My hazard switch broke and I am unable to shut them off

When ignition switch is on, and Headlights are on and you do anything electrical the Headlights, drl indicator on dash flicker and DRL relay clicks randomly, I think something is making the relay click on and off, Replaced relay and then Daytime Running Light Module behind dash. Also the fuel gauge will move when this happens, I am told there is a Diode somewhere in the DRL system that may be bad, allowing ground to feedback and cause this. HELP !!!!!

I just put a motor in a 1996 chevey blazer a it keeps leaking oil in the center of the car so is it my oil lines?

My driver's side door is damaged and will not shut properly. The damage is not external but seems to be a hinge issue. The door seems to be warped it bent I could not find a topic to cover my problem.


Blazer has been maintain, is it worth replacing the transmission

i need to replace the crushable doughnuts on my blazer and i am not sure how to take it apart. I know there are there bolts holding the muffler to the flange before it connects to the motor. on the bolts are three nuts. I got the nuts off but how do i get the bolts out

i have a 2000 chev blazer and it is stuck in 2 wheel low and the in dash switches will not take it out of 2 wheel drive i have taken out the switches and they seem to have no problem

My car was running hot because of a leaky hose. fixed that but now my heat and ac blow air but not cold or hot

I have a 99 blazer with a 70o R4 when i put tranny fluid in it drains out just as fast I'm hoping it's the front main seal but was looking for some insight before i pulled it out and replaced it can you help me please

I replaced the air pump.and cleared the code.And the code came back. It is hard to start when cold.

we have a push button 4x4 and now when we try to switch it into 4 wheel drive the light just blinks and wont inguage any ideas what might be problem

I used my 4wd because I was stuck,it shifted fine. when I tried to put it back in 2wd. it wouldn't go. I finally got it in by turning off key and restarting and putting it in neutral.( when I turned the car back on all 3 lights lite up.) Now I can't get it back in 4wd? Do I need to take this to be adjusted or is it a fuse?

best way to repair

When trying to install some speakers the battery died. when we jumped the car when noticed that when we tried to take the car for a test run, it would shift into gear (example reverse) it when into the gear but wouldnt reverse. Wont drive nothing but reving. We did have the E brake on but even when we took the e brake off it will not go. I was thinking maybe we blow the safety sensor... or a fuse... I have no idea. And help?

The temperature gauge rises and falls while the truck takes awhile to blow warm air from the heater and when it does their is a smell of antifreeze.

what would be the problem if blazer wont turn over with a new battery

the manual that came with my 2001 blazer indicates that it should have an 18 gal tank. but on empty, the most I can get in the tank is 12-13 gals. is it a problem with my gauge?

I am hearing a "rubbing" noise when steering - particularly at very slow speeds, like when making 90 degree turns. also it seems that the noise disappears after driving for a while. in other words, it is most apparent when at a cold start.

the problem just occured

rear window washer fails to work.

What might be the cause for powering steering leak. Could this be from a leaking fitting on the power steering pump?
Maybe from a leaking hose connecting to the power steering pump? I could not find a place in which to check the powering steering fluid level, is there one?

cost of estimated repair quoted $ fuel injector part $150-$275, labor $160, $80.per hour (2 hrs.)

how hard is it to replace the fuel filler line on a 1998 4.3 liter v-6 blazer and what are the approximate cost for the parts?are there any tricks to make the job easier?

loss of oil pressure when engine warms up.this engine had a crank kit put in it less than 1000 miles ago.oil pressure gauge drops to 0 when motor warms up.can the oil pan be removed without pulling or raising engine? this is a 4x4

where is the air pump at.

low oil pressure after blazer warms up.

steering fluid leaking badly from the bottom from some box attached to steering shaft. how hard is it to repair.

My wife's '99 blazer developed a major antifreeze leak today! It has 160K miles and I've been told that this is a common problem. I'd like to know what the approximate labor/parts repair cost would be so that I can decide whether to do it myself or not. Thank you.

How much will it cost to have the entier rear end housing repaired gears and all