to be lite and flashing.How to determine bad bulb?

I have been changing the fuel pump four times, first I though it was because use but when I arrive at home turn the engine off and next morning I want to turn it on is ok and I give reverse or give more gas is all gone and quicly comes back but no starts. I wonder what happen. Please could you advise me? Thanks (

I noticed a couple drops of power steering fluid on driveway about a 2 weeks ago. Level on stick was barely below ADD mark. Added fluid and noticed a few more drops over a week. The drops were in the middle of the front end beneath the hoses that come down from the power steering fluid spout. Today I heard a low groan type sound in the front end. No steering problems. Is the power steeing pump going bad or something worse?

happens almost once every time I drive the truck. It's a 4 wheel drive Blazer with switch on the fly to 4 wh to 2 wheel drive.The load humming noice stops once I switch it from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive and then back to 2 wheel drive

im trying every thing
my blazer is leaking or burning anti-freeze!
i preasure tested it and still cant find the leak

The blazer has a leak at the top of the transmission when running.The stick level,when cold is showing a level where it should be when hot.The transmission screen was changed at 30,000 miles.The truck now has 76,000 miles on it.i think the trans. screen needs changed.Any advice?

4wd switch lights up, however, 4hi or 4lo will not engage. Sometimes I hear the encoder motor working, but, the shift to 4wd does not happen. Thank You.

My power door locks and rear truck hatch suddendly stopped working. I checked the power doors fuse, and it is fine. I ran an ohm meter to see if there is power going into the fuse, which it's not. Is there anything further I can do, or do I need to take it to a shop to get fixed?

I have changed thermo twice, core, coolent twice, and coolant temp sensor. and I still have no heat, if I drive all day it will blow hot! but other wise its cold. Motor heats up nice and everything is hot coolant, tubes. any ideas?

car hesitates when stop engine runs fine when accelerating

is it legal to swap an 1993 454ci into a 1988 vehicle that originally came with a 350ci

93Blazer wont start.Been in garage for 3 years.I love it when it ran.Doesent have a scratch or ding on it. just doesn't run.when it ran it ran very good.I got tired of taking it to the dealership and not soving the problem but i payed. 4.3VortecEng.I love this blazer.Battery is new.

This is a one piece unit that fits in the gas tank. Can you please talk me through the replacement of the unit?

engine service light comes on when I accelerate to passing gear and whlen it shifts the coughs or jerks hard what could be the cause

how to change water pump

the injectors not working is 4x4

cost for tune up

I was driving and my car just shut off. My battery light came on. what could possible be the problem?

it sounds like it wants to start but does not crank over. Help!!!

1995 blazer wont start turn starter over and it stay running when key is off also when started idles good but go down the road it starts to miss have brand new starter an fuelpump and alternator and sometimes i look at volt guauge its under 12

Would like to get an estimate of repair

O2 sensor code p133 and 135 Where is the sensor located

I have had problems starting my Blazer, mileage 135k. The dealership diagnosed the problem as a bad battery and the need for a complete tuneup, plugs, wires etc. Their repair estimate is $800. Is this excessive?

My Blazer is stuck in 4 wheel drive.I can't get it out of 4 wheel drive.How do i fix it?

I found this website on yahoo and it said that this was a good site for estiments.. Why is it that I found the part new for about $20 less and there are shops in my area that charge only $45 a hour for labor? thats a $38 an hour differnt.. If it took about an hour to do this, just knowing my area I saved $58 not using your site.. For car work that adds up to a lot of money

Approx time and if possible which tools and instructions for the repair

my tilt steering is loos is that a major task to repair or easier to replace complete column wipers and signals react to turning of steer wheel

it started in the winter.afther it starts runing for hour or more wend i cut the egine off it will not grank for few min