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the magnet behind front pully of crank-shaft,no change,getting gas,runs real rough,thinking maybe water in gas?tryed to get codes,would not read them?put a new heater core,a couple days before the car stoped running,t...
Bottom yellow running light needs bulb replaced
the car will do fine until it heats up then I turn it off it will crank over but not start up. If I do get it started and take it down the road and stop and let it idle or shift into reverse or any gear it will shut o...
This is the first time I've done this so just trying to learn as I go.
After my timing chain broke. I replaced Timing Chain,Camshaft Timing Gear, Crankshaft Timing Gear, Timing Chain Tensioner, and crankshaft position sensor. I Aline everything in the right position. I getting gas and sp...
I’m just finishing a head gasket job on a 95 Beretta 2.2L and am having difficulty re-attaching the throttle valve cable. I can get it attached, but only with the throttle wide open and it won’t close once the cable ...
Have a wet passenger floor board, so think this hose is plugged.
I need to replace my relay coolin fan sensor & need help find the loction
Its a black part that keep coming out and it make it cut off, I can hear air when it come out.
there is a vroom vroom vroom when sloing down will stay runinng and will only do this ahen slowwing down to stop some times
replace right front axle on 1996 chev beretta with auto trans