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checked the in and out to the heater, hot going in cold coming out
The hose going in to the heater is hot but the hose coming out is cold I have blown air on to the temp sensor
I poened it (slide back style) and now it will not fully close again -- reaches about half an inch from closed and stops, won't pop back up to flush with the roof. I don't see anything blocking, and have heard this i...
window does not go down - only up.
I have taken the time to check the grounding the fluid and the connections. It still will not shift into 4 wheel drive. If I stop and put it in nutural I can get the 4 low to engage but the 2 wheel light up as well. v...
all fuses have been checked and replaced including relays there is gas coming through could this mean its not gettin spark and if so how do i check
2004 2500 avalanche what transferecase came w/8.1 and what is the low range ratio.
I have a leak at the transmission. I need to replace a front transmission seal. Can you tell me what is the estimated cost to replace the front transmission seal.
I have an electrical problem. The ABS and brake warning light stays on and my ignition key will not turn the engine off. The key is locked in the ignition and will not release.