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the rear end in my Avalanche has a whirring sound notice it gets quite taking curves when the pressure is on the rear driver side, the noise is louder as you take a curve to the left with pressure on the passenger whe...
My chevy avalanche needs the rear differential replaced, cost estimated $3000 is that a good price? How long does it take?
white smoke coming out of the exhaust and rattle when acceleration
I have a 2002 Chevy Avalanche Z71. So my truck is in park. I step on the brake and try to put it in reverse and it is really hard to put it into reverse, neutral, drive, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. When i stop and try to put i...
my transmission stops working after my car gets warm. what causes this? and how do I fifx it?
is there a separate rear door lock relay that controlls the rear door lock actuators, and where is it located?
My oil pressure is running higher than before (40-45)and it fluxuates as the vehicle speed does. Oil Sensor or Oil Pump?
how longh does it takes to replace the alternator?
blew out #1 fuel injector at about 50,000 miles now showing trouble code 0420 at 105,000 miles (o2 sensors or CAT)
I just bought a 2003 avalanche, and I took it to have an emission test done, but the OBD connector was no where to be found, does anybody have a clue where it could be. The manuals that I looked at dont help. And why ...
passenger door power window doesn't work, hear clicking when press the button. How can I figure out if it's the switch or the motor?
every time I try to fill my gas tank I get one to two gallans of gas pumped and it ties to overflow I stop & start alot. Is this a faulty Vent valve? causing presure in the tank Thanks
light went out for 4 wd. message is Service 4 wd
Service seat belyt light stays on on DIC Been to the dealer 7 times for repair with no luck.
no power to passenger front door power window, power mirror ,power lock, and interior light not working
any tips for sunroof adjustment
has anyone had to change the pitman arms on there avalanche.went to get a front-end alignment and they said my front left pitman arm needs replaced.want to charge me $353.49($153.49 for the part).i looked on ebay for ...
what does "check engine oil life 95%" mean
I dont what "check engine oil life 95%" means? it happen where my miles would nomally show.
The switch on the dash will turn the light on and off, but even in the off position cold air still comes out of the vents whenever the fan is on. I changed the compressor relay in the electrical center under the hood,...
just recently mainly when its hot outside the truck cranks but sometimes takes 2 or 3 times for it to completly crank up what could be the problem
when shifting from park to R or to D, it makes a loud clank or bang... also when shifting from D to R this is my brother's vehicle & i quickly verified the complaint; it drives ok as well as fluid looks light pink an...
parking brake light stays on after release of brake pedal and driven, the chiming was non stop. don't see any leaks of fluid and brakes still feel normal been like this for only a couple of days
My service stability light just came on, what the heck does that mean?
How do you replace dash lights and light in steering wheel
Last week my key wouldn't unlock the door. I got in and started it and drove but the A/C wasn't working, windws were powerless. Went to auto zone popped the hood release and the thing started working fine. The analysi...
were are the secondary air injection check valves
Both keys are locked in the truck. I've been to two dealers and neither one can cut the right key. Both have given me keys with the part# of 158026223. Does any know the right part#?.